After Hours ep. 2
Untelevised in

December 3, 2015

Throw out the rules because After Hours is about to deliver another episode of action you can only find on PSE... after hours.

Match 1

Carny Sinclair vs. Tommy Gunner

No DQ Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Tommy Gunner takes on the newcomer in a thrilling No DQ match.


Main Event

Duke Dibbins vs. Jarvis Valentine

Hardcore Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Duke Dibbins may not have the Hardcore Championship, but he wants to prove he is the most Hardcore of the Dibbins clan. Jarvis Valentine wants to set himself up for a shot at the title. These two go head to head in hardcore action.


OOC: After hours is a 500 word max show. Please see details at

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