Posted by Rumor Man Stan on 21 Jan 2016

Scott Stevens and UTA Management get into huge altercation?

According to Rumor Man Stan that the latest rumor from the Rumor Mill is that former Wildfire champion, Scott Stevens, and the Director of Talent Relations, Michael Lorenzo, got into a heated argument that almost come to blows.

What caused this?

According to sources close to the situation, Stevens was apparently frustrated with with the way he lost his match to El Trebol Jr. based on a controversial decision he claims the referee saw but didn't enforce, and went to Lorenzo to reverse the decision, and the Director of Talent Relations informed the Texan that the referee's decision was final.

Upon hearing this threats were made and security was called to separate the two. Now supposedly Stevens will be on Victory Monday night to air the dirty laundry Lorenzo doesn't want you to hear.

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