Title: Camel Jockeys & Infidels
Featuring: Abdul bin Hussain
Date: 10/09/15
Location: Hotel Room
Show: Victory XXXVII

So time for me to showcase my talents to the world. Brazil seems to be an extreme place to let the world see my talent but screw them as Abdul bin Hussain is here to stay. You can use Face Book, Twitter or any other of your social media’s to put in your racist complaints about me but that will not deter me from destroying any of your dreams.
I will keep my promise to being the greatest UTA Wildfire Champion that the company has ever seen. I am the best pro-wrestler on the UTA mixed roster from both brands and people know it. It is not because I am an Arab or a Muslim that they hold against me but because I am a real talent and they are afraid of that. It is not a religious thing as who cares that they are infidels who will burn for their sins against Allah, no it is not that. I am just a better athlete. Pure and simple.
Some say that the belt that I hold is cursed and that it has driven wrestlers to madness or leaving the UTA all together but I do not believe in any of that camel dung for I am just some Rag Head from Basra, Iraq and I believe in only what I see before me.
Thorpe thinks that he wants part of this does he not? He thinks that he is ready to hold a title within the Ultimate Toughness Alliance? Is he joking? Is he delusional? I do not think he has paid his dues here in the UTA let alone on the Victory brand. Abdul bin Hussain is what the UTA is all about. A former UTA Champion like I will destroy you Thorpe.
Freedom comes off of the backs of others that have suffered for it. Do you recognise this Thorpe or do you arrogantly go about your days without a feeling in that empty shell of yours? Be it on the backs of the refugees from the Middle East that are being murdered to near extinction by ISIS so that they have to flee their homes for Europe just to protect themselves. Their lives meaning nothing for you as they are not of the same skin colour as you. Then you think that the whole world should forget about this if you wipe it under the carpet and deflect it out into their domain.
There are several different types of men in this world Thorpe. There are men who dream and never make it off their couch, mostly Americans. There are men who dream and fail. And then there are men who dream and change the landscape of this world, people like Abdul bin Hussain.
What about you, Thorpe? That is what I want to know what type are you. Are you not tired of feeling unwanted here in the UTA? Are you not tired of feeling like an outcast and being stepped upon? I know how that feels, it feeds me Thorpe. Well then Victory is your day because that is the day that Abdul bin Hussain has decided he is going to change everything. 
That day is the day that hell will freeze over. Victory is going to be the day that pigs fly. That will be the days that miracles will happen, me and my people will look at all the fear in your eyes and show to the world that Abdul bin Hussain is back. On that day Thorpe, I want you to go and tell all those in the locker room that they better heed my warning: take notice to Abdul bin Hussain. Because that is day that Abdul bin Hussain decided to bring down those around him.
Thorpe, you can plead your innocence in this whole thing but Abdul bin Hussain knows you for what you really are. An Infidel.
There was a knocking noise on his hotel room. 
Abdul bin Hussain was sitting in his hotel room. His suitcases are on a small fold out stand. The UTA Wildfire Championship belt was hanging on the chair. Abdul sat on the bed for a moment then got up to answer the door. Abdul opened the door and motioned for Rafiq to come in and sit down in the chair adjacent to the bed. 
"It is time for me to make an impact in this new version of the UTA,” Abdul said to Rafiq. “I have been given the opportunity to many to face off with the best wrestler in this industry but none of them have lived up to my talent have they Rafiq? Against the best this company can find and some of the worst. Now that the roster has split into two it shows how much of the talent went to the Wrestle Show brand; none of them.”
He looked at Rafiq who nodded.
“But I look forward to the challenges of the Victory brand. Some of them I know will bring the challenge to me but........they will fail because I am Abdul bin Hussain. Call it what you will but fail they will. I just wanted to make sure I have their undivided attention. Some have called it arrogance but I just call it confidence in my own ability. Have you seen who they drafted onto Victory before me?" 
Abdul paused for brief moment thinking about what he was saying. 
“You should have been drafted first Abdul,” Rafiq stated angrily. “You are the best athlete on the entire roster my friend, and it is a travesty that you were picked as late as you were. I do not know why you were picked late. Who cares about Dynasty or those other peons. At the end of the day it is all about Abdul bin Hussain. Do you not agree?”
"I agree Rafiq and that is not me being arrogant,” Abdul replied. “With me being the greatest UTA Champion that has ever been I will do whatever I can to get me back to the top of the pile. I will bring not only my greatness to the rest of the UTA but will show the world why Victory is the A Brand. They say on Wrestle Show that we are the B Brand, Rafiq. Did you see their show? It was substandard and they should be ashamed of themselves; Sean Jackson turning on his Dynasty brethren? Oh as if that was not expected. Come on, give the people watching at home, predictable as ever." 
Abdul paused once more. He looked around the room briefly then returned his gaze back to the Rafiq. 
"It is like the pure racism we keep around this planet,” Abdul said. “We have been called everything from Camel Cowboy and Sand Nigger to Towel Head and Tuscan Raider. Please tell them to get more original with their bigotry. Look at all the problems Europe is getting at the moment with refugees and migrants at the moment. How many of them have been vetted? They could simply be IS plants and Europe would be screwed." 
Abdul stood up and after a brief moment began to laugh softly 
"The board are trying to get there fix of Abdul this week?” Abdul said. “Maybe it is the owners trying to get ratings putting me in the main event of the A Show making me the number one star on this roster, right? I am going to defend my UTA Wildfire Champion belt against……….who?"
“Carlos Santana?” Rafiq asked.
“No,” Abdul muttered.
“Corey Feldman?” Rafiq shrugged.
“Seriously?” Abdul asked. “Do you not know?”
“Miley Cyrus?” Rafiq smirked.
“What?” Abdul said aghast. “Do you really think the UTA would go full Greek Mythology on us? Why would I be wrestling a Centaur? She should definitely get covered up by a burqa or maybe even a horse blanket. No, Rafiq, I was paying attention to the details of my main event match. It is for MY UTA Wildfire Championship belt and I will not go down easily, Rafiq.”
Rafiq inwardly shuddered at the mention of the UTA Wildfire Championship. “Maybe……Maybe it would be more of a challenge for you if you lost that belt so you could make a proper play at the UTA World Champion…….”
Abdul interrupted him, “Woah! Who said anything about losing this title belt? It is not my fault that you have become very accident prone lately Rafiq. You are a very rotund man and you have probably not seen your feet in a long time which would probably be the reason you keep tripping over your feet. That belt is staying around my waist. Thorpe’s not going to stand a chance against a motivated Abdul bin Hussain.” 
Abdul looked out of the window at the setting sun in Rio. There was a knock on the door. The door slightly opened and in came his sister in her burqa. 
"It is getting even more disgusting out there brother," Nazirah said. “I cannot believe how racist these people are. Someone just called me a Ninja……..How dare they?” 
Abdul smiled and walked towards her. 
 “I know Nazirah,” he said. “It is just their way of adjusting to their prejudice against us my sister. Do not take it to heart. We will show them on Victory when I main event against this moron Thorpe and destroy all the hopes and dreams of those watching that believe that I should not hold this belt. I refuse to understand why they have so much hatred within their bodies boiling out of every orifice. They are such hypocrite’s sister.”
“So true Abdul,” she said. “No it is time to get some practice in before your match.”

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