Title: Interns, Accidents and Carlton
Featuring: Abdul bin Hussain
Date: 11/09/2015
Location: Brazil
Show: Victory XXXVII

This time of year always was controversial when Abdul bin Hussain was concerned. Fourteen years ago to the day people from Abdul’s neck of the wood changed the world. When the World Trade Towers came down the world’s eyes were opened. Everyone knows where they were on that eventful day. It was then after that day that Abdul’s world changed forever.
Times needed to change. There were those that sat at what they thought were the pinnacle of all that is unholy and were just charlatans without a clue in this industry. Some of them lived off of their past glories whilst others were still thinking they were better than they actually were. Time was upon the UTA for a change.
Being the real MVP of the Ace in the Hole match at Ring King, Abdul is going to show the world why they should not underestimate him. He was more than the racial stereotyping his hatred of the world would be unique. What he would do to his opponents, the words have not been invented for it yet.
It was fun to watch all these pretentious little penises’s running about with their heads in the air like some kind of proud pea cock whose only passion is to stroke their ego and not to put on an amazing match like what it should be. They were too busy thinking about winning their matches than the greater good; It is not always about getting the win but saying that the pretentious Colton Thorpe’s ass is handed to him by Abdul bin Hussain this week live on the very first UTA Victory since the brand split.
Abdul whilst being one of the current front runners of being one of the most hated people in UTA’s history especially now that he is the UTA Wildfire Champion. It was no secret that the belt had lost a lot of it prestige over the last few years but Abdul will make that the past. Now it will be the biggest title within the realm of the UTA, even more than the one that La Flama Blanca grasp onto drastically.
Having coming in the final three of the Ring King tournament Abdul still seems to have no respect from anyone. It must be more than a religion thing as that is plainly pathetic but Abdul would put nothing passed those people as they were Americans.  
Abdul is not one to put himself over as he is not one of those egotistical bastards that run rampant within it ranks. But well maybe he should be.
These huge, multi-tiered underground parking lots which were apparently built to deliberately confuse its customers provided spaces for more than 300 car right in the busy heart of the downtown core. Poorly conceived signs point out the direction of traffic, often positioned so as to seem contradictory or false. Whether by accident or design, this Lot causes a great deal of frustration in the weary drivers who make their way slowly from one tier to the next, either perpetually in search on an empty spot or nervously seeking egress.
Each of the four levels making up the Lot has its own animal icon meant to differentiate it from the others and improve a driver’s chance of remembering where he parked. These icons are painted on the walls in bright colours, but many are already stained and peeling, somehow highlighting a poisonous sensation that seems to permeate the whole of the structure.
There is a camera system in the Lot, but it’s only barely monitored by a lazy, underpaid guard. He is so lazy that if there was a problem he would just call the police and hide away in his little booth.
A car is set up by the elevator. The security camera pans around. Abdul bin Hussain, his sister Nazirah and their associate Rafiq are all stood leaning on the limousine.
“Where is he?” Rafiq said. The frustration showed on his face. “I cannot believe how long it takes him to get me a bowl of M&M’s. It is not asking too much is it Nazirah? I am not feeling too good with that cursed item still in Abdul's care.”
Nazirah shrugged. “I do not know anything Rafiq. He is your intern. Do you not find it kind of upsetting that he is doing things like this for you?”
“What? What?” Rafiq asked as he looked at his watch not really paying attention to what Nazirah was saying. “Eh?”
Abdul smirked as he played with his phone. “He is a mook. I cannot believe you got yourself an intern of sorts. You should be really be working on my career within the ranks of the UTA and not torturing some young kid. Corlton Thorpe needs bringing down a peg or two in my opinion. He thinks that he has my number but I will show the kid what it is like in the ring with a real professional wrestler.”
“It is true,” Rafiq said. “We all need to be on the same page otherwise you will not get a chance of getting passed whatever the kid’s name is. Some say he has talent but to be honest he is not you Abdul. He has had it easy; he has not grown up living within a war-zone. He has grown up watching all those damn reality television programmes like Keeping up with the Cardassians.”
“Kardashian’s I believe,” Nazirah interrupted. “Cardassians are aliens from Star Trek.”
“Same difference,” Rafiq muttered. “Have you seen that Kim? She seems to have been probed by way to many aliens to notice. And you are telling me Kanye is not an alien? And do not get me started on Kaitlyn.”
“Are you sure you do not watch it?” Abdul asked. “Come on, we have got to work together a strategy against this infidel. How hard can it be? I cannot believe that he has been given this chance Rafiq? I have beaten a lot of the big stars that this industry has thrown at me, hell I have beaten at least a couple of the World Champions so easily that they have retired from the UTA. Where are Doctor Emo and Yoshii? Out in the wilderness that is.”
“Sean Jackson,” Nazirah said. 
“What?” Abdul responded with.
“You forgot you have had some vicious matches with him,” Nazirah added. “He thinks that he is the greatest champion ever that this company has had. But he is wrong.”
“What?” Abdul said. “He is nothing but a coward, but after his turn on Dynasty he has intrigued me more. Will we see Spectre or whatever his cowardly sidekick from back in the day was called turning up? Who knows?”
“Who cares,” Rafiq said. ”It is all about Abdul bin Hussain, the future of Pro-Wrestling. Wrestler’s like Bobby Dean and La Flama Blanca are just comedy relief for this industry. They are not really what I would class as real athletes would you?”
“Not really. But seriously who does La Flama Blanca thing he is?” Abdul said. “Hiding behind Dynasty. I do hope that Sean Jackson does actually cash in that briefcase and beats that masked moron.”
Nazirah was about to say something to but burst out laughing. 
Abdul and Rafiq both turned and looked at what Nazirah was laughing at.
The door of the elevator had opened and stood there was Ali, their Intern. He was stood there holding a bowl of green M&M’s in a chauffeur’s uniform complete with peaked hat.
“About bloody time Ali,” Rafiq said. “What kept you?”
“I do not think wearing this uniform was in my contract,” said Ali. “I hate you. I really do. The hat is a step to far asshole.”
“I am the asshole that owns you now Ali,” Rafiq said. “You do what I tell you. Your father is a good Muslim from the homeland Ali. He believes that you have become to Westernised and need to be brought back down to Earth.”
Nazirah interrupted, “You do know that slavery has been abolished right? I hate Americans but we do all need to get along somehow Rafiq.”
Ali looked at Nazirah in the eyes as that was the only flesh visible. He paused for a few second before bursting into laughter. “Really Nazirah? It’s you wearing that thing that makes them hate us. Do you really want to be hated? Really?”
Rafiq got between them and grabbed the bowl of M&M’s. He motioned towards the limousine.
“What?” Ali said.
“The door,” Rafiq said.
Ali grumbled under his breath as he opened the back door and let Abdul and Rafiq into the limousine. Nazirah climbed into the passenger seat and Ali got into the driver seat. “Where to boss?”
“Like a proper chauffer Ali?” Abdul said.
“Choke on one Abdul,” Ali replied with knowing that Abdul had a history of not getting on with anyone let alone another Arab.”
“Too the arena we need to go,” Rafiq said. “Time to get serious for Carlton…………”

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