Title: Self Esteem
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 9/9/2015
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Show: Victory XXXVII

The scene opens to a large “Baggage Claim” sign. The grey sign with black lettering has the words written in english above, underneath it is repeated in Portuguese. On the top right hand corner is the airport logo for Rio de Janeiro–Galeão International Airport.

The camera turns to one of the large walls of windows, where we see an enormous jet, taking off down the runway. Even behind these thick plate glass windows, you can hear the scream of the Jet engine running full bore down the concrete path, before escaping to the sky.

The camera moves past the sign into the chaos. People are everywhere, It's very hard to make it through the thick crowds. The mass of move, shuffle, bump, and rush their way to their respective gates.  People stand in large lines at the baggage claim, blocking the walkways, where people desperately weave in and out of traffic to meet impossible boarding times.

The camera pulls slightly right and rolling down one of the moving walkways is WrestleUTA superstar, Mikey Unlikely. He wears a light blue button up shirt, slightly undone at the top. The shirt is tucked into a nice pair of black slacks, that travel all the way down to the shiny black dress shoes he wears.

He has a small bag over his shoulder, presumably his carry on. He lifts his arm to check his watch. It matches the silver aviator sunglasses he is rocking.

Behind him is Mary Jane. She wears a tight red dress, with a small jacket overtop. She has a pair of heels in her hand, but is wearing a pair of dark flats.

He nears the camera, now seeing how crowded the baggage claim is, he sighs audibly. Mikey reaches the end of the walkway and steps off. He looks around slowly, although we can’t see his eyes, we assume he is scanning the crowd. Finally he noticed a young boy nearby, probably around 10 years old. Mikey smiles and whistles, the boy looks and Mikey waves him over.

Unlikely: Hey little man! Wanna earn twenty bucks!?

The little boy nods, before giving a very discerning look to Mikey.

Boy: What I need to do?

Mikey points to the baggage claim.

Unlikely: I have 3 bags in there somewhere. They will say “Unlikely”. You go get em…

Mikey fishes out a twenty from his jacket pocket.

Unlikely: ..and this is yours!

The boy thinks it over.

Boy: Make it thirty and you got a deal!

Mikey laughs

Unlikely: A negotiator! I like your style young man! Thirty it is. Now go fetch!

The child runs off, ducking underneath legs and squeezing his way past the crowd. He ventures on despite protests from others. Mikey talks to Mary Jane.

Unlikely: You smell that?

She shoots him a confused look.

MJ: I don’t smell anything, what is it?

Unlikely: Smells like poverty… Disgusting.

Mikey’s face bunches up, he is not comfortable.

Unlikely: Where the hell is that kid?

Just as Mikey says it, here he comes through the crowd carrying three bags, all far too heavy for him. He struggles as he walks through the people. Finally he finds Mikey and in one desperate move, he dumps all three bags at Mikey's feet.

He looks up at Mikey smiling with his hand out. Mikey slips him the twenty.

Boy: Hey! We agreed on thirty!

The World’s Greatest Entertainer takes off his sunglasses. He kneels down so he is eye level with the young man. He puts a hand on his shoulder.

Unlikely: Son, The world is full of lies, it's full of people trying to get one over on you. It’s full of false heroes, and do gooders, who undoubtedly do some dastardly deeds behind closed doors. This was a lesson for you. Whenever you negotiate a price, ALWAYS put it in writing. Otherwise it's your word against mine, and who’s going to believe you over a celebrity?

Mikey brushes him off, as he stands back up and puts his shades back on. He picks up two of the bags, and hands the third one to MJ. They begin to walk through the airport.

Unlikely: Doesn't Wingate know I’m American!? I just got back from touring for the movie, and touring for the UTA, and here we go again! Shit!

He shakes his head as he walks.

MJ: It’s all about branding Mikey. You are working this hard now, so you don’t have to later!

He looks at her confused.

Unlikely: You know I’m already wealthy right? I could quit now and never work again, and I would never be without.

MJ: I understand that. You have to keep building though, you never know what could happen. Plus the gap between Mikey Money and regular people just keeps growing!

Mikey smiles at this. He loves having #MikeyMoney.

Unlikely: Speaking of regular people, you heard who I’m facing this week?

She shakes her head and adjusts her bag over her shoulder as they shuffle through a terminal of people lining up to board. Then she holds up a finger.

