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Chris Hopper Biography


Real Name:  Chris Hopper  
Nicknames:  Too Cool, King of Cool, Master of Disaster, King of Sting, Count of Monte Fisto, Ruler of the Ring, Master of the Icebreaker  
Hometown:  Paoli, IN  
Birthday:  10/14/1974  
Height:  6'9"  
Weight:  289 lbs 


Biography:  Chris was born in southern Indiana in 1974. He is the oldest of two children. He has worked hard for everything he has ever received in life. His family was never the richest, so Chris usually turned to sports to escape the perils that come with living in a poor community. As a youngster, Chris was always a bit larger than the other guys in his class. Chris never really worried about it, but he always feared that his size would present problems in the future because he was mostly fat. Yet by the time he was a senior in High School, he was a coveted football player that stood 6'8" tall and probably would have had a length professional career after college had it not been for a bad decision he made that got him cut off the team his freshman year at Indiana University.

Chris' first love had always been wrestling and he was approached back in high school by gym rat named Randy who worked for the SWA as their champion, but said that if Chris was interested, he could get him a meeting with Mr. Eddie Yopp, the league's owner and head promoter. Hopper loved wrestling and jumped at the idea of wrestling professionally. When Chris met Mr. Yopp in Huron in late 1993, he wowed the promoter with his size. Mr. Yopp asked him to try a wrestling school in Memphis instead of college (not a hard sell after being dismissed from the team and losing his ride) and if he wasn't a top dog in the SWA by the time he was 20, then Chris would be released from his contract and he could go to college. Chris agreed and went to a high profile wrestling school in Memphis, TN in the fall of 1993 at the ripe age of 19.

What has followed is a 22 year career that has seen him become one of the most polarizing figures in wrestling history. He has shown both a penchant for being the "bad guy" with arrogance unmatched by most in the business, while also showing that the fans can truly be behind him as one of the great fan favorites. There is no middle ground with him, as most will tell you they either love or hate him. After nearly two years retired from the ring, he looks forward to the new challenges that will present themselves in Wrestle UTA, questions need to be answered. Can he keep up with kids 10-15 years younger on a stage that is still getting bigger every day? Can he reclaim the past championship glory and recognition he held nearly a decade ago? 
Other Fed Titles:  19-Time World Champion (4X-MWF; 4X-ZWA; 2X-WWA; 3X-UWWA; 3X- SECW; NeCW; IWE; BHC) 22 Other singles Titles 13-Tag Team Titles (including 7-time World Tag Team Champion)  
Other Fed Awards:  Placed in RSPWF Top 200 list every year from 1997-2001 (list ceased after 2001) Won numerous league-centric awards (far too many to add here)  


  • All Hail the King
  • I'm not a Savior or a soldier....I'm the Man, the myth and the legend.
  • How would you like a piece of Nose Bleed Pie?
  • La Flama Blanca is a straight up piece of s@%# coward!