Title: I failed
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 9/10/2015
Location: A beach in Rio
Show: Victory XXXVII

I should be thrilled right? The biggest win of my return since coming back to the UTA. I rid the promotion of a cancer. I did something I've been waiting almost fifteen years to do, yet today I feel emptier now than when I started the quest earlier this summer.

We join The Southern Rebel Ron Hall alone, on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. Nothing on today except a pair of shorts and sunglasses. His t shirt and shoes are in a pile in a corner of his towel. He's close enough to the shore that he can see a breathtaking sunset, but not too close that anything will get wet. He's lost deep in his own thought. His lips never move. They couldn't keep up with his mind right now anyway. 

His face normally full of confidence, normally with bright with some kind of hope and a readiness have a look like he's been struggling with something since that night in Seattle a few weeks ago.
"I should be thrilled right now. James Wingate is in Orlando never to curse the UTA with his favoritism or his ugly kisser on a TV screen ever again. Ron's eyes shut for a moment as he relives superkicking Wingate in his memory, but the satisfaction of the accomplishment is so fleeting.  "But yet... Yet... I feel so empty.  I feel so lost...."
He looks out towards the sun, slowly lowering into the night. His reflections aren't helping his mood.
"It seemed like I couldn't make anyone happy. The fanboys on Twitter who cried about Wingate being so biased and wanted him gone treated me like the villain. It was like playing rough or even thinking about getting down and dirty to do it was a mortal sin."
His lips curl into an angry snear. Is he mad about the disrespect the fans are showing him or is it Post Achievement Depression coming to call? It's good his eyes are hidden and his lips aren't moving. They wouldn't paint a happy picture.
"There's what it should be. I should celebrated. I should feel better about this. I did the right thing, James had to go. Then I have to think about what it actually is... No one else seems to be happy, definitely not the cronies at UTA corporate headquarters... "
His fist clinches as he recounts that meeting from the day after Ring King. He had to defend his actions, his conduct to the board. "Conduct becoming an owner of the company" they said... another short term extension at best. Lots of talk about making me step away from the ring and have to wear a suit to stay. Even if they are Mattie's yes men...
His lips still won't part. No sound is coming, the voice in his mind is screaming louder than he ever could.
"Good grief. Maybe I should have just sold all of it to Wingate and been done with it.  Spectre and Crimson both did and they seem to be happier to be rid of this garbage."
He looks as the sun slowly continues to lower into the sky. He's finally able to pull his thoughts to Monday night at Victory. A match with Team Danger, with Lew Smith as his partner, a potential shot at the UTA World Tag Team Titles at steak.
"What doesn't feel right about this, besides everything? Team Danger, can't discount them. Their teamwork is unreal. When they're on their game no one can touch them. They're the best team I've seen come down the UTA's pike in years. The fans love them."
"Lew Smith, a guy with as much talent as anyone I've ever seen.  This is a guy who should be UTA World Champion today and not wasting his time with this. The fans know he got robbed. " 
Maybe it's the experience kicking in but something doesn't seem right here
The reality of the situation is still clear. Despite my best efforts, no matter how hard I've tried James Wingate is still pulling the strings from Orlando. I failed. My goal wasn't to run him off tv.. It was to purge this company of him period.
"What about me? The fans... Ok at least most of them took to my side in this fight with the Boss. I hope we're to the point of forgiveness finally. No one seems to know who's going to be calling the shots on Victory now..."
His fingers find the sand, immune to how late it's getting, he starts to write U T A in the sand over and over.
"Team Danger a team, a proven tag team against two top singles wrestlers. Things don't make sense around here anymore. It's like when I went to set everything right, I did the opposite. I turned everything into a mess. Beckman's injured... Farthington is running Wrestleshow?!?  Did I wake up in the Twilight Zone or something?"
His fingers find a rock. His hand wraps around it and he chucks it into the water. It's late. He slides his shirt and shoes back on. He looks out into the oncoming night as he prepares to return to his hotel room. He looks into the slowly developing darkness and night.
"Am I still doing what's right for the right reasons or is it time for the sun to set on me too?"
Ron walks off into the distance, we focus on the letters U T A he's written in the sand as we fade out.

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