Title: No Time Left
Featuring: Sabrina Baker
Date: September 18th, 2015
Location: Old San Juan
Show: Wrestleshow #45

Another day in Puerto Rico as the hours to Wrestleshow 45 are getting shorter, and there is hardly any time left to do anything. Sabrina trained hard for her match against Kendrix yesterday and wanted to take some time out from the training to see what’s around. Sabrina traveled to Old San Juan, a small town outside of Puerto Rico to see everything that it had to offer.


She walked around the little town, admiring the views so much. Luckily there wasn’t any types of dangerous areas for Sabrina to get herself into. She took out her cellphone camera and took pictures. Smiling at everything, she began to speak, hoping that nobody would catch her talking to herself.


Baker: You know, I’m glad that we are in Puerto Rico for a reason.


She puts her camera phone back in her pocket before looking.


Baker: I’m glad that we are going to be wrestling in front of the fans that give us the respect that is due.


She smiles a bit more, but her smile turns into disappointed.


Baker: However, I’m not happy about some of the stuff that Kendrix said for our match this week. I’m not happy with the fact that he says he “respects” me for coming onto a brand like Wrestleshow.


She shakes her head in disappointed while looking down at the ground.


Baker: I know you want to be sincere about saying that, but deep down, I know that you don’t respect me. Hell, I don’t think anyone on this roster respects me, at least yet.


She raises her head. The disappointed look is still there.


Baker: Kendrix, it’s going to take a lot for me to respect you. It’s going to take a lot for me to earn the respect of these fans and it’s going to earn me the respect of more of my peers in the back.


Sabrina begins to walk in the plaza with her eyes focused on finding a bench to sit down on. She finds one and plops her bag on the seat. She quickly fixes her shorts and sits.


Baker: I’m going to tell a story, Kendrix, and that story is how I earned respect from people that I went against. Way before I came to the UTA, I was in another promotion in California.


She sighs a bit. If only things had gone the way she wanted in that promotion.


Baker: I started out the same way I’m starting off here. Always being on the losing end and not knowing where my career would go. However, it was one match against one opponent that would change the game for me.


She smiled a bit.


Baker: She called me everything that she could think of. Once we faced off, it was no holds barred, and something magical happened. I won my first match and gained her respect. From there, I would win my matches, leading up to a title shot at one of the promotions big events. I took the champion at the time to the limit, but was clocked in the head with an unknown object.


She slowly goes into her purse and pulls a box before rolling it around her hands.


Baker: From then on, I had a mission. To finally get the respect I deserved and work my way to the top of the company. On December 1st, 2014, my life changed for the good because I won one of the mid card titles in a main event ladder match. I still have this to remind myself of everything that went down that night.


Sabrina pulls out a ring that she was given a couple of weeks after her win. It represents her title win as she holds onto it.


Baker: I don’t wear this ring like the  sports players wear their championship rings. Anyways, back to the story and I’m not going to make it longer. I got my respect, but it was this year where I started to become irate with the lack of people respecting me. I was waiting for every one of those girls to turn their backs on me. They just did that and I was let go because of it. Sad how politics have to become involved.


She puts the ring back in her bag before closing it. Sabrina goes back to speaking, this time with a calmer voice.


Baker: After laying low for the time being, taking on opportunities that involved doing stunt work and such, I got a call from the UTA saying that they wanted me to be on the roster. I didn’t turn down the chance to work for the top company and boy, I didn’t expect it to be easy.


She brings a semi smirk on her face as it slowly comes up.


Baker: I know I sound like a broken recorded when I say this, but I didn’t feel respected in my first match against Bobby Dean, but as soon as I had my second match against Zhalia Fears, I felt like I was getting what I wanted despite coming up short.


Her smirk begins to go back down.


Baker: But now the eyes are going to be on me this week when I go against you, Kendrix. Now to sound all mushy eyes or anything, but I do like the fact that you mentioned how hard I work and how I want to be different from the rest of the girls here.


She licks the bottom of her lip.


Baker: There are some days that I doubt my ability and there are some days that I doubt myself to think I will be winning this match. You said what you had to say about yourself with confidence and in typical Dynasty form. I knew that it was going to come up, but like I said before, I don’t think what you said was coming from your heart.


Sabrina sighs a bit.


Baker: I knew that you were speaking out of your ass with the respect line and deep down, you don’t respect me at all. It’s just another typical Dynasty thing where the only person that they care about… them and their brotherhood that they have.


She puts her hands on her legs.


Baker: Tell you what, Kendrix. You want to give respect to me? Then let’s go out there and have an amazing match where people will be talking about it the next day! Let’s go out there and show why we should be going after the Legacy Championship. Let's go out there to prove to the Victory crew that drafting Amy and Marie was a mistake and they are missing out on two talented stars.


She finally stands up.


Baker: I will take risks to earn your respect. I will battle until we can’t take it anymore, to earn your respect! I will show EVERYONE in the UTA that Sabrina Baker isn’t a “lame” signing and live up to my name like I did in the other promotion some months ago and I will show EVERYONE THAT I CAN DO IT!


Sabrina’s tone in her voice sounds like it’s about to crack her into crying.


Baker: Kendrix, you don’t need to prove yourself when you already proved yourself plenty of times before. I need to win this match over you, I need to get a victory to cement my name and I need to go places that I feel like I never been before and it’s ALWAYS been a goal to be on top of the world!


She grabs a drink of water to make sure that spit is not coming up from being dry. She then puts the water bottle down.


Baker: At Wrestleshow 45, I will fight like this is my last match to make my name finally known . I will fight like I don’t have any time left and I will take down Kendrix to make my way to the top! Good Luck Kendrix and let’s tear down the house!


She grabs her purse and leaves. Sabrina said what she had to say that was on her mind and will let her actions do the talking in the ring next Monday.

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