MJ: Oh wait! Its that guy who tried to stop you in the hall the at Proving Grounds.

The wrestler nods slightly. She catches it.

MJ: What’s his name?

Unlikely: Cayle Murray

MJ: Ew.

They round a corner, heading towards an escalator that reads “Street Level”.

Unlikely: You know Andy Murray?

She shakes her head. She’s been around wrestling for some time, but apparently never paid much attention.

Unlikely: Anyway, he’s the try hard, little brother of Andy. Who is a big name elsewhere apparently. Dudes got three wins in the UTA already, and only been here a couple months. No losses, pretty impressive.

MJ thought she heard him wrong, because she does a double take.

MJ: Whaa….

He shrugs.

Unlikely: It’s hard to knock a guy who reminds me of myself. The problem is he is just as dim and blind as I was.

MJ squints trying to keep up with Mikeys brisk pace, they reach the escalator.

Unlikely: Year ago, I was in the exact same spot Cayle Murray is in. I was undefeated in singles action, tried to do everything the fans told me. I wanted to make a positive impact on this company and help change some things. Wanted to fight Dynasty. I bought everything they were selling.

“Mikey you can be a hero! Mikey you can be the man! Mikey keep fighting back!”

Mary Jane isn’t used to this ‘humble’ side of Mikey. She approaches it carefully.

MJ: What changed?

They get to the bottom of the escalator. Mikey sees a man in a suit at the bottom holding a sign that says “UTA: Unlikely”. Mikey waves the man down who runs over, and takes the bags from Mikey. Unlikely pulls out a wad of bills and peels off two american twenties, he slips them into the man's suit pocket.

Unlikely turns to MJ and gives her a very serious look.

Unlikely: Nice guys finish last.

He follows after the man in the suit, presumably to his ride. The scene fades.

We reopen to the hotel bar. It’s late at night and most everyone has gone home. There is nothing but blackness behind the windows. Mikey rests in a very large easy chair with a small coffee table in front of it.

He is wearing the same clothes we seen earlier, only now his sleeves are rolled up, and his hair disheveled. He no longer wears the sunglasses, and he has red lipstick imprint on his neck. Presumably from Mary Jane…(maybe).

He is leaned back, his neck resting on the backside of the chair. He is holding a glass tumbler full of half melted ice, and what appears to be a brown liquor. Whiskey seems to be Mikey's choice.

He holds the glass against his forehead and sighs. The ice clinks off the glass, before he lifts, salutes to no one specific, and downs the drink.

With a loud “Ahhhhhhh” he shakes his head, and leans back further.

He knows the camera is there, he chooses to keep looking off in the distance as he speaks.

Unlikely: What an awful week. First we find out that Will “Injury Prone” Haynes hurt himself once again in training. Now I have to wait even longer to finally finish of the career of that degenerate. That loser. That ungrateful.

He tilts back the glass and drops a couple ice cubes in his mouth, before pushing them to the side so he could speak again now that he is half excited.

Unlikely: Speaking of UNGRATEFULS!!!

He sits up a bit. Now using his free hand when he speaks.

Unlikely: Then you have Wrestleshow, Where Mikey went out of his way to be at a show I wasn’t even drafted on, only to have the walls of Dynasty shaken. Only to have one of our founding members, do the unthinkable and turn on his brother, La Flama Blanca.

He shakes his head and reapplies the glass to his skin. Perspiration from the cup, rolls down his face.

Unlikely: Sean Jackson...Sean FUCKING Jackson.

Mikeys voice gets louder and deeper.

Unlikely: You have hell coming your way. I don’t know if you realize what you’ve done. Have you SEEN what I have done to Will Haynes? Have you missed the last 2 months of wrestling? The destruction caused by the hands of Mikey and Mikey alone is unmeasurable. NOT TO MENTION THE OTHER THREE GUYS IN DYNASTY!

He shouts loudly. The bar keep ignores him. Washing dishes behind the bar and whistling quietly. In places like this, where the money flows, you can basically do as you please. Especially this late at night.

Mikey lets out a loud sigh, He shakes his head, trying to regain his composure.

Unlikely: Sean, you are in trouble. Every single day for the rest of your life, you had better be on watch. You had better be ready. Because when you least expect it, Dynasty will dismantle you. Piece by piece, limb by limb, we will not stop, until you are broken down and disabled. You think the last umpteen years of your career were painful? You thought Shock Therapy hurt? You haven't seen anything yet.

