Title: The Words Of Lisil: Honor
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 9/9/2015
Location: Jamaica
Show: Victory XXXVII

The scene opens inside of a martial arts dojo. The camera shows off several of the different idols and artwok on the walls before it pans out to show Lisil Jackson sitting in the middle of the floor in a meditation position. He is dressed in a pair of black track pants and a bandana with a pattern of the Jamaican flag. He looks into the camera and smiles boldly. 

"Eyyyy mon! Welcome to dee dojo I train in dee art of combat! Dis place is what has molded me inta dee combatant I am!" 

Lisil Jackson stands up stretching his legs. 

"Eric Dane... Ma opponent comin up at Victory... He is a very very confused mon..." 

Lisil smirks shaking his head. 

"Ya see I listen ta what he says and it comes off like he talks outta both sides o' his moth! So brudda... Lemme get dis straight... Ya wanna sit dere and claim ya respect me and dat ya respect ma abilities... But yet ya say dat ya would stab me wit dat fork?!" 

Lisil Jackson throws his arms up with a stupified look on his face. 

"Brudda do ya even know what respect is? If ya truly respected ma abilities den ya wouldn't even tink bout pullin dat eatin utensil out!" 

Lisil Jackson ponders his thoughts for a few seconds. 

"Ya know what? Open ya ears Dane... Cuz dis is anotha lesson from dee words of Lisil Jackson! And lemme tell ya mon... Dis is goin to be harsh... Cuz when I look at ya I see a brudda wit no honor!" 

Lisil Jackson walks over to a wooden board set up in place. 

"I seen what ya did in dat chamba Dane... Stabbin Sekta wit dat fork... I get dat dee match was of no rules and technically it was legal... But ya know what ya told me when ya did dat? Ya couldn't get dee job done witout dat fork!" 

Lisil Jackson says cracking his knuckles taking a stance. 

"Dee difference between us is simple mon... Unlike ya I don't need a weapon ta beat ya! In fact what ya see here is ma weapon!" 

Lisil Jackon lets out a battle cry before slamming his fist through the board splitting it in half. 

"Ya see Dane what ya did at Ring King wasn't only dishonorable... But ya also disgraced dee many combatants all ova dee world!" 

Lisil Jackson says walking over to a painting of Bruce Lee. 

"Bruce Lee... Possibly one o' dee best combatants ta walk dee earth! A mon who honed his body wit pride... Yet walked softly witout ego..." 

Lisil Jackson's face grows more serious almost like you can see the rage building inside of him. 

"He is just one o' dee many combatants ya spit in dee face of ya bumbaclot!" 

Lisil Jackson takes a deep breath composing himself trying to keep his temper in line. 

"Ya see mon Brazil could not be a betta scenario when we meet.... I am not only goin in dere ta beat ya fo maself. I am not only doin dis fo ma people... But most of all... I am doin dis fo dee honor of dee fightas!" 

Lisil Jackson walks over to a framed photo of Lisil Jackson with several men in combat uniforms. 

"Dis was dee last photo took when I trained in Brazil. I didn't go all dee way from ma home in Jamaica ta Brazil ta play games. I did it cuz I wanted ta be dee best I can! And ya had dee nerve ta spit in dee face o' combat!" 

Lisil Jackson storms over to a thicker board set up in place. 

"Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Dee Gracies, and countless otha fighta all ova dee world... But most of all Dane... Ya may not even realize it... But ya spit in ma face too! Ya spit on all dee time and dedication I put inta dis sport!" 

Lisil Jackson lets out a roar and slams an elbow right through the board splitting it in half. 

"Ya see dat? I just broke a board and I didn't even need a weapon!" 

Lisil Jackson walks over to a stone slab set up in place. 

"Dane... Ya may claim dat ya drafted me cuz of ma background... But ya know what I tink? I tink dat ya recruited dee way ya did fo a clearer way to dee championship! I mean look at dee list on Wrestleshow..." 

Lisil Jackson ponders his words for a second before he continues. 

"Ya got people like Sean Jackson, CBR, and Chris Hoppa! Dee kind o' talent dat has proven demselves... But yet aside from Team Danga all ya choices are lowa ranked combatants."

Lisil Jackson runs his hand over the stone slab before looking back at the camera. 

"One could consida perhaps what I'm sayin as ignorant... But lemme ask dis... Would someone who stabs anotha brudda wit a fork truly tink about anyone but himself? Dat is why I don't see Eric Dane as one with any honor!" 

Lisil Jackson takes a combat stance taking a deep breath. 

"Dane... Ya wanna make a mockery o' ma sayin... I am cuz ya not? Well brudda... GOOD! I don't wanna be like ya! I don't wanna be a dishonorable combatant! I would much ratha lose a match cleanly den win one wit dee use of a hidden weapon!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he lets out a scream loud enough that the birds of Jamaica can probably hear it before he slams his fist right through the stone slab breaking it in half. 

"Dane... Goin inta dis fight I will fight wit honor... I can only hope dat ya would do dee same... But I will warn ya Dane... Ya will need mo den an eatin utensil ta tame dee fury o' dee storm!" 

Lisil Jackson smiles turning back to the camera. 

"I know dat ya be ma toughest test yet but I don't plan on stoppin now! All ma trainin has lead ta dis moment!" 

Lisil Jackson nods his head confidently. 

"Hope ya got good security at dee top o' ya mountain! Ya got a Jamaican Ninja Warrior comin afta ya!" 

Lisil Jackson lets out a laugh. 

"But ma people! I know ya will carry me ta victory... Today is one day but tomorrow is anotha! Betta must come! I am cuz ya are!"

And with those words said the scene fades to black as Lisil Jackson sits back down in a meditation position. 

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