Title: Team Danger Tells It How It Is
Featuring: Team Danger
Date: Victory Weekend
Location: Media Day in Rio De Janeiro
Show: Victory XXXVII


On a bright and breezy day, various members of the Brazilian sports and entertainment media have gathered for one of the UTA’s many big fan events. Today is media day, where the United Toughness Alliance has taken over Ipanema Beach, to hold a series of public workouts, as well as question and answer sessions for the fans and press alike.

Having completed their workout, Stephen Greer and Tyrone Walker return for their question and answer session with the media. Both gentlemen are in tank tops and shorts, with towels draped around their necks and bottles of Gatorade in hand. As everyone gathers around the ring, Team Danger take their places, sitting on the apron of the ring as they lean back against the ropes.

Before they begin, Greer and Walker are approached by a young-ish looking male, probably mid-to-late twenties, with a brownish tanned complexion, short dark hair, and dressed in a white polo and black slacks. He stops in front of Team Danger and turns to the group in front of them, speaking a few words in Portuguese before turning back to the two elder statesmen of wrestling.

Young Man: Gentlemen, I’m Rodrigo, and I will be interpreting for you today.

He says with a big, toothy smile before holding out his hand, which both Greer and Walker politely accept, shaking his hand respectfully. He also hands them each a microphone, before producing a third for his own purposes.

KoP: Alright, let’s do it!

Greer says with an enthusiastic clap of his hands, his head bobbing a little as he scans the gathered crowd seated in front of he and Walker.

Ty: Yeah, don’t be shy, y’all.

Rodrigo nods and turns to the gathering of media figures, after a saying a few words to them, he walks over to the left of Team Danger, standing near the ring post. A moment later, Rodrigo points someone out, a woman who looks like she’s one of those latin weather girls. Greer and Walker exchange looks, both smiling knowingly as Rodrigo listens to her question.

Rodrigo: She asks, have you enjoyed your time in Rio so far?

Team Danger trade a few words before Greer steps in, bringing his mic up to answer first.

KoP: Better than I thought, worse than I feared?

Greer smiles, showing his lack of seriousness behind that statement, while Walker simply rolls his eyes.

KoP: Kidding. No, it’s been pretty cool actually, even took in some real futbol which was a lot more exciting in person when you’re there in the crowd and feeling the energy of the stadium.

Rodrigo begins to translate, Greer’s appreciation for the national pastime getting some cheers and claps.

KoP: Thank god for air conditioning though, or I might burst into flames out here after too long, hah! Other than that, Rio’s been nothing but stellar, honestly.

Rodrigo relays the message and it draws a laugh as Walker fans Greer with his towel, while Greer pats his sweating face with his own towel. As the moment fades, Walker brings his mic up and pats his other hands on Greer’s shoulder.

Ty: Yeah, big bruh over here starts fryin’ like an egg with anything above seventy, or whatever that is in celsius.

Greer nods and snickers with Walker, who pulls his hand back as Rodrigo stays on task.

Ty: But yeah, Rio’s been beyond awesome, man. Y’all got the weather, food, sports, music, an’ every kinda woman you could imagine. So glad that the UTA started the Victory tour here.

Walker makes eyes with a few of the other females in the crowd, some of them giggling with each other when Rodrigo relays his words for them. Greer scratches his head as Walker takes a sip from his grape Gatorade, while Rodrigo finds their next contestant. A second later, a middle age, balding man steps up, introducing himself in Portuguese. Rodrigo turns back to Greer and Walker with his question.

Rodrigo: Going into your match with Ron Hall and Lew Smith, do you feel ready?

Team Danger nods in unison, then look to each other as if they were asking who goes first? Walker tilts his head towards the gaggle of media, inviting Greer to the take first shot.

KoP: The short answer, absolutely. The long answer is that, ever since we woke up and started putting our all into this, we’ve been ready for anybody that the UTA wants to put in front of us.

Ty: Yeah man, ever since we stopped screwin’ around an’ really got our game zeroed in, we’ve been on point. All we’re doin’ now is takin’ this thing one day, one match at a time, an’ today? It’s Ron Hall an’ Lew Smith, far as we’re concerned, there ain’t a tomorrow.

As Rodrigo translates, Greer and Walker listen while also muttering a few quips to each other. Finding another question, Rodrigo points out another man, mid-twenties with a crew cut, dressed casually.

Rodrigo: Seeing how this match is non-title, does it affect the importance of the match? Eh, for instance, since it is not a must win due to it being non-title, does it mean any less to you?

Walker’s brow pops up a little, while Greer’s hand comes up to his stubbled chin as he strokes it. The Champions considering that question for a moment before Walker brings his mic up.

Ty: Dag, that’s like a deep ass question, dude, but lemme try an’ spin this. For me an’ Stevie over here, all matches are important, ya dig? Titles or not, sure in theory, it’s not a must win or whatever, but you start goin’ down that road an’ that’s when you start slippin’ on banana peels.

Greer’s eyes pop as he enthusiastically nods his head.

KoP: Exactly! Like, why even give two guys like Ron Hall and Lew Smith a freebie, you know? Hall’s a legend in the UTA, former everything at one time or another, and Lew Smith… Some of us don’t like his happy go lucky-ness, but he’s a tough kid, who’s proven he can go big.

Ty: Yeah, you just don’t screw around with guys on their level.

Some of the reporters nod and jot things down, while Rodrigo translates everything. With the short break, Greer pulls on the towel around his neck with a back and forth motion so that it rubs the back of his neck. Walker reaches up and pulls at the top rope, stretching his arms. When Rodrigo finishes his translation, he returns to them with another question, from another young-ish looking male, dressed in a office casual style.

