PPV Pre Show Ring King 2015

23 Aug 2015

KeyArena, Seattle, Washington (seats 17,459)

From nowhere we fade into the Key Arena in Seattle. The UTA ring is set up as the centerpiece of the entire building and the ringside area is decked out in Ring King logos and the camera-side ring apron has one of those snappy LED screens installed. The entrance ramp leads back up to the staging and pyrotechnic area where the wrestlers will make their entrances later this evening.

Ring King is almost here.

Off to the side of the pyro stage and ring entrance is a small raised platform with a Ring King themed desk and four chairs. The chairs are filled by UTA officers and journalists Dr. Emo, Jennifer Williams, Dick Fury, and Dr. Emo.

Behind them something like half of the fans for tonight's PPV Extravaganza are milling around, finding seats and socializing. A quick camera-pan reveals absolutely zero tarped off sections tonight, the UTA will be in full effect! And with that in mind...

Your Ring King pre-show starts…


Williams: Welcome everyone! We are LIVE here in the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. Thank you for tuning in to the Ring King Pre-Show here on the UTA Network. Gentlemen, Ring King is here. I’m joined by some familiar faces… Dr. Emo is here with us.

Cameras get a shot of the four panelists with the crowd behind them; Showing their signs and excitement.

Dr. Emo: It’s exciting to be here in Seattle. This place is going to be rocking tonight! I can’t wait for the show to start!

Williams: My Victory play by play partner Dick Fury is also here with us.

Fury: Dick can tell you this much, it’s been HOT in Seattle ever since the UTA announced that we were holding the Ring King pay-per-view here in the Key Arena! And you know what Dick says about things when they’re unnaturally hot...

Dick is wearing a cut-off tuxedo t-shirt and a smile. He’s absolutely throbbing with elation at being on tonight’s panel. Let’s hope the camera avoids him as much as possible.

Williams:  Also on our panel, the one and only “Rumor Man” Stan Davis.

Davis: We got a stacked show and the fans outside are just sweating to get through those doors! Just a few minutes ago before we went live I got to speak with a few of those faithful, and we’ll be cutting to that footage a little later, but first, what about that Ace in the Hole match?

We cut to a darkened arena with a spotlight on a Twelve Foot fiberglass ladder. The Ace In The Hole briefcase hangs high above the ring, swinging ever so slightly. Clips of each everyone involved in the match hit your screen.

We cut straight to a graphic of the Ace in the Hole Briefcase and the eight men and two women involved in it.

Williams: Chris Hopper, Abdul bin Hussain, The Second Coming, the Machine’s Cecilworth Farthington, Zhalia Fears, Dynasty’s Kendrix, CBR, Michael Unlikely, Sean Jackson and the one-minute champion Lew Smith! These ten have a shot tonight at becoming the guaranteed number one contender for the UTA Championship.

Davis: Starting off hot tonight with the Ace in the Hole match, a match that will see ten of the very best men and women in the UTA as they go to battle for the chance at Destiny. Dynasty has the match locked down already with the odds in their favor however the other six are no pushovers!

Fury: Dick would like to point out that two are.

Williams: Do you really want to get The Second Coming’s ire again, Dick?

Fury: Maybe Dick means Hopper and ABH?

Dr. Emo: The direction of the UTA’s shows will be decided inside the Chamber, however any one of these ten can determine who will end the year as the UTA Champion -- should they choose to cash in, and successfully might I add, to win the top prize of the UTA.

Williams: The dark horse in all of this is the Machine’s Cecilworth Farthington who traded spots with John Sektor in the Chamber. Cecilworth has no allegiance with any of the nine other combatants in this match but he does have the cash to make other dreams come true.

Dr. Emo: A whole Eighteen Dollars worth.

Fury: That’s still enough for a pack of cigarettes, and not that crappy electric stuff. Dick’s talking prime Virginia Slims, baby!

Williams: I somehow doubt that anybody will take up his offer tonight. They would have to have no hopes of winning or thoughts of being champion, ever, in the UTA. In which case guys, they shouldn’t be in this match.

