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Awesome Ava Biography


Real Name Ava Laurent  
Nicknames Awesome Ava, Ava The Magnificent, Super-Ava, The Ava-Nator, Ava Almighty, Ava The Humble  
Hometown Baltimore, MD  
Birthday 3/15/1991  
Height 5'3"  
Weight 140 lbs 


Biography Ava is by no means Bechdel's oldest friend, but she's managed to make herself The Unorthodox One's closest friend in recent years. Gregarious, assertive, and brash, she's a perfect counterpoint to the shy, reserved Kush with her bold and straightforward nature. While she is often seen picking on Becky (sometimes even going into otherwise-touchy areas such as her autism), she truly does have Becky's best interests in mind, and will do just about anything to make sure her client gets the respect she deserves (from other people, anyways...)

While it is true that this is Ava's first time managing a wrestler, and she's still learning as she goes along, she'll never admit out loud that she sometimes has no idea what she's doing. 
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  • Of COURSE it's hot - I'M in it!
  • Oh, so you need a Becky-To-English dictionary? I can TOTALLY do that!
  • I was 'all about that bass' before it was cool, okay?