Title: Small Things...
Featuring: Chris Hopper
Date: 9/13/2015
Location: .
Show: Wrestleshow #45

The screen opens and shows "Too Cool" Chris Hopper standing on a sound stage, wearing a decidedly "Empirical British" outfit for whatever he is going to be filming on this stage. There are green walls in place within view, as well as different other options with the same green color. This is obviously a place where CGI work is done to make presentations more dramatic of eye-catching. However, Chris is not interested in any of it as we begin this taping as he is staring at a small piece of paper with a curious, almost whimsical look on his face.

Stagehand:  Mr. Hopper, are you excited about this?

All he can do is grunt an "uh huh" and nod his head a little. What is it that has his attention so much? The camera leaves the station it was supposed to stay in and moves closer to get a peek. As it does, an older stagehand walks up.

Older Stagehand:  We'll be ready for you in a bit, sir.

Hopper:  Yeah, thanks.

The stagehand notices the paper and smiles.

Older Stagehand:  Still pretty new to you, huh?

Hopper:  You can say that again, partner.

The camera makes it's way around the standing UTA star and sees that it is the simple, yet profound, still photo from an ultrasound that has his attention. Chris finally notices that the camera has crept up and is no longer where it belongs. He turns his head and has his eyebrow raised.

Hopper:  May I help you?

He looks annoyed to have his concentration snapped.

Hopper:  You should be over there.

He points to where the camera first came from, but the camera stays focused on the little 2x2 pictures in his left hand. Finally, Chris raises it to the camera.

Hopper:  This is my first grandson.

His smile is wide and proud.

Hopper:  I know that look and yes, I can tell it is a boy and not a girl. See?

He raises the picture up and starts pointing at the ultrasound within it.

Hopper:  There is his hands, there are his feet, and there....right how I know this is my first grandSON.

He chuckles, so giddy that he is overflowing with emotions.

Hopper:  My son, Dylan and his girlfriend Chrystal are expecting and they get me a copy of the ultrasound every time they visit the doctor. It is a surreal thing to be getting cards, letters and pictures showing you how far in life you have advanced.

He leans against one of the green walls and sort of stars off toward the camera's left as he speaks.

Hopper:  I never got an ultrasound from Dylan or Stephanie. Linette, Dylan's Mom, never told me he existed and I never knew until he was practically eighteen. My ex-wife, Jennifer, never sent me one because she was pissed I was on the road all the time.

He looks at the little photo.

Hopper:  This is the first one I have ever seen in my family. The moment I saw it made me really think about things. People often ask why I look to please the fans so much, especially with my past....and my answer is simply because I have learned that the example I set will have an effect far beyond my own life. Proof of that is in this little photo.

He smiles.

Hopper:  Who would have thought such a little thing could be so important.

He chuckles to himself as he takes the red jacket off that was part of the outfit for his segment taping.

Hopper:  You see, I intended to use this space to record a video of my deriding Dylan Windsor as we prepare to face off at next week's Wrestleshow. I say intended because a few hours ago, I got the latest picture from my son and it just kind of made it less important to playfully jab Windsor. So I decided to just be direct and honest with him.

He gets the jacket off, all the while keeping that picture out in one of his hands. He finally puts the picture in his pocket and smiles.

Hopper:  You see, small things can have a profound effect.

He smiles and starts walking through the sound stage as he speaks.

Hopper:  You see, Mr. Windsor, you are in a rough spot. It is a debut match for you. It is something very small and many will tell you that it doesn't mean anything in the long run. There are numerous great performers who stepped into the squared circle and lost their first few matches only to find something in themselves that connected with the fans and off they went to the top.

He raises a finger as if making a point.

Hopper:  In that vein the idea of a debut can be very low-impact. However, debuts can also be momentous.

He rounds a corner to a picture from Wrestleshow nearly a year ago. The picture has Hopper on it and next to it a "vs. ?" in large black font. The marquee also says "Fans vote for Hopper's first opponent" under the picture of the legend.

Hopper:  About one year ago now, this poster was hanging everywhere. Nobody knew if it would be Hate, Blanca or Haynes voted as my opponent. Yet the one thing everybody knew was that this match was a debut that meant something.

He points coyly to the camera.

Hopper:  Now it is your debut, Mr. Windsor. I have learned you have considerable skills and I know you will be able to handle yourself once that bell tolls. If you weren't able to do that, you never would have inked a contract. But this....this is about pressure.

He grins again.

Hopper:  And you will be debuting in the main event of a Wrestleshow, while in the middle of a world tour!

He emits a chuckle.

Hopper:  No pressure, kiddo.

He shakes his head and continues.

Hopper:  I'm sure you think you know what pressure is coming from that second-whatever place, but rest assured nothing prepares you for stepping in the ring and making your first impression to the UTA World. I'm sure you'll come out all snooty and arrogant, trying to act like you are all high and mighty...

He winks.

Hopper:  And then the bell will sound and you realize you are now forced to deal with a pissed off veteran with an axe to grind with a majority of the UTA these days. I can tell you one thing, Windsor...

The grin disappears, in fact all semblance of the joviality in his face has gone.

Hopper:  You're not ready for this. You are a simple peasant trying to gain crumbs from the King. You Brits always come in all full of bluster and cockiness only to be humbled. It takes more than a fancy accent to get the job done. Just ask Kendrix because he found out already in UTA...

The sly grin returns.

Hopper:  And you will too, my friend. The first impression that UTA will get of you will be of a wannabe-king eating the business end of an icebreaker right in the center of the ring. When that happens, Windsor, you cannot run or avoid the inevitable three smacks on the canvas that will declare my victory.

He stands in front of a green screen as he continues.

Hopper:  And then you will be forced to hear every single person in the arena begin chanting a phrase which you thought was yours....but has ALWAYS been mine. You will hear them stand to their feet and begin to proclaim...

He lifts his arms and stretches them out wide as he acts like he feels the crowd doing just what he is describing.

Hopper:  All...  Hail....

He smiles with a reckless intent as he finishes the catch phrase.

Hopper:  The King.

He walks off, tossing the red jacket to a stagehand, who looks confused as the screen fades to black.

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