Title: Born Under A Bad Sign
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 9/11/2015
Location: The Street of Rio
Show: Victory XXXVII

“That Cayle Murray fella, sure does to hear himself talk!”

The voice is that of UTA star, Mikey Unlikely. We see his face, smiling in the sunlight. He wears large aviator sunglasses and no shirt. his head bobs and bounces as the scene continues to back out.

“I mean for someone who isn’t here for the glory, someone who isn’t here for the accolades, or the money, or the exposure, yet all I hear is… Look at me guys!”

We see Mikey is sitting alone in the back of a pedicab rolling along the sunlit beaches of Rio. The driver pedals hard and fast as they weave in and out of tourists and beachgoers. Mikey is leaning back, his arms crossed over his head. wearing nothing else but a pair of swim trunks, and sandals.

“Every time Cayle Murray opens his mouth, my eyes glaze over just a little more.”

He holds up a finger.

“No, not because of that sweet sweet sticky green found here in Rio, which is choice by the way!”

Shaking his head and laughing and giving a thumbs up.

“No! Because Cayle constantly preaches the sport, but then boasts on himself. He talks about how it's bigger than us, and then tells us how he will conquer it. How I am in the wrong for achieving success, and then admitting it’s the same things he is searching for.”

He shrugs and scans the area, checking out the view behind his glasses.

“Disgraced! Tarnished! Ruined! Putting a bad name on the business! All claims made by Cayle Murray in regards to myself. I find this comical, hilarious even.”

Mikey lets out an evil laugh that rivals those of Willem Dafoe (One of Mikey’s acting buddies, no doubt).

“Cayle claims I am all of these things yet, Mikey is constantly in demand. If I’m disgraced, then why would every single TV network be BEGGING to get Mikey on one of their late night shows?”

He raises his eyebrows, obviously waiting for an answer that will never come.

“If I’ve Tarnished the industry, then why have I not been released from my contract? I promise you Cayle, if Mikey was dropped from the UTA today, I would be the most sought after free agent of not only this industry, but every record label, director, and wrestling company all over this god forsaken earth would come crawling to Mikey asking MY demands.”

They turn a corner, now facing a whole new avenue of foot traffic and street vendors.

“Must not to be as bad as you think, eh bud? The fact of the matter is this, Mikey equals money. Whether it be Mikey Money, your money, or the fans money, when Mikey Unlikely hits the scene, the dollars start flyin!”

They nearly hit someone as the driver swerves unexpectedly, throwing Mikey to one side, he starts to speak up but remembers the guy barely speaks English. Mikey isn't the best at portuguese. He goes back to the camera.

“So then the question becomes, did Mikey sell out? That's what everyone keeps saying! I hear it from every Arena we perform in, I hear it from every opponent I face in the ring, I hear it from the wrestling media.”

A long sigh, his shoulder slump.

“I admit openly and fully, that I, Mikey Unlikely, did in fact sell out!”

His jaw drops as he feigns a look of surprise.

“I sold out every movie theatre from Rio to Bangkok! I sold out every retail store from L.A. to Melbourne.”

His smile creeps back onto his face.

“I sold out every arena we’ve visited since my break. I am a major sellout!”

He laughs hysterically, falling over in his seat and clutching his stomach. He finally stops and readjusts himself.

“Listen, this sport is like any other. The odds of even making it to the highest level are somewhere around one to maybe two percent! Even then the odds of your career lasting beyond two or three years is even less. So while I am at the highest level, while I am here in the UTA, I have to take full advantage.”

He leans forward and grabs a water off the floor of the pedicab. Takes a long cool drink after popping the top.

“I am only going to be in what is considered the ‘PRIME’ of my career for maybe ten more years. In that ten years I need to make as much money as I can, need to earn every single penny I can get my hands on, so that I can build a future post wrestling. This is called retirement Cayle, have you ever heard of it?”

He asks quizzingly, Mikey slips off the sunglasses and looks at the camera directly.

“In all seriousness, This business will never be effected by me or you Murray. We will both wrestle a long time, god willing. Then at the end, what's going to happen? NOTHING! “

The rapper opens his hands up and there is nothing there.

