After Hours ep.1
Untelevised in

November 26, 2015

UTA After Hours makes it's debut exclusively on Catch the superstars as they go... extreme. The Hardcore Championship will be on the line... a street fight will happen.. and more!

Match 1

Jack Hunter vs. Blue Scorpion

Street Fight Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Blue Scorpion makes his UTA debut against Jack Hunter in a match of Jack's specialty; a street fight.


Match 2

Xander Hayes vs. Kodo Dragon

No DQ Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Xander Hayes returns to the ring as he takes Kodo Dragon on in one on one action.


Main Event

Luke Dibbins vs. Sexton Hardon

Hardcore Match - No Time Limit

    Hardcore Championship
    Hardcore Championship Match
Sexton Hardon challenges Luke Dibbins for the Hardcore title on After Hours. Things are about to get very... hardcore.


Card Subject to Change

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