Davis: While Farthington might just be the dark horse perhaps, what about the words from Crimson Lord? He could very well go blood lust frenzy on everyone, even if he has the Chamber later to contend with.

Fury: Dick thinks that there is a meme to use here but unable to think of a proper one without being forced off the air.

Williams: Well out of these ten hopefuls who do guys got taking the briefcase and will they cash it in tonight or wait for the opportune time?

Fury: Dynasty is Dick’s pick all the way, baby!

Davis: Dynasty are some of UTA’s longest employed athletes, two of which control and ran roughshod over the UTA for practically a year. Voting against them at this point is just not possible. I think CBR will take the Ace in the Hole, cash in tonight on LFB or Beckman, and become the LONGEST reigning UTA Champion just as he was the Internet champion.

Dr, Emo: Think of it like this. Nearly a year out from her doing the very same with VCW, and earning the shot in UTA, tonight The Second Coming may pull off the repeat. However I do not see her cashing in tonight and instead waiting until the time is right.  

Williams: I would have to go with the odds and say it will be one of the Dynasty four. Back from a short self-imposed exodus, Mikey Unlikely could very well clinch this. With Dynasty behind him if used his shot after the Main Event, there is little doubt a new Champion would be crowned.

Cut over to a central focus on Rumor Man Stan.

Davis: Earlier today I got a chance to talk with some of our fans outside in that balmy heat. Let’s go to the footage!

We cut to footage recorder earlier outside of the fans still working their way into the KeyArena. Support for their favorite wrestlers plastered across their person. Rumor Man Stan is with the crowd lined up.

Crowd: UTA! UTA! UTA!

Davis: We got a lot of enthusiastic fans out here tonight guys! Let’s see who gots who.

Stan walks up to a young couple tossing the horns in the air.

Davis: Our Main Event. Alex Beckman challenges La Flama Blanca for the UTA Championship. Who you got?

Man: Beckman’s gonna break-a-Mexican!

Woman: We got Alex’s back!

Davis: And how about you? What's your name?

Pulling aside a chubby set man wearing a crossed out blue/red mask T-shirt.

Man: Sammy. And The Luchador, certainly.

Davis: How about you sir, who you got for The Chamber?

Man: Bobby Dean!

The man laughs as does those around him.

Man: The last two remaining win. If Bobby can’t come out of the pod, he wins, right?

Davis: Good point!

Moving along the line he stops at a mom and her two kids.

Davis: Ace in the Hole. Who do you think will take the briefcase kids?

Kid1: Two cee.

Kid2: Sean Jackson. Dynasty takes all.

Davis: Thanks.

Once more moving along the crowd he nods to the greets by the screaming fans. Stopping at a guy with mohawk and leather jacket, despite the weather.

Davis: Hey there, who are you and Career vs Career . Hall of Famer Ron Hall or the boss?

Axe: Ron Hall’s gon’ finish wha’ the dawg started.

Davis: How about you, Miss?

Woman: The boss can’t be counted out. Wingate runs the place. The rules are in his favor.

Stan nods along as she returns to the line.

Davis: Great. Alright guys, one more time let’s hear it!

Crowd: UTA! UTA! UTA!

Davis: Well guys you can hear it out here. Tonight the crowd is wild and split!


Cut back to the stage.

Davis: They are hot here in Seattle and ready for the action to get going! UTA’s the only place you can find the likes of our incredible athletes such as - the UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca, Sean Jackson, Lew Smith, John Sektor and more!

Williams: The UTA Tag Team Titles are on the line as well. Team Danger makes their first title defense when they take on the unlikely tag team of Marie Van Claudio and Amy Harrison.

Fury: You all know what Dick’s stance is on women in wrestling… there shouldn’t be any. MVC and Amy Harrison should be making everyone here sandwiches.  

Everyone behind the desk collectively roll their eyes at Dick Fury. His Victory broadcast partner, Jennifer Williams, shoots him death daggers while the Rumor Man keeps the show going.

Davis: I’ve reported that Marie’s father will be in attendance for Ring King. If the pressure wasn’t already on MVC tonight, it sure is now.

