Title: Finding himself
Featuring: Ron Hall
Date: 9/11
Location: A local market in Rio
Show: Victory XXXVII

We join The Southern Rebel Ron Hall walking through a marketplace  in Rio alone. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the consumers and merchants Ron walks through, his eyes hidden behind sunglasses, his hair hidden in a WrestleUTA ball hat. His light blue shirt seems to help him blend in even though you'd think he'll stick out like a sore thumb.  He's lost deep in his own thought again. His eyes take in all the sights, his nose all the smells, his ears take in the sounds. His lips never move. They couldn't keep up with his mind right now anyway. 

His hands are jammed in his pockets, he's seen a few wallets come up missing. His Navy green shoulder bag is holding everything else he needs as he's content to go exploring. His travel leads him to a place with a large clearly visible sign in Portuguese reads "Wrestling e boxe ginásio" (Wrestling and boxing gym)
Now as he enters, the familiar happens.  All eyes are on him. Workouts slow down and others stop and gawk. The tall white man feels the eyes on him. A man smaller than he is walks up to him and ask 
"você caixa ?" (You box?)
Ron looks at the man over his sunglasses and replies "Não, eu luto" (No I wrestle)
Ron decides he doesn't want or even like the attention and prepares to leave when three natives step in front of him and the door. It seems they have decided that this foreigner needs to be humbled for walking into their gym uninvited.  They yell at him angrily and point to the ring. Obviously they aren't looking for autographs. 
Ron not looking for a fight starts to try to walk out when the smaller guy stops him and pulls out a large wad of cash. He points at them, points at Ron, and points at the ring.  "Dinheiro se você vencê-los!" (Money if you beat them)
He can hear the remarks. His mind can't translate them fast enough but he can figure out the gyst. These three plan on sending him to a hospital after they injure him and take everything he's got. They think he's Easy money, weak naive tourist... That kind of stuff.
Walking away should be the option but that one remark still gets his attention, it awakens something...
"Inofensivo velho" (harmless old man)
He removes his sunglasses and t shirt and climbs into the ring. All eyes are on them.  The smallest man of the three, a little bit taller but more muscled up than Ron is comes forward first. They stand center ring, in a moment the foreigner raises his arms over his head and bellows
He defiantly slaps Ron and turns to his friends with a laugh.  Bad idea number one. He turns and goes to slap Ron again, this time Ron grabs his wrist, slips behind him, puts him in a hammer lock and with hard jam of his elbow a loud POP can be hear as the man jumps from the ring screaming in pain.  Immediately his friend, taller than both but skinnier than either runs into the ring and starts to throw kicks with wild abandon. Ron catches his foot and takes him over with a takedown into an ankle lock.  Ron isn't seriously looking to hurt this guy but is left with no option. 
Ron: Tap?
Native #2: (in surprisingly clear English) F... You old man. 
Ron torques up on the hold and a unmistakable SNAP is heard as the guy's ankle is now probably broken.  He rolls out of the ring clutching his leg. The third man enters, he's taller, more muscular and looks meaner than the other two combined. He towers over Ron and leans into his face with a sneer thinking Ron can't understand a word of what he's saying tells him that he's going to enjoy hurting him and that he's going to make sure he'll never breathe let alone walk out of here.
With a lunge he goes in to grab him, but Ron turns up behind him. He lunges in again, this time Ron grabs his arms, spreads them apart and quickly grabs the guy by the neck, wrapping his forearm around his Adams Apple and his legs around the guy's body driving his knees into his ribs and squeezing with all he's got.
The guy wildly swings around desperately to force a break.  Ron is in no such mood. His hands now locked and his grip like a vice. He's going to allow this joker to put himself out. For a few moments the struggle looks real, like he will go down fighting. Instead, the sandman is calling and after a minute he looks at another local and motions for him to come in and check him. 
His eyes are closed, his face is slowly turning purple and his arm drops several, more than three times. Ron is even nice enough to ignore the slapping of the face in a vain and pitiful attempt to wake him. Satisfied that this man is now taking an unplanned nap. Ron releases the hold and looks at the small man running the gym. He puts his shirt and glasses back on and walks up to him.
"Meu dinheiro?" ("My money?). Everyone's eyes are on them. They want to see what might happen to this guy if he welches with an foreigner who just took out three of his guys.
He reluctantly puts the cash in Ron's hand and in perfect English "Who are you, where did you come from?"
Ron says nothing and walks out.
That night at dinner, Ron is sitting at the hotel eating and reading on his IPad like nothing ever happened. There was Darin giving him the third degree about going off and not telling anyone where to find him. It's not like he had a media appearance today.  That was for others. Yet amidst the fine for going somewhere alone, Ron seems perfectly content with himself and what he did.  
I don't feel remorse about it, I feel... Fine. Like maybe it's ok to worry about myself again and not waste my time going on about what happened with Wingate or even my record up to this point.
Beep! A link to Team Danger's press conference from earlier today pops up.  Ron continues to eat as he watches it.
He's already heard the platitudes, the shows of respect and appreciation from Team Danger. Lew seems content to go along with the program, yeah that dig about his record not withstanding.  For the first time in a long time, Ron seems to have found himself and is at peace with himself. 

He flips his IPad over, and hits record.

"Team Danger, hope you're ready for Monday fellas because you're going to find out what I'm still capable of. This foreign tour is a new beginning not just for the UTA but me as well. No one will down play your accolades or discount your achievements, but Monday, you're walking with one of the best in the world."

His face curls into a telling smile as he thinks about Lew Smith and his remarks.

"Lew, maybe you should be a world champion, maybe you can be a Hall of Famer, but Monday at Victory, don't ask it. Show it.  Do us both a favor. Try and keep up."

He hits the stop button and the scene ends.


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