Title: The Kids Aren't Alright
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 9/23/2015
Location: South Africa
Show: Victory XXXVIII

“Every place on earth is the same when you have money!”

The scene opens to Mikey sitting at an outdoor dining table. The white cloth blows in the breeze. On top of the table sits four places, but Unlikely is the only one dining. A cold beer sits in front of him, the bottle sweating in the sun. A local beer it appears, Mikey takes a sip from the Carling Black Label underneath the giant umbrella that covers the table. .

The scene around him is bright and vibrant. The sun shines in the sky, and casts its blanket of heat across everything it touches. The tannish red clay that makes up the enormous hotel in the background stands out behind Mikey's head.

“What I mean is regardless if I am in India, Cuba, Brazil, South Africa, or the United States when you flash a giant wad of greenbacks everyone loses their minds. I can order any food or drink, and for the right price it will be flown to me, prepared my way, and fed to me if I so desire. “

He pulls off his sunglasses and rubs them against his unbuttoned red shirt. He wipes away the fog, and reapplies them to his face.

“So while the rest of the UTA goes to these ridiculous venues, and the superstars travel around to these remote villages, and poverty stricken nations. Mikey will stick to the five star hotels, the caviar, and the bottle service he has become so accustomed too!”

The waitress begins to head over, Unlikely sees her from afar and waves her off.

“I’ve got a cell phone that can call anywhere in the world. I’ve got a television with 5,000 channels in 30 different languages, none of which i understand. I have bar service and room service with an unlimited amount of order availability. Why on earth, would anyone leave their hotel?”

He scoffs at the idea, and takes a long cool sip of the beer. With a reliving ‘ah’ he places the beverage back on the table, one of his hands toying with the label.

“Guys like to pretend to be superheroes. Like to pretend they make a difference out there in the world. They swing through, sign a few autographs, say a few words, then fly home to their first world country, and completely forget the people… I prefer to never get to know them, makes life easier.”

He shrugs, it's a great thing to care less about public opinion.

“These people disgust me. They have no self esteem and find what little they do have, from other people's approval. Following people around like ‘Do you like me now? Am I nice enough? I didn't cheat you guys! Am I cool? Cheer for me!’ Please, get that weak shit out of here.”

Unlikely shakes his head, He’s heard it all before.

“People like Lew Smith…Never learn”

He tips back the beer and watches the contents empty into his mouth. With one large gulp, he swallowed the contents.

“This guy has been running the same exact song and dance for longer than Mikey has even been in the UTA! The same words we hear each and every week, and the same sound we hear after each one of his matches. Three slaps of the mat and his opponents hand raised.”

He now signals to the waitress that he's ready.

Now I know what Lew is going to say. He is going to come out here and say that I am a bad bad man! He is going to talk all about how i stabbed my “buddy”...

He uses finger quotes

“...In the back, and turned on the fans! He is going to say that I need to be taught a lesson, He is going to tell me that crime doesn't pay! Cheaters never win! Bad guys finish last!”

He hands the beer to the waitress who saunters over, she hands him another one before saying something that Mikey doesn't understand… Who knows what foreigners are ever talking about?

“You know what I say? I say the baddest man on the planet, LFB is OUR WORLD CHAMPION! I say the longest reigning Internet Champion of all time, went on one surely incredible dastardly streak when CBR proudly held that title! I say the hottest rookie in the UTA, has a hell of a bad side in Kendrix! I would say that THE World's Greatest Entertainer has been a MAJOR success since “breaking everyone's heart.”

He puts both hands out.

“So you can see my point, yes?”

He snickers, and pops the top off the beer using the edge of the nice table. If they didn't want him using it, they would have opened it for him. The pricks.

“You see Lew, the biggest difference between me and you, is you think there is no difference between me and you!”

He nods, letting that one sink in.

“Sure, you are going to say that I am a bad guy, while I claim I am just misunderstood, but otherwise, you are going to try to compare my career to yours. Let me set the record straight Lew, in your wildest dreams you couldn't even come close to the success I have EARNED!”

He stretches out, trying to display all that's before him. He holds up a finger. Not that one.

“Oh wait! Lew Smith is a former champion! Lets not forget you guys! He was a fake champion in a fake wrestling promotion. Lew Smith was one of the last graduates of VCW…That should tell you a lot about the talent they were churning out… Aside from Dick Fury, that place was useless.”

He readjusts himself in his seat, leaning back further, taking a drink of his weird beer.

“You can't call beating up guys in sweatpants and 18 year old kids a title reign Lew. This isn’t backyard wrestling, and it sure as hell isn't the minor leagues. We don’t give participation trophies.”

Mikey pokes slips his phone from his pocket before taking a drink. He takes in the time and slips it back into his chest pocket on the open red button up.

“I heard last week, when Mr. Smith heard what that Judas Jackson did to us, he thought he could help Sean Jackson destroy Dynasty. Lew, I will tell you like I tell everyone… If there is one thing that's been said a million times by a million people here in the UTA, it's this... “

Mikey stands straight up, he sets his glasses down on the table, a little woozy but who isn't thousands of miles from home. He puts on hand on his head like he is Saluting, and the other on his chest as if reciting the Pledge.

“I will defeat Dynasty, I will rid the UTA of this!”

He relaxes but still stands.

“Hell Lew, I’ve said it myself! Here we are 12 months later! Dynasty still stands, while the Shoot Kings have fallen,While the Spawn has fallen, while WTFC has fallen, while The Machine has fallen, While Sean Jackson is falling…. DYNASTY STILL STANDS!!!!”

He throws his beer against the wall, it shatters. Mikey is breathing deep.


He couldn't help it. He got a little excited.

“We are invincible Lew, we are unstoppable. I entire groups of men cannot take us out, please tell me why one small individual would be able to? The UTA has thrown each and every person at us they could, just HOPING to even weaken the foundation. When you thought you were seeing Judas Jackson turning on Dynasty, what you were actually seeing was the strong pushing out the weak. It was the NEW Generation of Dynasty, saying goodbye to the past… because if there is one thing Jackson is… It’s the past.”

He puts his glasses back on, and signals to a waiter that he needs another beer. The guy stares wide eyed at Mikey. Unlikely goes on.

“Thats enough about Judas Jackson, Thats enough about Lew Smith, Let’s talk a little bit about Mikey Unlikely. Lew you thought you knew me at one point but let me tell you who I am, before you try to guess it.”

He rolls his shoulders and sits back down after changing out seat cushions with the dryer one.

“I am bigger than you!”

He inflates his chest.

“I am more successful than you!”

He makes the money sign with his hand.

“I am better looking than you!”

He points to his face.

“I am a better wrestler than you!”

Pretend fisticuffs.

“I am the man who is going to beat you within an inch of your life, come Victory just to prove a point to another man!”

Two thumbs up!

“I am THE World's greatest entertainer!”

His arms go out wide.

“I am Mikey!”

He smiles and the scene backs up and fades away.

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