Dr. Emo: This match might seem like a throwaway match but… MVC and Amy Harrison have a chance to shock the world. Beating Team Danger will open a lot of eyes.

Fury: But that’s not going to happen.

A split screen of Team Danger on the left and the team of MVC and Harrison on the right.

Williams: Here’s both teams arriving to the arena.

Fury: Van Claudio and Harrison should have stood in the kitchen.

Williams: Glad you’re here, Dick.

Fury: Dick already knows that.

Williams: I’ll start with you Stan… who do you have going home with the Tag Titles?

Davis: I see Team Danger proving that their victory wasn’t the fluke people have said it was. Their first successful defense starts tonight, and begins a roll of multiple wins before year end.

Fury: What? Dick doesn’t speak moron.

Dr. Emo: No kidding, right? Anyway here’s the deal. We saw Team Danger try out yoga this week and get destroyed. What they did there was prove that Amy and MVC might be formidable. Except they aren’t. This is wrestling and no amount of stretching and breathing is going to stop the mighty Team Danger machine from rolling over the Yoga Twins!

Williams: I would love to see Marie and Amy on the same page and win the tag titles but Team Danger’s a real team, not to be confused with their family closeness. So going with Team Danger here.

Williams: Tonight, we will see two legends of the sport put their careers on the line… James Wingate and Ron Hall face off in a No Disqualification match.

Davis: These two men have been butting heads for weeks, close to months. Ron Hall has been the only one who has tried to stand up to The Boss.

Fury: And he’s going to have to pay for it.

Davis: Ron Hall had enough of James Wingate throwing his power around and knocked The Boss out with a Superkick. Since that night… James Wingate has made Ron Hall’s life a living hell.

Fury: Dick tried to have a serious one on one with James Wingate and that dumbass Ron Hall crashed my show. He kicked Dick in the face like a coward. Dick was glad to see Ron Hall get put through a table.

Fury gives a little laugh as the fans behind him throw their hands in the air and chant something that is inaudible.

Dr. Emo: Would you rather be kicked in the face Dick, or Beckman sicked on you again? You got it easy!

Williams: Tonight could be the last night we see Ron Hall, who has had a storied UTA career. Ron is a part of the UTA Hall Of Fame. This could also be the last time we see James Wingate on UTA programming.

Davis: It’s another match on an already amazing card.

Williams: So who do you have in this one… I’ll start with Mr. Dick Fury.

Fury: Dick is taking The Boss. Ron Hall is finished with the UTA.

Williams: Dr. Emo?

Dr. Emo: I have to go with the Hall Of Famer in a decisive win here tonight.

Williams: Who is winning tonight, Stan?

Davis: My gut is going with Ron Hall. He's a gamer and you can tell he wants this win.

A graphic comes up on showing all the entrants in the Chamber Match.

Williams: One of the most talked about matches this evening is the Chamber Match. This match has been on the minds and lips of the UTA Universe. The final two in this match fight to see who gets the first pick in the big draft. The winner chooses what show he will captain!

Davis: This match can change the face of the UTA for a long time. These past few weeks have seen some coming and going… John Sektor switched places with Cecilworth Farthington and Bobby Dean took Will Haynes’ spot.

Fury: Dick is just happy there’s no ladies in this match. THERE WILL BE A SANDWHICH!

Davis: Will Haynes is unable to compete here at Ring King… The past few weeks have seen Will Haynes on the wrong side of beat downs from Eric Dane and Mikey Unlikely. Bobby Dean because of this is NOW in the Chamber Match.

Williams: Eric Dane and John Sektor have gotten into a little something as well, right Stan?

Davis: John Sektor moved into the Chamber Match, switching with Cecilworth Farthington. Eric Dane called out John Sektor, wanting him to put the Legacy title on the line. Those two had some words and it’s just one more story in this match.

We cut back to the stage and our panelists.

Williams: Not to mention the fact that Bronson Box, who has already had issues with Sektor, has also apparently temporarily aligned himself with The Only Star here tonight. I can tell you one thing, between those three we might just not see very much scientific wrestling!

Fury: In the Chamber? Dick thinks you must have a screw loose! Of course there won’t be any SCIENTIFIC wrestling! These guys are going to try to kill one another!