He squirms in his seat, before standing up and stretching. He lets out a loud “Ooooooooooh” as he stretches. Quite the showman. He walks towards the bar with his glass.

Unlikely: Finally we get to the golden boy! The man of the hour! The dude who has set the UTA aflame with his personality and wrestling style.

Mikey sets the glass down on the bar, and taps the rim twice. The tender turns and looks at the massive wall of liquor before reaching into the back and grabbing the bottle of William Larue Weller.

Unlikely: Cayle Murray!

He smiles as the bartender refills his glass. The man then pulls the receipt from a nearby empty glass, before replacing it with a new total. Mikey leans on the bar with one elbow, facing outward toward the camera.

Unlikely: Cayle you are quite the hot topic in the UTA at the moment! Everywhere I go I get questions about the Murray/ Thorpe ongoings. It's been a very wild trip thus far. I for one am very impressed.

Mikey takes the cup and walks back to the chair he was in previously.

Unlikely: You do the right things, you say the right words, always on time, and very personable. A true professional. I respect that in a man. Far too long, this industry has been run by slobs and assholes. What about those of us who are just… better?

He raises and eyebrow before plopping down into the chair. The cushion nearly swallows him.

Unlikely: What about the people who are above the rest? The ones who from day one, you can look at and say “Damn, he’s going to make it.” What about those of us on the upper echelon?

The Dynasty member takes a long cool sip of the drink. He smiles warmly.

Unlikely: They say once you get to the top there is nowhere to go but down. I say once you're at the top, take your things and move in. Lock the door behind you and pay someone to keep the riff raff at bay. It’s easy when you have the resources.

He flashes one of his million dollar smiles.

Unlikely: You’ve got what it takes Cayle, you could be here with me at the top. Think about that. How luscious this life is! How money can buy you anything, including happiness. How amazing the view is. How little everyone else looks! It’s wonderful being the greatest, amirite?

He wiggles around trying to get more comfortable before drinking from the cool liquid.

Unlikely: You have the personality, You have the look, You have the skill. Unfortunately there is one thing you possess that you must throw aside in order to be great. There is one thing that separates the upper class, from the piss poor trash in the street. That one thing is not money… oh no, in fact it's not tangible at all!

He grins as he sips, he is clearly feeling the effects of however many drinks he’s consumed as his face is flush red, and he is unable to stop smiling.

Unlikely: It’s morals, Cayle.

Mikey arches his eyebrows as if everyone should be surprised.

Unlikely: The difference between good and great is morals. You see you have all the talent in the world. You have all the skills, but not the know how. Not the balls to pull the trigger on being great. You constantly prod and poke me for turning my back on the fans? You constantly goad me for doing what it takes to win, even if it means bending the rules a little? THAT is exactly what makes me better than you Cayle. I don’t care what people think of me, and I WILL DO ANYTHING TO WIN!

He once again shouts loudly. His liquor sloshing against the sides of the glass which each swing, threatening to spill ever so slightly.

Unlikely: Can you say the same? Can you promise me you will do everything in your power to beat me? Can you swear that if it came down to it, and the choice was yours between being smashed and smashing me instead, that instinct wouldn’t win out? What would you do? I have no doubt in the world about what Mikey would do.

Long cool sip, mixed with a sarcastic look from the movie star.

Unlikely: You see, the problem with this match is that there are about a thousand Cayle Murrays in this world.

He holds up one finger.

Unlikely:  Yet there is only one Mikey! I see a new crop of guys come through the industry every year looking like clones. “Well golly gee Mr. Wingate! I am so excited and will do my best to make everyone smile! I swear I will!”

Mikey with his best Mayberry impression. Swinging fist across his chest and all.

Unlikely: You are just another one of these clones Cayle. Someone who has all the tools, but is yet to put it all together. Let me help you! Let me show you how to become a success, allow me to be what I am to so many of these moronic fans who cheer and boo every week… Let me be your inspiration.

He shifts gears a little and leans forward.

Unlikely:  As a matter of fact Cayle, consider me your teacher and this your first lesson. “How to be a Successful wrestler in the UTA 101”.

He uses his hands to make it look like a make believe sign.

Unlikely: Lesson two will be delivered on Victory, Monday night. Right here in Rio De Janeiro. Are you upto the task Cayle?

Mikey sips on the whiskey and laughs, as the cameraman backs up before fading out.  


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