Title: Interesting
Featuring: Kendrix
Date: 15th September 2015
Location: San Juan Beach
Show: Wrestleshow #45

We open with audio of soothing waves crashing against a shore. The picture slowly fades in revealing a long and golden sandy beach, not a cloud in the sky. The early morning sun shines upon this empty looking beach. However, the soothing sounds and pleasant backdrop are interrupted by an all too familiar voice;

“Angel, where's my OJ, maaattteee?!”

The camera shakes a little and zooms into the area in which the unpleasant noise came from. It picks up Kendrix laying back on a slightly arched beach bed adorned in an open Hawaiian shirt, pink swim shorts, havaianas as well as those ridiculous looking diamond encrusted shades. He motions his hand towards his hotel resort's personal waiter, Angel (his name, is actually pronounced with a Spanish accent on the A and G as opposed to the mythical religious figure that Kendrix calls him) to hurry up with his request with a clap of his hands;

Kendrix: Chop chop, yeah? JFK's got to maintain his high hydration levels innate...

Angel politely nods and scampers away in fear of not receiving a generous tip from his wealthy customer. As he hurries off out of earshot, Kendrix completes his sentence;

Kendrix: You bellend!

Leaning over the arch of his beach bed he shakes his head as he watches Angel run off towards the pool bar situated a few feet behind them. Kendrix turns back around and leans back, muttering to himself;

Kendrix: Some people just don't know they're born. So lazy, no wonder everyone on this island is so poor.

Leaning forwards he throws his feet onto the sand and rests his elbows on top of his legs, pointing at the camera;

Kendrix: You see, that's the problem with poor people. No action, always moaning. That life is unfair. That the world is somehow against them.

He turns his head away, looking out at the sea in front of him and lets out a dismissive chuckle, leaving us with his trademark cocky smirk;

Kendrix: However, what they fail to realise is that the problem isn't with the world. It's with them. That's right, it's their fault they're poor. And why?

Looking back at the camera he taps his index finger twice on his head;

Kendrix: Because of their mentality. They get trapped in this way of thinking that keeps them down. They are weak. They accept the cards they are dealt with and make excuses as to why they are in their current situation;

Kendrix: Now to be honest, poor people don’t actually piss JFK off. They're just's "not their fault" after all..

He sarcastically uses his fingers to signify quotation marks;

Kendrix: Bless them. No, It's actually people like Bronson Box that piss JFK off.

Widening his eyes he opens his mouth in apparent shock;

Kendrix: You see, people like Bronson WERE poor and made something of themselves. Bronson has been around the wrestling business for over ten years. And in ten years he has established himself as one of the toughest men in the industry today.

He points to the ground;

Kendrix: But being tough and having the right physical attributes in our game only gets you so far. Once you're in the big time you have to adapt in order to achieve more.

He points to the side of his head.

Kendrix: Unfortunately, Bronson SETTLED...for this idea that he's made it to the big time. The UTA even bought into his act of being a tough guy, out to leave his mark on his opponents..

Pulling the top of his shirt away he reveals the scratch marks endured from his match with Bronson Box at Wrestleshow 44. Putting it back into place he continues;

Kendrix: This is what is wrong with Bronson's way of thinking. If he focussed on trying to win instead of being something he’s not then maybe he would have beaten JFK..

Pausing, he chuckles, holding his hand to his mouth. His other hand out flat at the camera, gesturing with his finger for a moment before composing himself after the thought of losing to Bronson Box amused him;

Kendrix: Actually, it wouldn't have mattered anyway, Bronson still would have come up short to the FUTURE...of this business.

He holds the palms of his hands out at the camera accompanied by a modest look on his face;

Kendrix: Now now, Bronsy, remember…”it's not your fault”. JFK knows, you've done as well as a thuggish Scotsman can do in ten years. After all, you're not the only person in the world who has done as well as you possibly can in this game. Let's take...

He pauses as Angel returns to his side with a glass of orange held out upon the tray in the palm of his hand. Looking up at Angel, Kendrix motions to the camera with his hands, angry at the fact he has been interrupted

Kendrix: This better be important Angel...

Angel looks slightly confused;

Angel: Uh, yes, mister Kendrix, sir...I bring to you orange

Angel bends down offering Kendrix his drink. Grabbing it from the tray, Kendrix takes a gulp with Angel looking on with a smile on his face in anticipation of his customer enjoying the drink he’s served him. However, Kendrix's face is one of horror;

Kendrix: Ppffffftttttttt, bleeeeuuuuuurrrrgghhhhh!!!

Having abruptly sat up and spat out his intake of orange juice all over Angel's white shirt, Kendrix wipes his mouth and jumps out of his beach bed, lifting Angel up by the scruff of his neck;

Kendrix: What the hell was that bruv! JUICE FROM CONCENTRATE???!! JFK asked for fresh orange, FRESH...INNIT!!

Angel holds his hands up to his face, cowering in front of Kendrix who has his free hand in a closed fist by Angel's chin;

Angel: Please, mister Kendrix, sir, Angel is sorry. It's Angel's mistake. Angel will get another drink, you no pay, si?!For the record, Kendrix had not specified fresh orange in his order but after composing himself he lets go of Angel and pats his shirt down;

Kendrix: That's good of you Angel, you're a good man bruv!

Angel, still taken aback by Kendrix's reaction, puts on a brave, professional smile and nods. Kendrix impatiently taps his watch;

Kendrix: Well go get JFK's drink or no tip for Angel!!

With that, Angel hurries back to the bar while Kendrix retakes his seated position on his beach bed;

Kendrix: JFK's been on this shit island for two days and he's never seen that mug move so quickly! These poor people and their tips, can't get enough of them!

