Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg

September 28th, 2015

The International Affair tour continues on as the superstars of Victory head to South Africa to bring UTA action to the region for the first time ever!

Match 1

Skylar Montgomery vs. Jack Hunter

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Jack Hunter makes his UTA debut against the Suicidal one, Skylar Montgomery


Match 2

Amy Harrison vs. Marie Van Cladio

Women's Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

These two 'friends' have had enough with bickering as they move to the next step. Who really is the best? Will the Harrison legacy overtake the Van Claudio, or is Amy's win's just a fluke?


Match 3

Lisil Jackson vs. Bobby Dean

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Bobby Dean shows he isn't scared of a little superstition as he goes face to face with Lisil Jackson in singles action


Match 4

Stephen Greer vs. B.R. Ellis

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

The King of Pain takes on the King of Plain as B.R. Ellis adds a little danger to his life and meets Stephen Greer in one on one action.


Match 5

Lew Smith vs. Mikey Unlikely

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Lew Smith and Mikey Unlikely meet in singles action for the first time ever, live... on Victory.


Main Event

Abdul bin Hussain vs. Ron Hall vs. Colton Thorpe vs. Cayle Murray

Fatal Four Way - No Time Limit

    UTA Wildfire Championship
    UTA Wildfire Championship Match
The new UTA Wildfire Champion, Colton Thorpe, will defend his title against the former champion... Abdul bin Hussain in a rematch for the ages. To heighten the stakes, Mr. Lorenzo has declared that Hall of Fame member and former multiple champion, Ron Hall, as well as Cayle Murray will enter the match to make this an exciting Fatal Four Way main event!


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