Title: Now Or Never
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: September 16th, 2015
Location: San Juan, Puero
Show: Wrestleshow #45

“Losing is not like me”


“I know that I’m better than this”


“Did I come back too soon?”


Those were the thoughts that were going around Sabrina Baker’s head. Losing two matches in a row was not the perfect way to start off her UTA career despite her being proud of one match she took part in. She knew that she was better. She knew that deep down inside she had wrestling in her heart. Maybe her mind set is not at best to EVEN be in a place that was considered to be the “elite promotion”.


She was at one of the beaches in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The water was crystal clear. So much that you could her reflection as she stood in the water. Sabrina was lost in thought while the water was splashing on her feet. She looked away into the distance until someone was calling her name.




Sabrina didn’t respond. She was just amazed at the scenery until a huge wave came in and nearly knocked her out. The person calling Sabrina  grabbed her and moved her to safety as he looked at her. Sabrina was clearly not happy.


Baker: What the hell was that for?


The person, who happened to be her boyfriend, looked angry with Sabrina and her nearly being swept under water.


Sabrina’s Boyfriend: You were standing in the water, lost in thought and not even paying attention to the surroundings around you! If it wasn’t for me coming up in time, the wave would've swept you under and you would’ve drowned!


He looks at Sabrina while she sets up a towel for them to sit on. She doesn’t even bother facing him at all.


Sabrina’s Boyfriend: Look, I know you’re under a lot of stress lately and personally, I think coming to the UTA was a bad decision. You should’ve kept low for a while until the time was right.


Sabrina turned to him, shaking her head.


Baker:  Ikki, you know darn well that “laying low” isn't going to stop me from doing what I love!


She slowly moved her body onto the towel to sit on while looking up at her boyfriend.


Baker: Besides, there’s nothing you need to worry about. I’m fine and so should you.


Ikki shakes his head. He thought that Sabrina was crazy to even mention that. He remembers the call that was made to him when she first lost her match against Bobby Dean. The tone in her voice sounded like someone was getting murdered. A sound that he doesn't want to hear ever again.


Ikki: Sabrina, you lost two matches in a row for this company! The first one being against Bobby Dean, who squashed you in THAT match! The second one being against Zhalia Fears which was an awesome bout, but you still lost!


Sabrina rolls her eyes. She cannot believe Ikki would mention something like that to her about her first one.


Baker:The second one I was proud of. Sure, I could’ve won that match to take me to higher places, but don’t forget, I do have one coming up.


Ikki grabs a bottle of water out of the bag they brought. He cracks it open to take a drink, keeping his eye on Sabrina before asking her a question.


Ikki: Who is your match against this week? I hope it’s someone that’s not difficult as the last two!


Sabrina raises an eyebrow. It is clear that he wants her to have an easy match where she could win.


Baker: I’m going against Kendrix.


Sabrina keeps her eyes on him. She wants to see his reaction to who she is going up against. Ikki takes another sip of the water.


Ikki: Isn’t he one of the guys from that mega group?


Baker: Yeah, Dynasty. He’s apart of that group.


Ikki shakes his head. He’s heard about Dynasty and what they are able to do. If she lost to one member of the group, her career might be done.


Ikki: Promise me one thing.


Sabrina slowly leans in to Ikki and put her head to him.


Ikki: Promise me that you’re going to kick his ass in the middle of that ring?


Sabrina rolls her eyes at the comment that he made. Of course, she was going to do something like that. Dynasty was the super group that everyone loves to hate. They were the group that everyone needs to beat to cement themselves. It happened to most of the current roster, but with her, this would be the biggest moment of her life.


Baker: You don’t need to worry about anything, Ikki! I can guarantee you that!


She slowly stands up to face him, putting her hands on her hips before talking again.


Baker: I always lived by the motto “you have to snap necks to cash checks”. My brother made that line up when he was wrestling before turning out to be endless pill popping druggie known on the face of this earth.


She keeps her eyes on him, not taking them off.


Baker: I’m going to admit something. I’m kind of nervous facing off against a Dynasty member knowing that they have someone in the back to come out and help them. History’s well known that all of them like to help one another. Yes, it’s an importance of teamwork, and yes, it’s a part of a brotherhood they have.  


She moves a curl of her hair back behind her head.


Baker: I don’t have anyone to back me up. I don’t have any friends in the UTA that will have my back. Hell, maybe not having anybody is the perfect way to go because you won’t end up being stabbed in the back.


She keeps on eying him, having her current look turn into a serious one.


Baker: However, I do NEED to show the Sabrina Baker that doesn’t fear anyone. I need to show Kendrix that I will not back down from a fight. I need to show the whole UTA who I really am and that is the no nonsense ass kicking high flyer. I need to live up to my potential, and I need to live up to my hype like I did in other promotions I was in.


She carefully sits back down, taking one last look at her boyfriend who is eying her still.


Baker: Ikki, this is now or never. If I lose this match, I don’t know what’s going to happen from here. I need to win this match badly. I feel like everyone has been eying me since I started here. You know what they say when people eye you, it feels like daggers.


He runs his hands through his hair as Sabrina sits right next to him.


Ikki: You have a big task this week.


Baker: Big isn’t the proper word to cover it. Kendrix could think about anything he wants to towards me, but this match between us is not going to be the cakewalk for him that he thinks it is. It’s going to be a far tougher match than what he believe he’ll be in for. You’ll see.


Sabrina takes on more look at Ikki before turning to the waves that are crashing on the shore. Sabrina knows how important this match is. It feels like a do or die situation for her. She wins, she keeps her career going.

If she loses…….well…..that will be decided at another time.

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