Title: Ripped Contract, Look To The Future!
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 07/09/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XXXVII

Hayley and Jordan make their way through the hotel halls and bring themselves to Lew's door. Knocking louding they wait patiently outside. The door opens slowly and Lew holds it wide.

Lew: Hey, you're late. What took you guys so long?

Hayley: Never you mind.

Jordan: There was too big of a queue.

Lew sighs.

L: All I asked was for you guys to get tea bags. What takes half an hour to get tea.

Hayley moves slowly behind Jordan and makes her way to the kitchen.

J: Don't worry...we can have your bloody tea party of tears later. What we need to focus on is what's going to happen now that things didn't go as planned at the Ring King Tournament.

L: Yeah, I think I was a bit too headstrong on that one. I didn't get myself prepared enough for loss. Although, if I had won, my path would've been fixed for the UTA World Championship title. Now that I've lost, leaves me with more paths open than before.

Hayley comes back from the kitchen to meet the boys.

H: What you thinking of doing?

L: Well, it all depends. I've been set to do a tag team match with Ron Hall. Which is peculiar.

Jordan raises his eyebrow.

J: Oh? How so?

L: Think about it...I once had conquered La Flama Blanca for the UTA title...but then James Wingate decided otherwise. Ron Hall went against Wingate at Ring King and won. Agreement was that Wingate could no longer appear on UTA TV...ensuring that there is no more corruption or favouritism for future shows. Only if this was done before that title match, ha!

H: Oh, right! Of course!

L: Assuming Wingate is still in control of the shows behind closed's no coincidence that myself and Ron Hall have been put together.

J: After siding with Blanca, and effectively Dynasty, when you had the title match, Wingate sort of pushed you to be against Dynasty, right?

L: Indeed. Whilst I have no personal vendetta against Blanca or Dynasty for those specific has made me realise that we needed to break that bond between Dynasty and Wingate...seems like Hall did that for me...for us...for the UTA.

H: No need for your anti-Dynasty stable then, ha!

L: Ha! Indeed. But Wingate, seeming to have some sort of honour system to the loss, he's put two people who wanted to break Dynasty's bond with him for a tag match. Maybe not against Dynasty members...but the title holders. If we are to win, we'll get a title shot. If me and Hall hold the titles, that's a piece of gold that is out of reach for Dynasty members even more.

J: That's a very specific thought sure he just didn't want you two to be put up against Team Danger?

L: I'm sure. This wasn't just drawn up to fill a show space...this is something. Something huge.

H: So...what about the UTA World Championship now?

L: I can't believe I lost it to Sean, although a very worthy winner if Dynasty was not associated with his name. He was the last person I connected with before the show was over. I could have stopped him. Dynasty, being a network of schemes will probably plan ahead on what to do with that briefcase.

H: So what's the plan of action?

L: Well, I suppose we can only watch and wait to see who's hand it falls into when he calls it...

J: And what about you?

L: What about me what?

J: Are you going continue for the title? Get back at Sean for stealing your contract? Keep on challenging Blanca for the title till he caves in and slips up?

L: I'm going to back off from that area for now. Dynasty will need to recuperate  aswell. So when the time comes again, I'll make it my goal.

H: But giving this time to gather themselves together would be a bad thing right? More time to plan ahead.

L: Eh, no longer my issue for now. I'm making it clear enough. I'm going to deal with what I've been given now. And that's a potential chance to go for the tag titles. Now, we all know that I'm a master when it comes to tag.

J: It's true. Three time tag champion in the EWA. Lew has the skill to win titles...but in a duo, not only is there that extra chance from the other friendly force but Lew just has this glow about him when he's with another wrestler on his side. Especially if it's someone he gets on well with.

L: Which explains why me and Dick Fury lost our tag match that one time.

H: You two had a tag match together?

L: Conversation for another time.

J: Yeah, but hey Ron Hall is a Hall of Famer. Someone who has an incredible amount of experience, surpassing Lew's by far, regardless of Lew being one of the wrestlers having the most matches in the UTA to date.

L: Ha! Which is funny, I can't believe I've had so many appearances compared to many other wrestlers here...and I ain't complaining, it's just great to know that I've shown my face alot since joining nearly a year ago!

J: Yeah! Nearly a year! The thirteenth! A day before Victory.

L: Maybe a good sign! Ha! Would mean alot if me and Ron Hall won. Lew's first complete year being in the UTA with a Hall of Famer? Sounds like good headlines to me.

H: But it doesn't stop there! Today is also special!

J: The seventh? Oh! That's right!

Lew facepalms.

L: Come on guys, really?


Jordan nudges Lew toward the kitchen where a unboxed cake lay waiting for him on the side.

L: No, guys, really? Ha!

H: Now, do you want cake and tea now?

J: Why is that even a question?

Lew chuckles and nods, Hayley prepares the tea and cuts the cake.

L: Wow, transition much.

J: Don't worry, man. We both know that the Ring King loss had it's toll on you. It's time to celebrate and look foward. You've always done that with any loss.

H: We'll do training this week but today is a chill day. Happy Birthday.

Lew smiles and accepts the card that Hayley has presented him. He opens it up and finds three tickets to the Wrestleshow event later that night.

L: Really? You know we can just watch this live or go backstage?

J: Wouldn't be the same, it's nice being a part of the audience every now and then.

Lew nods in agreement.

L: I suppose, cool! Thanks, Hayley!

H: So, you gunna take us with you?

L: Hmm, I don't know, I might know two other people who'd wanna go.

Hayley hits Lew's arm and the laugh.

L: Sure. It'll be funky to see how things go down. I have a feeling things will go well.

They all sit down and enjoy Lew's birthday with cake and tea. Lew looks out the window toward the morning sun, smiling.

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