Title: The Day at the Beach
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: September 8th, 2015
Location: Brazil
Show: Victory XXXVII

The scene starts with Amy Harrison relaxing in the sun at one of Brazil’s most glorious beaches in the country as she is in her green neon bikini that would attract the eyes of many. The water is going up to her feet as she is catching some rays while little ones are playing with their dogs. Just then a heavy set fat man, approximately in his 40’s comes up and looks at Amy.


Fat Guy: Can I buy you a drink?


Amy looks up at the guy as she leans up. Raising her eyebrow, she keeps staring at him.


Fat Guy: I mean, I will understand if you say no.  But I just thought you were a bit thirst and getting you a drink would be the gentlemen thing to do.


Harrison: Why would I want to have a drink with someone like……


Amy then stops and thinks about the situation and then shows a devilish grin on her face.


Harrison: You know what? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind a drink.


The Fat Guy smiles as he walks in his swimsuit waddling to the bar as Amy has a smirk on her face as she lays back down. A couple of minutes later, he comes back with two drinks.


Fat Guy: Here are your drinks umm...I hope you like pina coladas.


He gets a perplexed look on his face as he doesn’t know her name.  Handing her one of the drinks, he offers up his name as well.


Fat Guy:  My name is Mark….


As Amy reaches out and takes the drink, she smiles, knowing what is coming next.


Mark:  And you are?


See, totally predictable.  Guys like this were always predictable.


Harrison: It’s Amy.


Mark smiles as he sips his drink.


Mark: Amy, that’s a beautiful name for a beautiful looking girl like you.


Amy continues to smile as she sips her drink. She knows exactly what this guy wants, which will make him an easy target.  After all, he has to know that he stands no real chance with her, right?


Mark: So, what brings a beautiful looking girl like you to Brazil all alone?


Harrison: I’m here for some work matters, but since I’m out here, I might as well try to enjoy myself.  


Feeling confident, he smiles between sips of his drink.


Mark: Ah. So you are here on the business trip? Can I ask who you work for?


Harrison: I work for a wrestling company called UTA, we will be having a show here later this week.


He opens up his eyes with excitement, considering that he is a big fan of wrestling.


Mark: I LOVE the UTA! Hell, I went to one of their shows a few weeks back and saw a girl defeat Ron Hall in a match!


Oh yes, Amy remembers that night well.  She should, it was a defining moment for her.


Harrison: Yeah, that was me.  


He opens up his eyes again.


Fat Guy: Oh, that was you?! Oh my God, this is awesome.  I am talking to the girl who beat Ron Hall.  I think you are a good wrestler and the most beautiful woman on the roster.  You definitely don’t deserve the slack that you are getting!


He keeps his eyes focus on her.


Mark: So who are you facing this week?


Harrison: Oh, nobody important.  By the way, how does a girl get one of those umbrellas to cover her eyes with?  It is getting a little warm out here.


As she bats her eyes at him, the guy doesn’t hesitate in getting up, the crack of his ass showing from his swim trunks as he makes his way towards the gazebo.  


Harrison: This is just way too easy. I can’t believe how people like him can be so gullible as to be lead like sheep like this. Remind you of anyone, Bobby?


Amy thinks for a moment as she looks at her drink and wheeling the straw around in the cup.


Harrison: It should remind me of YOU!


Her eyes widen as she stops what she is doing.


Harrison: Mark was so EASY to be baited. I mean, just look at him. He reminded me of you, some fat guy who wanted someone to speak with him, a fat guy who loves to look at women he has no shot of closing the deal with.  A fat guy that wants everyone to love him!


Amy takes a sip of her drink for a good second. She stops.


Harrison: What makes YOU think that you are going to do the same thing to me? What makes you think I will be nothing more than eye candy in our match? Is it because you want to try to get a “special DVD” from me like you did with the Second Coming?


She slowly has an evil smile on the face as the Fat Guy is coming back for a second, but he turns to get something else for the both of them.


Harrison: Bobby Dean, I am far from being friendly. I am far from being nice and most importantly, I am sick and tired of fat guys like you being treated like they are kings here. You don’t DESERVE to be in every single ad. You don’t deserve to be in the spotlight and you don’t need to be in the one I am in!


She looks for Mark to see if he is coming up, but he’s no where to be found.


Harrison: And just like Mark, you deserve to be nothing more than dirt under the shoes of every beautiful woman, who is fed up with your blatant sense of entitlement . Hell, for all I care, you could end up having a heart attack and nobody will give a damn!


As Mark is coming back, she quickly notices that he doesn’t have the umbrella she requested, but did see he that he was carrying his wallet and a receipt showing that the bar tab had been paid.


Mark: Hey Amy, you know I took care of the drinks. So I was wondering if you want to get something to eat with me. I know a good restaurant just up the beach where we can eat in.


Harrison: I’m not really that hungry, but I think I heard that there is a movie theatre somewhere nearby. Maybe you can go check where that is because I just love dark movie theatres.


His eyes light up, for it appears his persistence was about to pay off.


Mark: You do? Well then, I’ll find out where it is and will be right back.


He stands up and makes his way back to the bar.  After all, what is better than being in a dark movie theatre with one of the hottest little dishes on the beach. Amy waits until he is out of earshot and she goes back into bitch mode.


Harrison: Oh, this is just way too easy. Bobby, if you are anything like this guy right here, then this is going to just be a walk in the park for me. I’ve got him swooning over me because he thinks he can use me to make himself look better.  Well Bobby I get to show just how pathetic he is, just like I will do to you at Victory.  He thinks I am an easy target because I’m all boobs and no brains, just like you.


She looks over to see what Mark is doing and sees he’s still at the bar.


Harrison: You wish you were in his shoes right now, don’t you?  You wish you could be seen talking with a hot woman like me, on our way to a movie theatre.  But be honest with yourself Bobby, neither of you stand a chance of actually scoring with me, much less beating me in anything.  I had Mark there eating out of the palm of my hand, and come Victory, you will be just as easy.  Not that long ago, I beat Ron Hall and this Monday night beating you will be just as sweet.


Mark comes back with the direction written on a piece of paper. As he approaches, the upbeat in his tone is easily detectable.


Mark: Well, I have the directions.  It isn’t too far from here, just a few blocks away.  Not even a five min….


Harrison: You know, while you were gone I got a call from one of our Road Agents who reminded of a meeting that I need to attend.  


She fakes a pouted lip.


Harrison:  So I won’t be able to go, after all.


Mark frowns


Mark: Alright….then maybe next time?


Harrison: Maybe, we’ll see what happens.


Mark has a smile on his face, knowing that will be a “next time” as he walks away as Amy says something.


Harrison: You wish, and I guess Bobby Dean wishes he could as well.


Amy lets out a smirk on her face as the scene ends.

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