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Duke Dibbins Biography


Real Name:  Duke Dibbins  
Nicknames:  "Drunk Knuckles"  
Hometown:  Beaver, West Virginia  
Birthday:  12/12/82  
Height:  5'9"  
Weight:  180 lbs 


Biography:  From the backwoods of West Virginia, Duke Dibbins is a man without a care in the world. You will usually find Duke with a beer in his hand, always ready to have a good time.

Together with his brother Luke, they came to the UTA to capture the recently "retired" Tag Team Titles. Not one to be thwarted, Duke will not let this stop him from attaining his goal.

In their shitty RV they ride city to city looking for the next paycheck. You can't buy beer unless you are getting paid! With no wrestling training the pair look to brawl to the top. 
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  • I mean we aint never had a duck fight, but we aint bout to lose!
  • Yeeeeeeeeeeeehhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Ive ben wake for 2 whore days now!
  • Numba One: Duke Dibbins. Numba Too: Luke Dibbins, Numba Tree: Ellie Dibbins, Numba Fore: Justun Dibbins, and Numba Fore: Nuke Dibbins.
  • Ya gota be Kitin me!
  • Da Probslems wit dat is da damn deert piss isss too spensive. So da Dibbins outsmarteded dem! We got are pee for free!
  • So wen weed herd we wer in a fight for da returd herdcore tag titles weed knew we need to put errrbody in are crossedhairs!
  • Bringd da bes tag team match ya get, cause dem dirty Dibbins, been huntin dees woods foreva! We aint worred bout no street flight! ‘cause we bringing da whoopin from da woods!