Dr. Emo: I’ve been looking forward to this match for a long time. Some tough competitors in this one. It makes me glad that I hung it up.

Williams: Eight superstars will be locked inside The Chamber. This year’s Chamber Match has a lot more riding on it than last year’s. The UTA’s future is in the hands of the final two.

Davis: That’s right Jennifer. We could very well see the UTA shaped in the vision of Bobby Dean’s perfect wrestling exposure, or Crimson Lord’s weekly slaughter show.

Williams: In this match we will see Bronson Box, Cayle Murray, Colton Thorpe, Eric Dane, Crimson Lord, Bobby Dean, John Sektor and Sanctus. Stan how do you see this playing out?

Davis: Some big names in this one, Jennifer. I see this going down to Colton Thorpe and John Sektor. Thorpe has been around the block and has come into the UTA very, very strong.

Dr. Emo: Colton Thorpe could surprise the UTA Universe and so could Cayle Murray. He comes from a great wrestling family and has always shown to be a contender. I have to go with Eric Dane and Bronson Box. I see those two demolishing everyone and then bringing the house down to see who wins.

Williams: Personally I think Cayle Murray, one of the newest and quickly rising superstars, is going to pull this one out. And his thorn in his side, Colton Thorpe taking the second spot. Dick, who do you have?

Fury: - Dick has half this match in front of Cayle Murray. Dick also wants to know what’s the deal with so many vegetables in UTA? Coleslaw… Cayle… Anyway, Dick's gonna go out on a limb here and take Colton Thorpe! The guy’s got a certain pizzazz about himself that Dick understands!

Williams: In our Main Event… The Ring King Twenty-Fifteen winner Alex Beckman takes on the UTA World Champion La Flama Blanca. There has been a lot of buzz about this match.

Davis: So many stories in this one, guys. We have the undefeated Alex Beckman with Mike Best in her corner against the current UTA World Champion, a man who is undefeated himself in singles competition. That man is La Flama Blanca.

Dr. Emo: These are two forces going head to head. We have Alex Beckman from The Machine challenging La Flama Blanca of Dynasty. This could go down as the match of the year.

Davis: If history is any guide, we might have a new champion as Ring King goes off the air. At every Pay Per View we have crowned a new UTA World Champion. Now… I think La Flama Blanca will have something to say about that.

Williams: Speaking of… here’s the UTA World Champion arriving to the arena earlier today.

A video of La Flama Blanca entering the KeyArena begins to roll. He is wearing a suit as he is followed by his attorney Marshall Owens.

Fury: There’s The Champ.

Dr. Emo: We could be seeing the last of LFB as the World Champion.

Williams: A sold out crowd is going to be on the edge of their seats during the Main Event. Who do you guys think will walk out as the UTA World Champion? Dr. Emo?

Dr. Emo:  Ring King’s winner. Undefeated. Alex Beckman has yet to learn humility in the UTA and if there was one person that could bring it to her, it is our reigning champion La Flama Blanca, a man that many thought would lay down to his fellow Dynasty mate Sean Jackson. Going to go with LFB.

Williams: How about you Dick?

Fury: If Dick goes with Dick’s gut, Dick’s ass is getting kicked. So put Dick’s money on a new champion in Alex Beckman.

Williams: I think we may indeed see a new champion, what about you Stan?

Davis: One on one, I see Alex Beckman having this in the bag. We have to also remember that The Machine and Dynasty are in the building and there is no stopping them from intervening tonight. When push comes to shove, Dynasty always wins.

Blanca is shown walking down a hallway in the KeyArena. We cut to Alex Beckman and her manager Mike Best in their locker room.

Williams: Speaking of there’s Alex Beckman. And the clock is counting down. You still have sometime to order the pay per view, or get your affairs in order.

Fury: Dick demands Ice Cream.

Dr. Emo: And with that note I think we have worn out our welcome.

Williams: For Dr. Emo, Dick Fury and Rumor Man Stan, this is Jennifer Williams.

The footage fades out to the copyright protection screen and UTA logo.

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