Title: The Path to Legacy begins, again.
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 09/15/2015
Location: Undisclosed Location
Show: Wrestleshow #45

V/O: “Two weeks ago the face of the UTA changed. Possibly for ever. Be it good or bad in the result. Our roster was split, our shows separated, and now ego’s run at both ends as to who has the better showcase.”

The voice-over by Zhalia Fears preluded the scene which faded in on a busy well-kept. She is busy jogging down a long winding sidewalk while the camera keeps pace with her from a stationary but pivoting position. One would guess that someone is currently manning the camera per usual.

V/O: “That remains to be seen. But what has been seen is that both Wrestleshow and Victory’s first outing as separates put on two great shows top to bottom. Victory saw a new Wildfire Champion crowned in that upstart Colton Thorpe, and Wrestleshow saw the Briefcase Hit heard around the world when Sean Jackson left Dynasty.”

With a jogging Fears headed toward the camera view point we cut away and return a few hours later. Now busy throwing some heavy punches and kicks to an old school mannequin training dummy-doll.

V/O: “I made it clear to Sean that while I respected and owned up to the fact that he won the Ace in the Hole, that did not mean that I was just going to sit back and watch as he took his sweet time in teasing the cash-in’s for his then-fellow Dynasty mates. People tell me that I am in over my head here.”

Fears connected with a hard left hook to the dummy.

V/O: “They say that I am too soft for this business.”

A jump-thrust kick to the midsection knocked the dummy back to sway forward into-

V/O: “A lost cause.”

-a rattling headbutt that once more knocked it back. Zhalia then stepped aside the bag and walked over to her duffel bag and grabbed a bottle of water she had there.

V/O: “Time to show them all just how wrong they are.”

She started laughing as the scene faded out, but quickly faded back in once more. This time to Fears sitting back at the bench next to her duffel.

“Hola!” She smiled and greeted those watching at home and on their mobile devices. “Greetings all once more. We are here at my Uncle’s gym as the UTA prepares for Puerto Rico! Man that is going to be a blast! Beaches, Bikini's, and more bikini's.” She kicked her feet up in the air and then brought them down again, as went her smile as well. “In a few days I have that chance again to earn my Championship shot. Yeah you heard me right,” she smirked, “I said earn. Not demand. Not think I deserve something for doing little more than winning a Chamber match whose purpose was to be a draft captain, or managing a competitor that wound up losing her big match.”

“Well you know there was confusion over all that after all Zhal. The Chamber was the focal point at Ring King while the Ace in the Hole was an afterthought…. And as for Best...”

April's open statement saw Zhalia react with a slight hint of disgust but she was smiling once more as quickly as one can blink their own two eyes.

“Hard to believe the things said by old men running on the coattails of Champions. Especially knowing just how limited their own intellect really is. Sure the Chamber was talked about, rather than the fact that Sean took the Briefcase. But the end result was not that Eric Dane or John Sektor won the Chamber. No,” she smiled and started to laugh softly, “rather the fork that was over more than poor Dane’s and Best's entire prolific career.” With a grin she grabbed the bottle next to her, raised it up and took a swig before setting it between her lap. “A legacy, like his as he put it, that may be filled with stolen ideas left, right and center, much like his little fork escapade.”

“Getting a little snarky there, Zhal. Anyhow what do you mean? That was his after all and apparently legal.” April had been quick to state.

“True. Perhaps. But unless he’s one of the Kingsman, pretty clear where he got the idea.” With a wink she chuckled and quickly shook her head. “Love that movie! Right, beyond that, this Legacy of his. It is his claim to not having to face John Sektor for his title at this point. He wanted nothing more than that, and now that they are on separate shows, he claims that he has a legacy and needs nothing more of it…” Puzzled she leaned back and sat in silence for a moment before finally adding, “really?”

“Well he does have the other company, plus his Team Danger cohorts.” April paused and shifted the camera view over towards the front door. Somebody was knocking on the frosted glass but she couldn’t make out who it was. Setting camera down and focused back on Fears, with a slight tilt now, she headed off. “I’ll go see who it is.”

“Hopefully dominos, or whatever joint you ordered from!” Zhalia laughed in response and focused forward again. “This may all sound like a mess, and that is fine. I do not expect Dane to get it. But what he should get is that ANY Championship title is important. It does not matter if it is the Prodigy, Legacy, Wildfire or the UTA World Championship.”

With a shake of her head she let out a loud sigh.

“They each have their reigns. The stories told through the multiple defenses while held by whatever champion. Claiming one does not need the title anymore is the same as saying you give up. And John is the better.” She smiled, raised her bottle up and held it outward with a gesture of tapping it to a second invisible one. “Kanpai!”

Taking another drink she turned back toward the door where April was busy and shrugged.

“You see at Wrestleshow we are all on equal footing with a shot at being the new Number One Contender for the Legacy Championship. Kendrix, CBR, Hopper, and the rest. Equal footing. Flat start. And for me, that first step is against another giant amongst men in the UTA. Brother Judas.”

Leaning back she looked up at the ceiling for a moment. Remembering her last experience with The Truth, or at least the former member.

“I wonder how Simon is doing. Ever since that night I went to visit him Dynasty put the block on my visitation rights. All this of course before they ditched him.” Zhalia focused back forward and continued. “Tell me Judas. Rev. Do you still keep in touch with your former followers? My friends may no longer be a part of the UTA, but I still keep in touch. They know me well enough to know that big men like you, Judas, are mountains to climb.” With a smirk she crooked her head to the left and shrugged. “And that is what I do around here. I climb those mountains. I take on any and all challenges face forward, all engines ahead full.”

