Posted by WrestleUTA on 5 Nov 2015

O'Brien Group Arena

Docklands Melborne Australia
6,000 in attendance 


Lisil Jackson beat Ashley in 0:42 following the Bird of Paradise 

Perfection beat Skylar Montgomery by pinfall in 5:04 following the Photo finish

John Sektor beat B.R. Ellis at 9:31 by submission to the Sektor Stretch

Bobby Dean beat Jack Hunter by pinfall at 10:17 following a sit down splash

Cayle Murray beat Brother Judas by pinfall in 14:13 after the Chainbreaker

Will Haynes beat  Yeshua Pandemonium 17:55 after the Thrill Ride

Mikey Unlikely beat Lew Smith 19:26 by submission to the Backstory

Eric Dane won an over the top battle royal in 33:12 (Order of elimination)
1. Mike Sawyer 
2. Kodo Dragon 
3. El Trebol Jr
4. Chance Von Crank
5. Xander Hayes
6. Cormick O Conner
7. Amy Harrison
8. Doozer 
9. Jarvis Valentine
10. Blue Scorpion
11. MVC
12. Yoshi
13. Colton Thorpe
14. Kendrix 
15. CBR
Winner:  Eric Dane

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