Posted by WrestleUTA on 8 Oct 2015

UTA House Show

Cairo Egypt   Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex

20,000 in attendence 


Duke and Luke Dibbins beat Skymont Montgomery and Jack Hunter when Duke made Jack submit to the Chick'N Wang in 11:09

MVC beat B.R. Ellis in 15:23 by pinfall following the Montreal Spinout

Bobby Dean pinned Amy Harrison in 18:46 following a belly to belly suplex

Jason Cashe won a three way match featuring  Lisil Jackson and Daylan Windsor in 19:12 when he pinned Windsor following the Under The Influince

Perfection beat WIll Haynes by pinfall after Mikey Unlikely walked down to ring side and hit Will with Brass Knuckles at 22:35

Stephen Greer pinned Mikey Unlikey at 25:18  Will Haynes came down to ringside and hit Mikey with a chair, Greer followed up with a Hellfire Lariat for the pin fall and the win.

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