Pointing back over his shoulder with his thumb he rolls his eyes, laughing at his latest quip;

Kendrix: But anyway, where was JFK before he was rudely interrupted?

The lightbulb moment hits as his eyes widen, his index finger held up by his head

Kendrix: That's right, JFK was talking about people who have "done well".

He again uses his fingers to make his point;

Kendrix: One person who has happened to do incredibly well in her short time in the UTA is none other than JFK's next opponent at Wrestleshow 45.

Standing up, he takes off his shades and places them on the beach bed and begins to pace from side to side;

Kendrix: The very opponent who came into the UTA and displayed genuine wrestling ability. Her technique in the ring is flawless. A woman who, along with her true grit and determination, has displayed bravery in her aerial ability as well as a belief in fair play.

He swings his right arm in front of his stomach, bending the elbow with a closed fist;

Kendrix: The very opponent who stands between himself and a possible shot at John Sektor's Legacy Title...the same title that has looked awful on everyone after Claude gave it meaning.

With his arm raised high above his head he waves at the camera, silently mouthing "hi CBR". Eyes refocused he continues;

Kendrix: And JFK's opponent is none other than...Sabina Baker.

He claps his hands together slowly, before holding his hands up in front of him;

Kendrix: Now, JFK will be genuinely honest here, Sabina. JFK applauds you. You have done what you set out to do. Not only have you managed to get to the UTA. Not only have you made your way through proving grounds and onto one of the UTA's two flagship shows...

He abruptly stops pacing, dead in the centre of the shot;

Kendrix: But you actually managed to compete on Wrestleshow...the A’ show of the UTA!

Once again, Kendrix brings his hands together in a slow, methodical and sarcastic manner;

Kendrix: Bravo, Sabina, bravo! You see, for these facts alone, JFK will not be taking you lightly in our match at Wrestleshow. For these facts alone, JFK doesn't see you in the same light as the other women in the UTA.

He wags his index finger in front of him;

Kendrix: JFK has heard you shouting your mouth off, demanding respect and wanting to be taken seriously. You clearly have that ambition burning inside you to be the very best. Saying you're different to the rest, that you're different to your sister in law, Amy and to the yoga whore, MVC.

Stretching his arms above his head he lunges his left leg forward, revealing that his shorts are perhaps a little too tight then they should be for a public beach with women and children around. Maintaining his proud pose with his hands on his hips, he continues;

Kendrix: Unfortunately for you Sabina...JFK has been watching and listening to you. Having lived in the USA for over 8 months now...he knows bullshit when he smells it.

Waving his hand in front of his nose to get rid of the apparent smell, he continues;

Kendrix: Now JFK ain’t necessarily saying that the bullshit he smells is coming from you It may well be coming from those that run the UTA, as usual...

Shrugging his shoulders he lifts the palms of his hands facing skywards. Shifting his eyes to the right in thought he mouths the words "I don't know" slowly and silently;

Kendrix: All JFK is saying is that he finds it...interesting...

Standing up straight from his lunging position he strokes his beard;

Kendrix: INTERESTING...that despite your loss to that grossly overweight excuse for a wrestler at proving SOMEHOW managed to prove that you were good enough to be put on live UTA television.

He beckons the camera to come closer, tempting it in with his index finger;

Kendrix: Now, JFK will be honest with you Sabina. If you LOSE...a match at proving grounds, it's kind of a big sign that you're not ready for the big leagues yet. And before you get your knickers in a twist...unless you don't actually wear underwear?

Looking away with his nose wrinkled up and lips pressed together in disgust at the thought of someone not wearing underwear, he focuses back at the camera;

Kendrix: Before you get all defensive, yes, JFK knows HE...somehow lost...his first match at Victory. But despite that one early loss, JFK has risen the ranks of the UTA beating legend after legend and joined the greatest group in the HISTORY...of our industry.

Looking skyward he throws his hair back with his hands, closing his eyes and taking his early accomplishments all in before looking back at the camera;

Kendrix: JFK has made his impact all by himself. Unlike you Sabina, JFK has been handed nothing. For eight months JFK has taken on and defeated the best that this company, hell, THE WORLD...has to offer.

While Shaking his head and dismissively chuckling to himself he grabs his shades and puts them back on;

Kendrix: And despite your defeat to Bobby Dean you're rewarded with a spot on Wrestleshow. Despite your defeat to Zhalia Fears you're rewarded with a shot against JFK for the same opportunity. A win to have the chance at becoming number one contender for the Legacy title.

He clicks his fingers together;

Kendrix:! So you can forgive JFK for thinking that maybe, just was the EYE CANDY...on offer that got you to where you are today. Instead of your in ring ability and RESPECT...that you so desperately want everyone to give you.

At that moment, Angel stumbles into shot with Kendrix's order. Kendrix grabs the fresh orange juice form Angel's tray;

Kendrix: About bloody time bruv...

Toasting it in the direction of the camera with Angel standing by with a smile, waiting for his tip;

Kendrix: Sabina, whether it's wrong or right, JFK doesn't care. We’ve all got to do what we can to get to the top and you’re no different to the best of us. So each to their own. And for this, you have EARNED...JFK's respect. But unfortunately for now have JFK's FULL...and undivided attention

He takes a gulp of his juice and promptly spits it back out at Angel

Kendrix: Ppppppppffffffttt bleeeeuuuurrrggghhh....I ASKED FOR NO BITS IN MY FRESH ORANGE ANGEL...YOU MUG!!!

Feed cuts to static.


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