Looking back at the doorway for a moment she shook her head and with a rub of her forefingers and thumb across her temple and eyebrow she continued once more.

“My colleagues think I am nuts. Wrong that I do not feel fear towards ones like Crimson Lord. And now you too, Brother Judas. But the thing is, regardless of my own name, I could fear you both. But I can not.” Pausing she let that sink in the air for a moment. “To me, for me, there are things that I fear… in which you, no matter the trickery or gospel, just can not hold a candle to. They just-”

“Zhalia!” The voice of her friend broke through the air, although a low volume. “These guys aren’t leaving!”

With a sigh Zhalia twisted around and looked back at the doorway but given the view before she couldn’t see who was outside the door. Just the backside of April.

“They said they are here for you, Zhal!”

“Fine,” she shrugged and reached back for her duffel bag, pulling out her phone. Quickly turning it on and checking for messages, but not seeing what she expected. “Well it is not Richard or Frank, so tell them to hold up a few. I will be out there.”

Setting the phone back in the duffelbag she kicked her legs up on the bench and leaned back. Focusing forward once more at the camera phone seated in front of her.

“Allow me, for the moment, to play a role you may not be familiar with Judas. Tell me, are you prepared for when the Good Reverend cuts you loose? Simon chose to side with Dynasty, and that was no easy task prior for him. What do you think will happen if you question your Good Rev? What if the Rev acquires a new toy, and you are no longer need?” With a shrug she slyly grinned, “Just saying. These things happen after all. I can look past the gospel and what the Good Rev is all about, and focus on you. Your upbringing, well, it is not that far off from anothers’ that I know quite well.”

Zhalia pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.

“This poor young woman was in Broadmore having had quite the eventful and none to positive life style. On the streets at an early age. Quickly learning that quick fingers meant the world to you when it meant avoiding starvation. Fights on the street, in the pits underground, or just for some bureaucrat's amusement in his luxury yacht. It all meant putting a scrap on the table. She did what she had to.” Zhalia paused and let her eyes drift closed. “She was never a slave, Judas. She lived for her own freedom and self-preservation. She knew nothing of the warm embrace one can bring. But much like you, she was found. She saw a reason for devotion. That man took her under his wing and gave her a roof, gave her a bed, gave her a purpose and most importantly gave her a name.”

“Which crazy is that then, Zhal?” The camera raised up to normal eye-level view once more as April took a seat. “Oh and yeah don’t worry about those guys. Your Uncle just pulled up here and they got in their truck and drove off.”

“Do not blame them! He has that look!” She laughed and dropped her legs back out from under her, spinning around to face her friend once more. “I was just telling Brother Judas that I once knew someone like him. I can get what he has been through and why he is devoted to the Good Reverend. He is not as stuck as it would seem though, if he were to break free.” With a shrug she continued. “Normally I would ask my opponent to bring their all and be ready to blow the roof off. Judas though would not understand this request unless it was to the Good Rev himself or from him even. So I will not ask that this time.”

Standing up, she grabbed her bottle of water and drowned the remaining fluid down her throat then tossed it into the open duffel.

“At Wrestleshow I have a chance at earning the contendership for the Legacy title. A belt I already have had the pleasure of holding, although not physically. So if I make it through Brother Judas, even if once again by disqualification or some unmerited finish as is what my year has been,” she laughed at this. After all most victories up until the past two weeks, were by means of DQ, countout, or otherwise going clear back to June. “I was the first ever Prodigy Champion. I held that championship for over 70 days, where I was forced to relinquish the title for All or Nothing. Never once beaten for it. I take great pride in that fact, Judas. The very same pride that I want to take with the Legacy title.”

“True, Zhalia. But the current champion. Sektor is just one bad mother fu-”

“He is!” She quickly butted in to keep the expletive from her friend from completion. “But unlike Eric, I am not afraid of him; not going to belittle his reign. After going through Brother Judas on Monday, and whatever other challenges await me, I plan to face John for his Legacy title. No fears, no qualms.” She shrugged, laughed and then grinned, “And no utensils.”

“Pie’s here ladies! Get it while its hot!” A loud, gruff voice called out from off camera.

“PIZZA!” Zhalia launched into the air, forgetting about her duffel that was suddenly knocked off the bench and fell to the ground. She jet across the view of the camera until out of view.

“So we done here then? Zhal? Hey Zhalia?” With no answer she set the camera down beside her. "That girl has no equal when it comes to her appetite; not even Bobby Dean." Pushing the buttons needed to end the recording feed, but not before the sound of vibration against the cement floor caught her attention. Zhalia’s phone had fallen out of her bag and laid face up. Reaching forward she grabbed the phone. “Zhalia, your phone’s ringing. Want me to get it?”

“Not now. Later.” Was her reply but to the average listener and viewer, those not accustomed to the language of what is known as starved and stuffed Zhalia, it sounded like a bunch of muffled words.

With a sigh she set the phone back down on top of the duffelbag. With a ding it lit up drawing her attention once more downward to the phone’s screen.

Snagglepuss: He’s coming, Z. He found out and was not pleased. It’s no longer safe. Get out! Tues
Space Ghost: Got the pizza pie. Tell Amy I HATE ordering for a vegan or vegetarian. Whatever she is! Don't appreciate the looks. Tues
Amazon: This is a courtesy notice that your order has shipped and is out for delivery. The Estimated delivery date and time is Tues
Xbox: You're invited to the Star Wars: Battlefront Beta. To participate please redeem the code in your Messages. Mon
Dee Dee: We still doing that wrestling thing Tuesday night at the Gym? I need to close up the shop for my parents, and then will Mon

“Uh Zhalia, you should read this.” April called out as she picked the phone up and killed the other’s camera feed dropping everything to black.



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