Rodrigo: You both seem to have an issue with Lew Smith, care to elaborate?

Greer immediately looks at Walker, silently demanding that he’ll taking this one, which Walker merely nods with a simple wave of his hand, giving him the floor.

KoP: Look, I’m not saying he’s not a good guy, kid, dude, whatever, right? I’m not even saying Lew Smith isn’t capable, because like I’ve already said, he’s shown he can come up very large in the spotlight.

Walker nods along as Greer pauses, taking his own Gatorade, a bottle of red Fruit Punch. Unscrewing the cap, he sets it aside and then takes a heavy pull from it before he continues.

KoP: Here’s the thing, guys, the last time I was World Champion was in 2009 when I won the DREAM World Title. That’s not me name dropping or bragging about my past, it’s to make the point that it’s been six years since I was last World Champion, and there’s not a single day that goes by that I wouldn’t kill to be at the top again.

Ty: Yeah, meanwhile you got this kid, just happy go lucky, happy to be here, like it ain’t no big deal. It just doesn’t compute to us.

Greer nods his agreement with Walker’s interjection.

KoP: It’s not even just the title, it’s everything that comes with it. Bigger paydays, the women falling all over themselves to be with the guy carrying the belt… Jesus, even the fucking honor and glory of it all. Point blank, if you’re not in this back breaking, life destroying business to be the champion, then why are you even here?

Greer throws his arms out, palms up like what gives?

Ty: Yeah, ask Ron Hall, I’m guessin’ that good ol’ boy from the hills’ll tell ya the same thing. Dude was the guy around here once upon a time too, an’ if he says any different, I’ll call him a damn liar.

Greer nods again, heaving a few calming breaths as Walker begins to take over.

Ty: Beyond all a’ that, where’s your gotdamn nuts, y’know? Just look at what happened to the WTFC’s after we felt like they screwed us outta winnin’ the our World Tag Team Titles.

Walker says as he reaches up for the towel around his neck, dabbing some sweat that trickles from his brow.

Ty: We destroyed them, used terror tactics, got Eric Dane involved, found whatever edge we needed to make the point that you don’t fuck with Team Danger, man.

Walker snorts, his eyes shifting away for a brief moment.

Ty: Not sayin’ it was right, it certainly wasn’t good. I dunno, people say I’m laid back an’ don’t care that much, but when Bobby Dean an’ that fool Coleslaw messed with us…

Walker shakes his head, while Greer simply sneers at the notion that his best friend wouldn’t have done anything.

Ty: Man, even I’m not so laid back that I wouldn’t be sure to correct them on the error a’ their ways.

Greer nods, clears his throat and jumps in.

KoP: Hell, we didn’t even win the actual titles that night. Lew Smith actually won the damn belt and had it stolen from him.

Both Greer and Walker openly scoff at the non-reaction that Lew Smith gave after being robbed of the UTA World Championship.

KoP: Ever since, he hasn’t cared one bit, not really. I mean, fuck, like Ty said, I bet Ron Hall would have raised hell if that had happened to him.

Walker throws a hand up with a look that says yeah, no shit, right?

Ty: Shoot, lookit what that old dog did to Wingate just for bein’ a horrible boss in general? Took that man’s job after a thorough asswhippin’, almost brings a tear to my eye.

Walker makes the motion as if he were wiping away a tear, while Greer pretends to console his partner. The whole time, poor Rodrigo has had to keep up with Team Danger’s constant tagging in and out of the conversation. Meanwhile, the reporters simply take it all in, some of them scribbling notes for their websites, magazines and other media outlets.

Before Rodrigo moves on to another question, he looks off towards a UTA staffer who gives him the wind it up motion, signalling it’s getting close to moving Team Danger out and another of the UTA’s finest in. A moment later, he points one final person out, middle aged, though he looks younger than his age would suggest.

Rodrigo: You seem to have a deep respect for Ron Hall, is it just because he’s a fellow veteran like yourselves?

Greer nods at Walker, signalling that he can go first on this one.

Ty: They say it’s a young man’s game, right? Well, Ron Hall’s another old bastard like just like us, ya dig? Can’t do nothin’ but respect a man like that. He’s got guts, goin’ up against Wingate like he did, somethin’ that could’ve landed his ass in a world a’ hurt if that had went the other way.

Greer glances at Walker and then shoots his gaze back at the mass of media before them.

KoP: Yeah, he’s got guts, he’s a legend and deserves our respect as a man, and somebody that refuses to let time run out on him. Still, respect only goes so far though, because before you know it, a bell is going to ring and it’s time to smash faces.

Walker glances at Greer, who is determined with a steeled fury in his eyes with thoughts of battle to come. Walker’s mug contorts with a knowing grin, matching his partners determination. Rodrigo translates and checks with the UTA staffer, who gives him a definitive gesture to wrap it up.

Rodrigo: Alright, that’s all the time Team Danger have today.

He turns to Team Danger, who have slid themselves off the ring apron, each gathering their title belts, which were resting nearby the whole time.

Rodrigo: Any final words, gentlemen?

Team Danger look back Rodrigo and then at the press.

KoP: Yeah… RIO, let us thank you for all of the hospitality you’ve shown us, by letting us entertain you the only way we know how.

Ty: Burnin’ this bitch to the ground with the best gotdamn wrassle-fightin’ y’all will ever see!

Walker and Greer thrust their title belts up high into the air in a unified show of solidarity. A moment later they are escorted away, but also stop to hit up the fans before finally taking off.

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