Title: Enjoying the Scenery
Featuring: Zhalia Fears
Date: 09/18/2015
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Show: Wrestleshow #45

No voice over. No slow fade in. No smiling face.

Just a simple cold open into an already progressing dialogue from Zhalia Fears.

“-which is rare, you know April. Sure I have the match this Monday but I can still sit back and enjoy this business as a fan. Pure and simple, fan.”

We see Zhalia leaning out, back to view, through a window surrounded by stone. That stone is one part of history. El Morro. Several people walking past her, some giving a wave while others just try and ignore the woman in the window.

“Last night, not only did I get to team up with Sabrina Baker for some fun with Cecilworth Farthington in Rio, but I also got to watch Chris Hopper go up against Brother Judas. It was a good feeling to see what I am stepping up against in just a few short days.”

“Yeah, that was fun. Glad I got to come along for once! Seeing CBR up close and personal is a dream. A wet dream, Zhal. Thank you.” April remarked off-camera while Zhalia simply waved her hand up and continued to look out over the ocean from the Castile.

“We have not seen much from John Sektor since coming out of that Chamber match, either April. As one of the winners, you would think he would be gloating or at least confirming any doubts of his ability, much like Eric Dane continues to spout. But nothing.” Zhalia leaned back and twisted around, facing towards April once more. Smiling she continued, “-nothing. And yet, last night it was like he had not lost a step and simply took on two of the UTA’s recent stars to retain his Legacy Championship.”

“Domination, for sure.”

“Indeed,” Zhalia raised up her pointer finger, “one championship title that everyone is vying for come Monday. Chris, Lisil, CBR, Brother Judas, myself, Kendrix and the rest. If anybody had any doubts as to what kind of champion they would be coming to face at the end -- those were surely put to the shelf last night.” Lowering her hand she plops back on the cement window while tourists are walking around and snapping more photos. Smiling at those taking a shot of her but properly using her body language to redirect their focus to the scenery and the Castile.

She kicked forward and dropped to the ground, slowly walking around the people and followed until they reach her objective.

The cannons.

“Imagine if we put all of these on a ship… like our cruise ship! We could sail the seven seas and attack merchants, ambush trade routes, and even free our comrades from the hands of the enemy!”

“Wrong century, Zhal,” April’s words cut the clear euphoria from Zhalia. “Plus not sure these even work anymore.”

Which may or may not be true but that hardly mattered as Zhalia was busy acting like a true tourist and taking photo by photo of the Cannons, additional sentry boxes and the gorgeous view.

“I know, but still. Life was simpler back then. The soldiers positioned here did so to protect San Juan, and were like the first line of defense. It is not like today where we have all manner of person claiming to be doing the better good for their own worth, or some higher being almighty.” She paused and backtracked that statement, “well, I mean I am sure they had some degree of sycophants to deal with. But most were too busy shooting at the horizon and avoiding incoming enemy fire via hail of bullets and cannon fire raining down on them.”

“Not to mention all the diseases back then. The value of life compared to today.” April of course agreed but added in. Zhalia smirked and leaned down next to the cannon, winked back at April and through up the horns while holding out her hand as far as she could.


With a laugh, as to them both it was funny given Zhalia hated that term, she stepped forward and continued down the fortification towards the crowd that had gathered a bit further south while the tour guide was delivering some history to those listening.

“You know after we are done here, lets go check out the Garita del Diablo. I heard-”


“Come on, April. I heard-”

“No!” April’s sudden outburst caught a few glances from the crowd. “Not happening Zhalia.”

“You can not believe everything you read on the web April dear.”

“Oh yes I can!” April walked closer towards Fears who simply smiled at her friend. “I am not disappearing. Be it from some historic curse, some legendary ghost haunting the place, or drug lords that use it as a base for their … operations.”

Zhalia broke out into laughter.

“Imagine a ghost cursed to protect a drug lords cache?” Wide-eyed, with deep thought she spun around and instead of heading towards the tour guide she gave him and those around a wave and continued on her way with April trailing behind. “Alright. We will not go to it. Come on, let us get out of here. I am famished.”

With a deep, yet satisfying sigh, April shut the phone off.

For those watching it was mere seconds of darkness, but as the screen came to life once more with Zhalia Fears sitting across sipping out of the straw of some form of beverage -- most of the daylight was gone as several hours had passed. A slow pan across the ocean from their outlook gave quite the view before settling back on Fears and her empty, and nearly cleaned off plates.

“I love this job. Career. Life-style. Whatever.” Zhalia leaned back and set the tall glass aside. “Thanks to the UTA I have gotten to see a lot and do things I never thought I would have a chance to do. Be it have a debut like mine, which while a loss ended up one of the most talked about matches last year. To wrestling in not one but two separate ladder matches, and even being given a chance to take the spot of a Hall of Famer and Legend, known as Doozer, in an awesome match!”

“I remember that. You were set to face Brother Simon before the accident reached management and your ears.”

“Yeah,” with a look of sadness she shrugged. “But, from one to another,” smiling once more, “I found myself in a number one contenders match for the UTA Championship with the likes of Will Haynes, our current UTA Champion LFB, and of course Chris Hopper. Man that was a fun night.”

“And here we are again, Zhalia. Full circle in a way. The Good Reverend’s other follower is at your doorstep. A shot at becoming the number one contender, this time for the Legacy title, is at your grasp.”

“It is. Brother Judas, a man, a monster rather, that I have never yet had the opportunity to face.” She reached for her glass, and with her right hand stirred the remaining contents using her straw. “Judas, I am looking forward to this. You and The Truth were quite the imposing force in UTA. Keyword being were.” She added with a wink, “and I hope Lisil and the others that you have caused trouble to in the past are watching Monday. Because one thing I learned with Crimson Lord is that there are just some of you gentlemen that need to be spoken to-” Zhalia smiled and stopped stirring the straw, “-not with words, but with action.. I get that. I do. And I will.”

Closing her eyes she raised the glass and downed most of the remaining contents.

“Monday, Judas. I deliver to the UTA their greatest gift this year…”

Setting the glass down in front of her, she cast her eyes wide open with her Cheshire-like grin.

“I slay the monstruo.”



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