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Team Danger Biography


Stephen Greer
Tyrone Walker


Biography (ooc): This is an extremely rough rundown of Team Danger's history, a lot of the when's and where's are lost to time. So, it's very much a work in progress and will be written and re-written (improved, hopefully) over time.

In the late 90's (1999), after having various amounts of success on their own, best friends Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker banded together at the turn of the century to form the tag team known as, Team Danger. Little did these two know just how strong their new, full time partnership would become or to what heights they would ascend to.

In the early 00's (2000-2001), Team Danger off like a rocket and went on a reign of terror over the world's tag team divisions, literally filling a shopping cart full of their tag team glory. Some of those very same titles remain in their possession, long after those promotions have since ceased to exist. Ultimately, their reign on top of the world was eventually stumbled to injuries.

In the early-mid 00's (2002-2003), Team Danger spent a considerable amount of time doing their own things, namely returning to solo careers. After finally coming back around to team up, they once again put the world of tag team wrestling on notice, sending all of the hottest teams of the time either scurrying in fear or on their backs in defeat.

In the mid 00's (2004-2005), Team Danger continued to come and go, including venturing away from their stomping grounds of the WfWA to stake their claim on a new territory; The EUWC. Walker and Greer went on to dominate the entire company, becoming the most reviled members in the history of the EUWC roster.

In the mid-late 00's (2005-2006), Team Danger's fading glory.

In the late 00's (2007-Onward), Team Danger ends, goes into seclusion.

In 2015 (and Onward), Team Danger reunites at the age of 40 to give it one more shot with UTA Wrestling!

2015 UPDATE - After losing their first chance to win the titles, admitting that they took the competition of the UTA lightly, Greer and Walker went back to the drawing board. When they got back together in the ring for their anticipated showdown with La Flama Blanca and the Second Coming, Team Danger once again proved to be one of the greatest tag teams of all time, finally wrestling the titles away from the champions. 
Other Feds WfWA (various promotions); EUWC; WCC (many others)  
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