Title: Preparing for a War God
Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 9-16-2015
Location: Galveston, Texas: Pleasure Pier
Show: Wrestleshow #45

The image opens up to a crystal clear, blue sky with only the seagulls and the glistening sun to fill it.

The familiar and soothing sound of water is heard as the ocean waves penetrate the embankment and when they recede from the sandy shores a white foam of the murky brown water is left as it rakes itself back into it’s salty domain.

Brown water?

Dirty beaches?

Where the hell is the gorgeous white sand beaches, and the crystal clear, blue water that San Juan, Puerto Rico is known for?

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this isn’t San Juan.

These aren’t the white sand beaches.

There isn’t any crystal clear, blue water to watch fish swim around your feet as your wading in the water.

This is the island of the muddy waters where you don’t know if that was a jellyfish or a bass swimming around you.

This is the island of eroding beaches.

This is the island of the third coast.

This is Galveston Island.

It’s around 4:30 in the afternoon and the beach is barren of people and other living things like a toxic land fill since it is a school day, and the weather is slowly changing from summer to fall. which means the water is getting colder with each passing day.

But if there is no children on the beach than where is the laughter and screams of excitement coming from?

As the camera pans over we see a wondrous place off in the distance and that place is Pleasure Pier. Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier is built with one roller coaster, fifteen rides, carnival games and souvenir shops over 1,130 feet out into the Gulf of Mexico waters.

As the image slowly cut to another scene, we see children of all ages, races, and sexes running around and having fun while off in the distance we see a familiar face leaning against the barricade of the pier and looking out towards the ocean with oil rigs and boats of various kinds in the distance.

“Douglas MacArthur once said, “In war, you win or lose, live or die - and the difference is just an eyelash.””

Stevens says as he turns towards this camera.

“However, Tolstoy said, “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time,” and that is why I am here in Galveston as I prepare to battle a War God this upcoming Monday night.”

Stevens says as he begins his trek from the back of the pier towards the front.

“At Wrestleshow I’m not facing Ares, Mars, or even Camulus because the God of War I will be stepping into the ring with goes by the name of Bronson Box.” Stevens says with a bit of concern in voice. “Monday night I know I am in for the fight of my life against the Original Defiant, but that’s how I like it. I came to Wrestle UTA to compete against the best and that’s what Bronson Box is. He is one of the best wrestlers in the world. He’s a legend over in Defiance Wrestling, and he’s a marquee name in UTA. The two of us are looking to etch our names into the annuls of UTA as we battle one another for a opportunity to earn a shot at John Sektor and the prestigious Legacy Championship.”

Stevens says before stopping for a moment to buy a bottle of water to cool him down from the scorching ninety-five degree heat.

“With great success comes great overconfidence, and we saw that whenever Bronson took on Kendrix last Wrestleshow, and he lost.”

Stevens informs the masses who may have missed the broadcast as he takes a sip of his water.

“And why did this happen?”

Stevens asks before waiting for an answer that won’t come.

“Is it because Kendrix is bigger and stronger?”

Stevens asks with a shrug.

“Is it because Kendrix is a better wrestler than Box? Maybe, maybe not”

Stevens says as he continues walking.

“Or is it because he got too cocky as he was defeated by the lowest man on the Dynasty totem pole?”

Stevens asks as he comes to a complete stop in the middle of Pleasure Pier.

“Box, if you’re looking at me as an easy victory after the embarrassing loss you suffered at the hands of Kendrix, then lightning will indeed strike twice this Monday.”

Stevens informs Bronson.

“While you are hanging with your Uncle Montgomery Scott and having mustache contests, I’ve been preparing for war. This Monday night we will be competing on the island of Puerto Rico which means a tropical climate with scorching heat and unbearable humidity, just like we have here in Galveston. When we do battle inside the Coliseo De Puerto Rico, it’s going to be hot, it’s going to be humid, we are going to sweat our asses off, but I won’t be the one passing out from dehydration and fatigue because I’m use to the tropical weather in San Juan Bronson because it’s just like home.”

Stevens says before taking a sip of his water.


Stevens says crudely before slowly pouring out the water.

“Make sure you drink plenty of liquids before and after your match Bronson since the heat tends to dehydrate you especially when you are doing any extraneous activities. Most importantly, you better take this match seriously or you’ll be begging me like a man who has been crawling through the Sahara for two days would be begging me for this water.”

Stevens shouts aloud before continuing forward.

“You have no idea the importance of this match, and what it could possibly do for one of us in UTA. A victory not only leads us closer to John Sektor, but also the Legacy championship. I’m here to prove a point that I can come from Chicago and succeed here, and a victory over you brings me one step closer to my goal. Everyone’s ultimate goal is the world heavyweight championship currently being held by La Flama Blanca, but you have to crawl before you can walk and the Legacy championship is the first step towards earning an opportunity at the world title.

No one expects me to win because you’re the great Bronson Box, but you didn’t expect to lose to Kendrix just like John Sektor didn’t expect to lose to me when the title was on the line. I know I can beat John Sektor, and that means I have to go through you, and I will prove that you aren’t a God of War, but simply an angry little man. I’m in a David vs. Goliath scenario Monday night, and I’m going to cast a stone between your eyes in the form of a Toxic Sting, and as your defeated spirit wanders towards the Gates of Valhalla looking to take your place among the great warriors of your time you will be denied entrance as Immortan Joe has declared your performance mediocre and you will not ride eternal, shiny and chrome, but I will when I become the next Legacy champion.”

Stevens promises as he enters the Bubba Gump restaurant for a late lunch.

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