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The International Affair tour comes to an end as the UTA superstars compete in the world famous Tokyo Dome for an amazing four hour spectacle. All major titles will be on the line, feuds will come to an end, and history will be made. Action only as the UTA can deliver.

International Affair 2015
Tokyo Dome in Tokyo

November 15, 2015 at 7pm EST/6pm CST/4pm PST


Match 1

Lisil Jackson vs. Brother Judas

Normal Match - No Time Limit

After months of attacks and creepy situations, these two finally go head to head as Lisil Jackson will take on Brother Judas at International Affair.


Match 2

Lew Smith vs. Amy Harrison vs. Ron Hall vs. Marie Van Claudio

Ladder Match - No Time Limit

UTA Prodigy Championship

UTA Prodigy Championship Match

These four superstars meet in a ladder match to determine the new Prodigy Champion. Who will walk out with the currently vacated championship?


Match 3

Zhalia Fears vs. Steven Greer vs. Quinlan vs. Scott Stevens

Wild Card #1 Contenders Fatal Fourway - No Time Limit

These four competitors meet in an elimination style match. As each superstar is eliminated, they become the new #1 contender for a title by rank.

First Person Eliminated: Prodigy Championship

Second Person Eliminated: Wildfire Championship

Third Person Eliminated: Legacy Championship

Last Person Standing: UTA World Championship


Match 4

Chris Hopper vs. Kendrix

Normal Match - No Time Limit

Chris Hopper and Kendrix have been at each others throats on Wrestleshow. Now, it's time that they settle their differences. Only one man can come out on top.


Match 5

Colton Thorpe vs. Cayle Murray

Normal Match - No Time Limit

UTA Wildfire Championship

UTA Wildfire Championship Match

Colton Thorpe and Cayle Murray have been at each other other for months. Now, it's time for them to go head to head. This time though, there is more on the line as the Wildfire Championship will be defended.


Match 6

Sean Jackson vs. Jason Cashe

Normal Match - No Time Limit

Jason Cashe showed up in the UTA to rekindle his feud with Sean Jackson. After a series of altercations the new Supreme Leader of All that is in the Holy Land of UTAH, Cecilworth Farthington, has decided that these two will meet at International Affair.


Match 7

John Sektor vs. CBR

Normal Match - No Time Limit

Legacy Championship

Legacy Championship Match

John Sektor goes one on one with the longest reigning Internet Champion who also just happens to be the first ever Legacy Champion, CBR.


Match 8

Mikey Unlikey vs. Will Haynes

I Quit Match - No Time Limit

Mikey Unlikely and Will Haynes collide in an I Quit match. After months of destruction following the break up of WTFC, who will walk out on top as the best?


Main Event

Eric Dane vs. La Flama Blanca

Normal Match - No Time Limit

UTA World Championship

UTA World Championship Match

Eric Dane is the number one contender for the UTA World Championship after winning a gauntlet match on Victory. he now stands to go for the biggest prize in the industry. Will he succeed, or will another one bite the dust?


Card Subject to Change

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