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Madman Szalinski Biography


Real Name:  Jeremy Cundiff  
Nicknames:  The Most Hated Man In America  
Hometown:  The Fire Fields (legit: Parkersburg WV)  
Birthday:  6/8/1985  
Height:  5'11"  
Weight:  187 lbs 



"Do I really have to fill this out again? Don't you guys save this stuff or something? I've only been gone ten months. I haven't learned any new moves or nothin' like that. Ariel left me, that's about it."

"I'm sure people know who I am by now. If they don't, they will the first time they see me. After that, they'll never forget."

- Madman Szalinski (legit letter faxed in along with his information to the UTA offices) 
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  • We all get a little bit mad sometimes.
  • Wrestlers don't retire. They just quit calling the bookers back.
  • Get out of here before I break you in half and remake Days of Thunder!
  • Drop your dongs and grab your bongs, Madman's back!