Title: Knifeplay
Featuring: Skylar Montgomery
Date: 9-11-15
Location: The nail salon
Show: Victory XXXVII

We open flipping through a series of establishing shots that show a pink shop front, women getting pedicures, their hair washed and generally being pampered and catered to by several short, fat Asian ladies wearing flip flops.

We push through this room into a little back room where pictures of generic tribal patterns and people’s body parts with different piercings in them line the walls. The detachable customer desk is lifted and we enter into an arty fortress where a faint buzzing sound can be heard.

The camera turns 180° to find Suicidal Skylar Montgomery sat in what appears to be a large dentist’s chair, getting a tattoo done on his left his hand. We walk up to him and take a seat beside him where he starts talking into the camera.

SkyMont: They told me that the fingers was one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, but pfft this doesn’t hurt that much. The 5 point 8 inch needle doesn’t scare me and neither does any sharp point or blade.

SkyMont: The first time I saw a knife I was 11.  There was this boy called LJ who I knew from middle school – he got held back several years and his dad was in prison. Evereyone was scared of him. So when he finally graduated middle school he went to the roughest, toughest high school in the area. Kids were known to be reduced to tears finding out they had to go to that school, but LJ was pleased. The school was rival schools with another school in the area so the kids all carried weapons to class incase they got jumped by their enemies – that’s when I bumped into LJ. He was showing off to his new friends and he put his knife to my throat. I could feel it’s serrated edge biting into my neck like a row of teeth. Eventually he let me go, but I never walked to school that same way again.

The tattoo artist works away diligently on SkyMont’s left hand.

SkyMont: The second time I saw a knife I was in high school. I was 15 and everything was finally starting to fall into place, but then this new kid started named Luciano. He had an Italian name but he was north African or middle eastern or something. The kid seemed to have some latent homosexual tendencies as he kept going on about blowjobs and getting blowjobs in school and how blowjobs are blowjobs whether they’re from a boy or a girl; but nobody called him out on it coz we were all too scared of him. He’d show us videos of kids getting stabbed and we’d all watch them and pretend to be cool with it and not horrified at what we’d just been made to watch. Then one day in class, under the desk I felt something stroking my leg and looked down to find Luciano caressing my inner thigh with his blade in way he deemed seductive or something. Needless to say, I never went to that school again and started playing truant for the rest of my education.

The tattoo artist continues to pluck away at the task at hand. Task at HAND. Get it? At HAND. Anyway...

SkyMont: The third time I saw a knife it was mine. I was 19 years old and I was being bullied by this fat kid named Leon. I lured him round to my house with the intention of sticking him in his big fat stomach and watching him deflate, but he brought reinforcements – a drug dealer named Karl from The Bahamas; which technically makes him a barbarian.

SkyMont: So they roughed me up a bit. I had the knife in my back pocket and I almost sat on it and stabbed myself in the butt cheeks. That’s when Karl noticed the blade and took it away from me, and then they just proceeded to beat on me like they’d done that whole past year of my life.

SkyMont runs his free hand through his hair.

SkyMont: I never did get my chance to use my knife. And I’m glad, because I don’t wanna be like those thugs. I’m not a barbarian. And, most importantly, I don’t wanna go to prison.

He points his right index finger at the camera.

SkyMont: But B.R. Ellis, this thing between us is different. This is a wrestling match. When you signed that UTA contract and filled out that legally binding waiver form that clarifies that you can’t sue the UTA or press charges if you get injured or hurt in the ring, you officially signed your death warrant. Because B.R. Ellis, I’m going to cut you... I’m going to make you bleed.

The tattoo artist puts the gun down and starts cleaning up SkyMont’s hand with some liquid soap.

SkyMont: Now is my turn to be the thug. Now is my time to be the barbarian... Now I can get away with it without going to prison (he smiles his twisted little chip toothed grin). Because this Monday night, B.R. Ellis, I’m gonna get under your skin. I’m gonna carve you up like a rotisserie chicken. But my weapon of choice isn’t a knife.

SkyMont: ...It’s a lighttube.

The tattoo artist taps SkyMont on the shoulder and shows him the completed piece. SkyMont looks down at his left hand and smiles. Then he stands up and the cameraman stands up with him, taking a few steps back to capture his whole body in the frame.

SkyMont: Because this just something I’ve always wanted to do B.R. Ellis. I’ve cut myself before but I’ve always wanted to make someone else bleed. So I’m gonna live the dream, because you know what they say – ‘you only live once’.

SkyMont raises his left fist up and points it at the camera. We zoom in on a portrait shot of SkyMont’s face and his knuckles held up for us to read: the index finger has a Y on it, the middle finger has an O, the wedding finger says L and the pinkie has another O on it.

SkyMont: Yolo.

.scene cuts.

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