Title: Short
Featuring: B.R. Ellis
Date: 9/11/2015
Show: Victory XXXVII

As the logo fades away from the front of the video, B.R. Ellis stands in front of the Victory backdrop. He cracks his knuckles and rolls his neck before he begins to talk.

"Fourteen years ago, America lost the twin towers to terrorist."

He takes a deep breath.

"Fourteen years ago, fear was injected into the heart of our country."

Ellis  balls up his fist.

"Fourteen years ago, we turned that fear into a catalyst to rise up as a country and never again allow such hate and destruction to happen... to never forget."

B. R. Closes his eyes.

"Now, fourteen years later I will travel to Rio de Janeiro and face Skylar Montgomery."

He nods his head slightly.

"No, Skylar isn't a terrorist threatening the American way of life. But he does threaten the legitimacy of our business. He threatens our ability to earn by making people tune out with his sickening lack of respect."

B.R. shakes his head no.

"Not anymore Skylar. No longer will we allow you to dump all over what we have worked hard to establish. What we have earned through our years of taking bumps and traveling long roads. The punishment we have endured to entertain those in the crowd."

B.R. looks straight into the camera.

"I'm not saying I'm going to win. But fourteen years from now, people will remember. They will remember the night in Rio de Janeiro when B.R. Ellis  whipped Skylar Montgomery's ass so bad he quit playing 'wrassler' and let the real men get back to work."

The video ends.

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