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Dynasty Biography


La Flama Blanca
Mikey Unlikely


Biography Dynasty officially formed on the evening of August, 24th 2014, however, weeks prior on Victory (August, 4th, 2014) Perfection and Sean Jackson would make an exclusive appearance together during the Main Event. Nothing was revealed until Ring King on pay-per-view when all four members of Dynasty attacked members of the UTA roster in the Main Event, featuring Perfection verses Madman Szalinski for the UTA Title.

Kathyrn Velmont Thomas shocked the world the same evening when she came from the arena audience, as fans watched in horror at the carnage Dynasty was leaving ringside, they hoped she would save Ariel. However proving her loyalty she attacked and laid Ariel out.

CBR, Sean Jackson, and Perfection all continued their work before Perfection pinned Madman for the UTA Championship and a new era of the UTA began under Dynasty's reign.

Wrestleshow 24, a night that will live in infamy. It was an epic night in Mexico for the UTA which saw a change of the UTA title and history. The night La Flama Blanca turned his back on Madman Szalinski and joined Dynasty. The group has been pitted against the top in the company and walked out the victor.

The formation of Dynasty has been named as the single most dangerous and well-rounded group in modern day professional wrestling.

Kathryn Velmont Thomas would later retire to pursue ambitions in entertainment expansion on the east coast with her famed Doll House in early 2015 opting not the renew a contract with UTA.

Shortly after, CBR would also retire after an amazing run as Legacy (formerly Internet) for over 230 days. Dynasty would add Simon to the group at All Or Nothing. His career took a turn after being in a car accident that left him injured and need a year of rehab. Perfection would be suspended and then leave the organization. He shocked the UTA when he returned and was given back the Wildfire Title that he was stripped of. On the same night after some time away from the ring Ranier return to the fold.

Dynasty would recover from all this by shocking the world again when Mikey Unlikely returned to the UTA and stabbed his best friend Will Haynes in the back. Kendrix would also be brought in, bringing the group back up to five. 
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