Posted by Rumor Man Stan on 29 Dec 2015

The UTA schedule from January until the beginning of April has been released and shines a light down on huge changes to come with the new year.

Fans have been buzzing with shock after seeing that Wrestleshow #51 which will come to the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio on January 4th is the final Wrestleshow booked at this time.

Up until now, the UTA has rotated two rosters every other week between Wrestleshow and Victory. It seems that after January 4th, Victory will continue on a weekly bases as the flagship show of the United Toughness Alliance.

Another question from the released schedule is will After Hours continue? The final After Hours booked is episode 10 which is set to air on February 25th. There has been no word if the show will be renewed on Pure Sports Entertainment or if the original ten episodes ordered will be it.

In what may be even more shocking is the latest contract releases. Each year about this time, the UTA releases or declines to renew contracts. This year, the names of some of the superstars released are surprising.

As always, this does not mean that this is the last of the superstars we will see, they just are not under contract right now.


  • Madman Szalinski (Former UTA Champion, Stablemate of Eric Dane)
  • Yoshii (Former UTA Champion)
  • Cormick O'Conner
  • Yeshua Pandemonium
  • Colton Thorpe (Former Wildfire Champion, Stablemate of Eric Dane)
  • B.R. Ellis
  • Cecilworth Farthington (Former GM of Wrestleshow)
  • Carny Sinclair
  • Jarvis Valentine
  • Sexton Hardon (Former Hardcore Champion)
  • Tommy Gunner

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