Posted by WrestleUTA on 16 Sep 2015

The United Toughness Alliance has prepared a statement regarding the UTA Tag Team Championships. Click 'More' below to read the statement.

The United Toughness Alliance would like to thank Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker, the collective Team Danger, for their contributions to our sport and to our company. They arrived in the UTA with a singular goal, to capture the World Tag Team Championships, which they were able to achieve August 3rd, 2015. Their path to the titles was not without it's struggles and they faced many of the best the UTA had to offer. Along with their activity in the tag team ranks, Tyrone Walker's ascension to the top of the roster with his impressive showing in the Ring King tournament will be a story that is told and retold for years to come.

The competition in the United Toughness Alliance is fierce and the landscape is ever-changing, growing and improving. Team Danger's fighting spirit has been evident as they brazenly made their open challenge to the entire wrestling world to step into a UTA ring and attempt to wrest control of the prestigious championships from their grasp. The UTA scoured the globe and made offers to teams from every corner of the Earth to face our champions. Those offers were rebuffed.  

The goal of the United Toughness Alliance is to bring you, the fans, only the most exciting and competitive matches the sport has to offer. It is with this goal in mind and with the champions having no viable or willing challengers from within our great roster or from abroad, that we officially deactivate the UTA World Tag Team Championships.

Team Danger has proven themselves as being one of the greatest, and perhaps most feared, tag teams in professional wrestling history and we at the UTA are proud to have had them as our final UTA World Tag Team Champions.

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