Title: The Words Of Lisil: Pride
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 9/11/2015
Location: Brazil
Show: Victory XXXVII

The scene opens inside of a gym. The camera pans around showing the many mats on the floor and many different kind of punching bags and training equipment. The camera turns to show Lisil Jackson beating on a large bag dressed in a pair of black track pants. He turns to the camera and smiles. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon! I'm sure everone is surprised Lisil Jackson isn't walkin dee beaches o' Brazil right now! But ya know dis match at Victory is not just any otha match! Dis is dee toughest test ta date!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he walks over and grabs a towel wiping the sweat off of his forehead.

"But ya see I'm excited! Dis is ma opportunity ta show what I can do! Dis is where I get ta showcase ma skills! And I couldn't tink of a betta opponent!" 

Lisil smiles shaking his head amusingly. 

"Eric Dane... Brudda ya just like ta hear yaself talk don't ya? Sittin dere on top o' ya mountain actin like ya be da rula!" 

Lisil Jackson takes a deep breath before he continues. 

"Open ya ears fo dis is anotha lesson from dee words of Lisil Jackson! Mista Dane... Ya know brudda I hear ya talk and I can't help but smile from ear ta ear! Gettin a lil worked up huh mon? Ya should try meditatin it would help release some o' dat stress ya got built up!" 

Lisil Jackson says with an amusing laugh before he continues. 

"So Dane ya wanna gimme dis speech bout how dis wrestlin and not martial arts and how all dat mattas is victory... A typical response dat I was expectin ta hear come outta ya mouth!" 

Lisil Jackson walks over to a stand with a TV on it and grabs the remote. 

"Ya see brudda what ya said got me tinkin... And in ya last video ya said somethin I kinda neva addressed cuz I wanted ta see what kinda defense ya would have!" 

Lisil Jackson presses a button to show Eric Dane's last promo video.

“Get it in your head quickly, Lisil, that I’m not like any of those little boys you’ve faced in the UTA so far. Not only will I not overlook you, but I will be prepared for everything you’ve got to bring to me. I know all about your history fighting, hell you’re like the black, male, way less touted version of Alex Beckman that nobody in the UTA ever wanted."

Lisil Jackson stops the video and places his hands on his hips. 

"Now wit dat bein said I wanna address dis statement..."

Lisil Jackson smiles from ear to ear and can't help but let out a laugh. 

"I know ya type Dane... In ya eyes dee only ting dat mattas is winnin.... Dat victory fo ya is like a shot o' whiskey or a drag from a cigarette... Winnin is ya life.... It's what ya live fo..." 

Lisil smiles sinisterly rubbing his hands together. 

"And most of all... Dat is ya pride! Now wit dat bein said dis quote here is very interestin!" 

Lisil Jackson walks over and grabs his bottle of water and takes a drink from it before continuing. 

"Very interestin quote indeed... But answa me dis brudda! What happens when dee mon dat no one wanted beats ya?! Dee lil mon from dee island dat ya decided ta ovalook!" 

Lisil Jackson sets the bottle down and looks back at the camera. 

"What happens afta all ya cheatin, ya still fail? What happens ta dee great and almighty Eric Dane den huh?" 

Lisil Jackson ponders the questions for a few seconds before laughing. 

"But den again by ya own admission ya don't care what othas tink as long as ya win! Well again what happens when ya don't win? What happens afta all dee posturin and all dee maneuverin like ya playin a game o' chess... All dat ta get a shot at dee title..." 

Lisil Jackson's expression changes to a serious one. 

"And yet ya couldn't beat dee mon dat no one wanted? How will ya live wit yaself brudda?" 

Lisil Jackson walks back over to the large punching bag and throws a few punches into it. 

"Ya know what I see Dane? I see a trone wit no king sittin on it! A mountain wit no one standin at dee top... But most of all... I see a sad lonely mon sittin alone in his own self destruction!" 

Lisil Jackson throws a kick and a few more punches into the bag. 

"Ya see Dane I look at ya and ya wanna know what I see? Fear!" 

Lisil Jackson looks deep into the camera. 

"Dee pressure is gettin to ya Dane! I can see it! Dee way ya present yaself.... How flustad ya are... Dee glazed eyes... Dee sleep deprevation... Dee level of anga dat ya show... Breakin tings and actin like a spoiled child..." 

Lisil Jackson cracks his knuckles as he continues. 

"And even goin as far as assaultin Bobby Dean in dee restroom?! Oh yeah Dane don't tink I didn't see dat on dee net!" 

Lisil chuckles amused. 

"It's not easy bein on top is it Dane? Well Dane I hope ya got ya head in dee game brudda! I'm ready fo dee fight o' ma career! Just rememba one ting... I know ya have no honor... But I know ya got pride... And ya pride is all ya got!" 

Lisil Jackson smiles before he throws several more punches into the bag. 

"And by dee way Dane... I do find it pretty interestin dat ya decided not ta address ma statement bout dee way ya drafted fo Victory... I'm guessin ya still are tryin ta come up wit a defense fo dat! Don't worry mon! Ya got all dee time in dee world!" 

Lisil laughs before throwing a back roundhous kick into the bag. 

"Go ahead Dane... Come at me wit whateva tricks ya got! Ya only make yaself look bad in dee end! Even if ya do beat me wit ya dirty tactics ya will only come off as a coward who couldn't beat dee mon no one wanted cleanly!"

Lisil Jackson lets out a roar throwing another kick into the bag before he walks back over to the bench and takes another drink from his bottle of water. 

"Dane... Dis is ma shot! Dis is ma opportunity! And I will bring a fight like ya neva experienced! Ya tink dat ya will break me? Brudda ya will neva break dee spirit of an islanda! Especially one who has been fightin all his life!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he grabs his fedora and slips it on. 

"Get ready Dane! A tropical storm is rollin in! I suggest ya find shelta on top o' dat mountain! Or else I guess ya will get washed off ya trone den mon!" 

Lisil Jackson laughs adjusting his fedora.

"Today is one day... Tomorrow is anotha.... Betta must come! I am cuz ya are!" 

And with those last words said the scene fades to black.

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