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Jane Katze Biography


Real Name Jane Katze  
Hometown San Francisco, California  
Height 5'11"  
Weight 130 lbs 


Biography - COO of the "talent representation group" Katze & Associates

- Operates out of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex in New Orleans, Louisiana

- Jujitsu and grappling background / former pro-wrestler

- Competed all over Europe in wrestling and jujitsu competitions

- Masters Degree in Finance from NYU

- When and if she does get into the ring / into a physical altercation today (in which she can still hold her own, mind you) she simply kicks off her heels, lets her hair down, shucks the blazer and wrestles in her blouse and skirt. A submissionist at heart, inspired in equal parts by MMA and cheesecake vids in the back of sleazy wrestling magazines. 
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