Title: I Hope Bobby Dean Beats You Up!
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: September 9th, 2015
Location: Brazil
Show: Victory XXXVII

The scene starts with Amy Harrison, wearing a shirt that says “Belfast Born Bitch” as with short shorts as she is seen coming out of the gym. Amy looks around to see if Mark, the guy that she met up with a couple of days ago is at the beach. Amy doesn’t want to be seen with him by all costs because he reminds her of Bobby Dean, her opponent for Victory.


Amy looks around, trying to make sure that Mark doesn’t pop up out of anywhere. She slowly looks left and then to the right before walking back. In the distance, Mark comes in and goes to the hotel lobby desk.


Mark: Hello, is there an Amy Harrison here?


The clerk looks at him and nods.


Clerk: Yes, there is.


Mark: Can you let her know that I’m here, please?


Mark smiles while the clerk rings her desk as Amy tip toes so she won’t be seen.


Clerk: There she is!


Amy looks away and lets out a silent expletive as she tries to compose herself and try to out on a nice front for Mark.


Harrison: Oh, hello there.


Soon as Amy said that, Mark turns around. Amy’s voice was like a harmony  of a beautiful song to his ears and he was happy to hear it. He would then walk up to her.


Mark: Hello Amy! I was thinking about you since we talked the other day and kind of upset that you weren’t able to go to the movies with me.


He has a small smile on his face as she turns towards him with an incredulous look on her face, mouthing the word really?


Harrison: Well, I did have some important business that I needed to take care of. Can’t just shake that off.


Mark: Hey, it all happens here, but I was also wondering this.


Mark looks at her before turning red.


Mark: Would you like to go out with me?


Amy listens to what Mark says and doesn’t really know what to think of what he said, but you can see the wheels turning in her head in trying to get out of it.


Harrison: Well, I just got out of the gym, and I don’t really know what my schedule is today, I haven’t thought about it yet.


Mark shakes his head.


Mark: No, No, I mean… in…..boyfriend and girlfriend…..


Harrison: Well, it is nice of you to ask, but……..


Mark looks at her and walks up to her with a smile on her face.


Mark: What? It could be nice!


Mark walks over to her as he puts her hand on her shoulder, making her creeped out more.


Mark: Amy and Mark, the couple that everyone wants to be with. Imagine all of the stuff I will be getting from the friends back home!


Mark puts his arms around her.


Mark: So what do you say, Amy?


She grows more annoyed the longer his embrace lasts.


Mark: Amy?


He keeps hugging her until……




Everyone in the lobby stops in their tracks as he holds his face before looking at her in horror.


Harrison: Do you honestly believe that I would want to be seen with someone like you!?


Mark keeps on holding her face.


Mark: Why are you suddenly acting like this?!


Harrison: Suddenly? Do you really have any idea who you’re talking to? Just look at the shirt!


Mark is afraid to even look at her now that the guy has tears in his eyes.  


Harrison: I was just reeling you in to prove a point, that guys like you are so easy to manipulate!  Just look at you! All you had to do was see me in a bikini, receive one nice word, and I had you wrapped around my little finger!


Amy sticks up her pinkie as the tears in Mark’s eyes stream down his cheeks as he looks at Amy’s smirking face.


Harrison: Oh, what’s the matter? You gonna cry? Turning into a big baby, are you? Knowing someone like you, you should be used to being rejected by women like me.


The poor guy stands up, his face turning red as his sadness morphs to anger.




Amy then looks at Mark and bursts out laughing at him.


Harrison: Oh wow, that’s a good one. Please, if he is anything like you, it’s going to be so damn easy to beat him. If I can get into his head just as easily as I got into yours, it’ll be a walk in the park!


Mark looks at her, rage burning in his eyes.


Mark: You say that, but you haven’t WON a proper match since Ron Hall….


Amy doesn’t look pleased as Mark vents his frustrations at her.


Harrison: Are you really going to try playing that card on me? Do you think I give a damn about what happened before? NO! All I know is that you helped me out as my little guinea pig to help me get into Bobby's head, and if you honestly thought that you had a chance with me, than you're just as big of a fool as Bobby Dean is.


As soon Amy says that, Mark looks at her, shakes his head and walks away, leaving Amy standing there as she continues to eye him, with a fire still burning in her eyes.


Harrison: Besides, it’s guys like you that really disgust me! IT’s either you try to be a charity case because you’re overweight, or you try to entertain, or in my case, sicken me, by trying to be all flabby and stuff.


Amy tries not to get sick in her mouth as she talks.


Harrison: Listen, I know you saw a sexy looking girl in a bright neon swimsuit, but that doesn't give the right to just try coming up to me and trying to get your greasy names on me.


She keeps on eying him.


Harrison: Before you even think about it, I am not a glorified stripper. I'm not someone that has to go down to your levels to do what you want me to do! I do what I want to do, and that's that! If you want to see a stripper go down to your level, go down to the strip club because I’m sure there are a ton of girls down there that will do that for nothing.


She laughs at the mock of her sister.


Harrison: Hell, I know I’m no Second Coming, and even someone like Marie might be working hard here, but just because you and Mr. Dean might like what you see, that doesn’t that I can’t beat him up when I wanted to.


Amy still has the raging burning eyes.


Harrison: Just look at the t-shirt, I’m from Belfast, not exactly the safest place to be brought up, but it makes people tough, and it makes me tough, and it makes people learn real fast how to fight for their lives, and I know I can do exactly that to Bobby. If he tries to do anything that you just tried doing to me, he’s going to feel it for weeks.


Mark is walking towards the door while Amy still running her mouth a mile a minute.


Harrison: Oh, by the way, if you happen to see your little friend Bobby Dean, tell him that he meets me in the ring, that I’ll do more than give him a run for his money, and I’m not talking about the money that he would want to shove in a g-string that I’m wearing.


Mark stops at the door, and pauses for a moment before turning to face her.


Mark: I would like to see you try it because if you don’t, everyone will see how much of a complete failure Amy Harrison really is!


Amy’s eyes open up wide at the comment he made, standing their in complete shock. Amy wants to say something else, but can’t knowing that she has to take her anger out on Bobby Dean in this match.

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