All or Nothing 2016
WesBanco Arena in Wheeling, West Virginia

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Match 1

Marie Van Claudio vs. Amy Harrison

Women's Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

MVC and Amy Harrison continue their battle at All or Nothing. When all is said and done, who will be the true top woman in the UTA?


Match 2

Mikey Unlikey vs. Lisil Jackson

Normal Match - 20 Minute Time Limit

Tension has been building for months. Now these two get it on in the squared circle as Mikey Unlikely faces Lisil Jackson.


Match 3

El Trebol Jr vs Scott Stevens

Normal Match - No Time Limit

    UTA Wildfire Championship
    UTA Wildfire Championship Match
Scott Stevens invokes his rematch clause to take on El Trebol Jr once again for the Wildfire Championship. Can Stevens regain the championship, or is El Trebol Jr. the future of the UTA?


Match 4

Kendrix vs. CBR

Steel Cage Match - No Time Limit

    Legacy Championship
    Legacy Championship Match
    UTA Prodigy Championship
    UTA Prodigy Championship Match
Title versus title... teacher versus student... flesh versus steel. These two go at it with everything on the line inside of a steel cage a only one man can walk out victorious.


Match 5

Sean Jackson vs. Eric Dane

Iron Man Match - 60 Minute Time Limit

    UTA World Championship
    UTA World Championship Match
Michael Lorenzo has decided that as long as Eric Dane can keep himself composed between now and All or Nothing, he will get his rematch in this one on one match against Mr. Ace in the Hole, the World Champion himself, Sean Jackson.


Main Event

All or Nothing Match

40 Superstar Over the Top Rope

All title #1 Contenderships are on the line in this UTA Exclusive match as 40 superstars compete for chance to win.

The match begins with two superstars, then every two minutes a new superstar will enter the ring. Superstars will attempt to eliminate others by throwing them over the top rope.

- The fourth from last to be eliminated will walk out with the Hardcore Championship contendership.
- The Third from last will be the Prodigy Champion #1 contender.
- The second from last to be eliminated will be the Wildfire Champion #1 contender.
- The last to be eliminated will be the new Legacy Champion #1 contender.
- The last man standing will walk out the UTA World Champion #1 contender.


Abdul bin Hussain
Alexander Redd
Amy Harrison
Angel Kash
B.R. Ellis
Cayle Murray
CBR or Kendrix
Cecilworth Farthington
Dan Benson
Dick Fury
Duke Dibbins
El Trebol Jr or Scott Stevens
Eric Dane or Sean Jackson
Jack Hunter
Jarvis Valentine
Jeff Andrews
Lance Mikes
Lew Smith
Lisil Jackson
Luke Dibbins
Marie Van Claudio
Mikey Unlikely
PT Merciless
Ron Hall
Sabrina Baker
Ursula Areano
Will Haynes
Xander Hayes
Zhalia Fears
And More To Be Announced!


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