“We will move on with our lives, we will be broken, beaten, sore, and disabled from all the battles we go through, each and every match has an impact on your life and your body. The wrestling business though? It won’t change one bit. Some fresh upstart will come up under us, and inevitably take our place. So while each and every person in those stands forgets about us, and casts us aside Cayle, where will your pride be then?”

He shrugs. Leans back in his seat.

“Then how much respect will you have for the business? How much will you be worried about your name, when no one even remembers who you are? You know what I’ll be thinking about, when I realize I’m forgotten? I’ll be thinking about how I out-hustled, out-worked, and out earned anyone else in this industry! I’ll look back and be proud of the enormous bank account I've accrued. What about you Cayle? Whats going to be your accomplishments?”

Unlikely sits up straight and his eyes go wide, strap in, another awful Mikey impression is coming.

“I never cheated! I was a good boy! I gave a lot of high fives!”

He laughs and slumps back to his normal size.

“Well none of that means diddly squat in the end Cayle. Not one bit. When you are sitting in your studio apartment, eating cat food because you didn't do enough in your career. I will be living lavishly all over the world, bottle service on tap.”

He puts the glasses back on his face, and stretches his arms along the top of the bench seat.

“Livin like a playa should. Speaking of playas, like to send a special shout out to Will Haynes! Get well soon buddy! Looking forward to seeing you! “

Mikey smirks before looking at a beautiful woman as they ride by.

“Anywhooo, back to the subject at hand. Cayle Murray, thinks Mikey is taking the easy road, the shortcut if you will. “

With a ring of the bell, the sweating peddler takes a left around a corner. Mikey reaches into his pocket and slips a few bills to the driver and points forward.

“He’s absolutely correct again! Who doesn't take the shortcut? If I’m driving home and I can cut through a back road and save myself 15 minutes, name one person who wouldn’t make the same decision I make? For real though? “

Unlikely gives the look of that “confused girl” meme on the interwebs.

“If I can find a way to win the match quickly and easily without putting much effort into it, then I am going to. That's just being smart. I don’t see the problem here!? If I was such a cheater, you would think the fine, fine officials employed by Wrestle UTA would have launched a full scale investigation against me! No such luck.”

He snaps his fingers. and gives the same arm pump from earlier. ‘Gee Golly’.


The Pedicab driver slams the breaks and Mikey flies forward. He lands on the back of the guy. Unlikely pushes off of him with both hands complaining.

“Woah bro! That was sudden! Shit. Turn here, this is a shortcut.”

They turn down the alleyway, and slowly pedal past the obstacles Mikey has a shit eating grin on his douchey face.

“Cayle let me tell it to you like this. Lets talk about what happened before I was in Dynasty vs after I was in. Before Mikey was in, all his title matches were scrambles, battle royals, and multi man matches but one. Since, I’ve had two matches PERIOD. One of them was for the Legacy title. A title that I’ve never had the opportunity to challenge for. Why do you think that is Cayle?”

Unlikely takes a long drink from the water.

“It’s because I have a higher profile since joining the greatest group of living wrestlers on the planet. I was not cast aside in Dynasty. I am not left alone! As you said yourself, the champ can go between the shows. Dynasty stands united always, it doesnt matter what happens on one show, because we are bigger than one “roster”. We’re Dynasty dammit! “

He takes the shades off and tucks them into his pocket. The movie star  takes a long, exaggerated drink of water.

“Cayle it’s like this. You came here ‘to fight Dynasty’ just like every other dude who walks through that door. Just like everyone else, you are going to learn why no one has ever succeeded. We will not be broken. Sean Jackson be damned! Dynasty stands high! 2015 is our year Murray. After Monday night, you will be back beneath me where you belong. When I have your legs locked in the Backstory and you have no choice but to…

He starts tapping on the cab hard.

“Quit! Like a submissive dog, I will make you respect and fear me and my brethren. ”

They pull up next to Hotel Fasano, and Mikey exits slipping the man some cash. The scene fades as he tucks both of his hands in his pants and walks into the hotel whistling.


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