Title: Welcome to Reality
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: September 22nd, 2015
Location: South Africa
Show: Victory XXXVIII

“The Harrison’s and The Van Claudio’s have to get along. “


“Everyone is sick and tired of these girls bitching”


“This match is going to be a jerk off contest because nobody cares about them. “


Marie Van Claudio was sick. No, she didn’t have a cold or the stomach virus to prevent her from wrestling. She was sick of Amy Harrison. Ever since she was signed to the promotion back in June of this year, Amy has done one thing memorable. Sure she has wins, but it was her thinking that she was better than the Blonde Bombshell from Montreal that made her feel sick.


It was comments that Amy was making on how she cannot defeat the ones Marie can’t defeat that’s been bothering her. Amy may have the better record, but it doesn’t give her the right to say she’s better than Marie. Sure, every male will be watching for a different reason, but with Marie. It was different. This match was personal.


Marie was sitting on the balcony of her hotel room where she had the nice view of Johannesburg’s skyline. As she was sitting, she was looking out into the distance before beginning to speak. Clearly there was stuff she needed to say.


Van Claudio: I think everyone has been waiting for this moment. The moment where two chicks are going to be going at it in the ring.


Marie grabs her tea that was sitting on the table. She takes a sip of it before putting it back down.


Van Claudio: I know the guys in the back are going to like this match for the wrong reasons where they expect tops coming off and possibly a make out session to boot, but with this match? It’s something that I’ve been waiting.


She licks her lips to get more of the tea taste off. She doesn’t want to take another sip just yet.


Van Claudio: Amy, I’ve been waiting until the right moment to get my hands on you to show why I’m starting to get annoyed with you!


Deep down inside, she has to release her anger and frustrations with Amy. She wants to air it out. Hell, she needs to air it out.


Van Claudio: The reason why I’ve been getting annoyed with you because I’m getting sick and tired of someone that I’ve became friends thinking that she’s better than me because I cannot defeat the ones she has faced off against! I’m getting sick and tired of the fact that I try my DAMNEST to help someone out, only to have it affect me and most importantly, I’m sick and tired being around you!


Marie slowly stands up and tries to avoid anything from falling off.


Van Claudio: When you came in back in June, I’ve warned you about putting people off the wrong way! I’ve warned you that if you do anything such as bitch and moan about things NOT going your way, you will be out the door! In typical Amy fashion, you decided to blow it over and NOT listen to me!


She looks away for a brief moment as she turns back.


Van Claudio: Another thing that pisses me off is I feel like I don’t HAVE the support from you! Friends have to support each other in everything they do. Let me ask you this, where was your support when I was going after the title back in the summer? Where was Amy Harrison? Where were you when I was getting attacked?! I was supportive of you when you spun the wheel, but when it came to the support of me, it wasn’t there!


Marie keeps on looking forward.


Van Claudio:  The next thing we should talk about is our tag team title shot that our fathers wanted us to be on the same page for. You didn’t care about it if it was only you. Your dad and my dad pleaded for us to be on the same page, but you didn’t seem to EVEN care unless the focus was on YOU! Hell, even Team Danger saw through your shit and knew that I was going to be the one that stood out. I just did that in the match while you were in typical Amy Harrison fashion! Typical Amy fashion where she only cares about herself to lose a match!


She slowly sits back down and grabs her tea cup. Her mouth’s running try from the anger building in her throat.


Van Claudio: Amy, a couple of weeks ago, you’ve hit a nerve deep down inside where it made me pissed off and you were LUCKY I didn’t grab the fork I had and STAB YOU right in those fake breast you like to show off. The comment about me not being able to defeat the people you were capable of beating and acting all “queen bee” about it was the final straw. Yes, you defeated Ron Hall, but you received help FROM WINGATE and yes, you did defeat Bobby Dean. It was impressive to say at least, but I have to ask you this.


She moves the cup back and forth between her hands.


Van Claudio: Who the FUCK you think you are trying to act all big and bad towards me?!?


She stops moving the cup before pushing it away.


Van Claudio: If this is a way trying to be like me, Amy, then you totally SUCK at it!


Marie stands up and looks down at her chest.


Van Claudio: If you think that showing your chest is one thing I do, then you need to go somewhere else. You see, unlike YOU, I have class! I have respect for myself! I know when to show off my body at the right time! That’s what you don’t understand! You think that showing off is the proper way to get your UTA career going!


She looks back up.


Van Claudio: That’s one of the reasons why people call you a hooker! You don’t care about putting your body on the line! You care about the ones that like to stare at you! You don’t care about wrestling and you have the NERVE to call yourself “better” than your sister!?!


She grabs her cup of tea again to take another sip of it.


Van Claudio: Now this leads to goals. Do you have any goals short term and long term? Do you want to show everyone what you are capable of doing or do you just want to slack of all the time? When I came into the UTA back last year, I put out goals. I put out that I want to be the best and I want to go far in this promotion. Everyone has their rocky starts, but as soon as I defeated the TOP Female in this place, my career went up until I was let go from the promotion!


She shakes her head again.


Van Claudio: I still have those goals set for me, but I can’t do them because I’m carrying a lapdog in Amy Harrison that’s preventing me from doing what I want!


Marie takes one last sip of her tea as she puts her stuff down.


Van Claudio: Amy, at Victory, everything’s going to change. Every one of those people that are going to be sitting in the Coca Cola Arena will have their eyes on us. One of us have to win this match, and one of us has to prove who REALLY wants to be in the UTA!  You want to prove yourself and show that you want to be here?


She slowly stands up before looking at the skyline for a moment, but turns back around.


Van Claudio:  Then do it! Show who Amy Harrison REALLY is because everyone wants to know. If you say you’re carrying your father’s legacy, SHOW IT! Show that you are not about showing your tits and show that you have goals because if you don’t live up to your expectations, Everyone is going to see Amy Harrison as the one that THINKS she’s Marie Van Claudio, the one that thinks sex is the option and the one that bitches when she loses her matches.


She gets her famous evil smirk on her face.


Van Claudio: Amy, this is your reality and you need to live up to it because if you don’t… might as well go back to the street corner you came from!


She sits back down while putting a finger through her hair as she keeps on having that evil look on her face. Marie wants to each Amy a lesson so much that she doesn’t think she could wait for the show.

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