Title: To Be a Man
Featuring: B.R. Ellis
Date: 9/10/2015
Show: Victory XXXVII

The WrestleUTA logo centers inside of the video box embedded on the screen. As the video begins to play, the logo fades out to show the back of a fuzzy head. The camera begins to pan out and we are introduced to the rest of a figure.

He's a man of a stout, athletic build. His arms are out and turned so that his comic book themed tattoos on his shoulders are proudly displayed toward the viewer. He rotates his arms around before bringing them down toward his sides as he turns toward the camera.

He looks into the camera, and with a bit of a smirk, the viewer is introduced to the man who goes by the name: B.R. Ellis. Slowly, he begins to speak, his eyes never moving from straight ahead.

"United... Toughness.... Alliance."

Starting to liven up a bit his excitement begins to bleed over.

"Boy it fees good to be here, man."

He rolls his neck around, his body full of energy.

"It's been a long road to get here, but here I am. Right along side of a few familiar names and faces."

He begins to rub his hands together.

"But where I've been and who I know doesn't really matter, man. Nah... what is important is that in less than two weeks, on Pure Sports Entertainment, I make my UTA debut... live on Victory."

Ellis smiles.

"Man, my opponent for that match... he sure has a big mouth don't he?"

He pauses momentarily, as if actually expecting an answer.

"Skylar Montgomery... son, I've seen people like you before. You flap your gums and say whatever you can to catch a little heat from the fans. You want them to boo you, you want them to hate you so much they scream your name."

He shakes his head a bit.

"All of that just to feel wanted."

He makes a Tisk type sound.

"Boy, you jump off of shed roofs in your Nana's backyard while hitting your friends with light tube and metal chairs, not caring about your safety, because in that moment... like with the fans... you get attention."

He takes a deep breath.

"That ain't no way to fill that hole son, and it certainly doesn't make you any more of a man. No, it just continues to show you are just a scared little boy playing wrassler."

A disappointed look comes across his face before he continues.

"Let me tell you what makes you a man. Let me tell you about the many hours in the many days rolling into the many weeks of many years that I put into perfecting my craft."

His excitement begins to return.

"Let me tell you about the long car rides just to make it to the next event where you only get paid enough to lay your head in the rattiest of motel rooms. Where you share your pillow with Mr. Cockroach and his family, and get just enough sleep to get you through another day as it all starts over again. Son, let me tell you."

He looks up.

"Som let me tell you about brutal matches with real men. Men bigger, and stronger, and meaner than you ever will be. The men who will gladly break your jaw with one big fist and laugh about it because they can."

Looking back down at the camera, Ellis continues.

"Playing with light tubes don't make you a man, son. Treating the fans the way you do, don't get you no closer to feeling love either. Nah son, what you need is a good old fashion ass whippin', and I'm just the man to give it to you. Outta that ass whippin' you'll gain humility which is the first step to growing."

B.R. looks dead ahead.

"Be ready Skylar, cause it's time for ol' B.R. Ellis to step back into the ring and teach a youngin' a lesson."

He clasp his hands around his mouth and looks up before letting out a long, and drawn out call.


He just smiles as the video comes to an end.

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