Title: Jealous Much?
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: September 23rd, 2015
Location: Johannesburg
Show: Victory XXXVIII

Amy Harrison has just arrived in Johannesburg where she will get ready for the next show. As she gets to her hotel room, she begins to unpack her stuff. Amy then looks for the Victory card to remind herself of who she will be facing.

Amy is going against Marie Van Claudio, someone that she has known for quite some time, and someone that she doesn’t have a straightforward relationship with. One minute they’re acting like friends, the other they want to tear each other apart. But now that they’ll be in the same ring against each other, there’s only one way this is going to end.

Amy sits down on the end of her bed, with card in hand, as she starts to reflect on the last couple of months.


Harrison: Well, well, well. It had to come to this, didn't it? You know, I really should have expected something like this to happen. Ever since I decided to come over to the UTA, there's been one person that has always been at me for one reason or another, and that just so happens to be the one person that brought me here in the first place, Marie Van Claudio.

Ms. Harrison lets out a snide laugh. She knows this has been a long time coming.

Harrison: There’s always been something about Marie. I don’t know if it’s because she has a big chip on her shoulder, or her head is so inflated you could confuse it for a hot air balloon, but she’s always been someone that acts like she has a lot to live up to. So, what’s holding her back, then?

Amy shrugs, It’s pretty obvious that Marie is just jealous anyways.


Harrison: I know that you don’t really like me saying that I’m better than you, but you know, and everyone else knows, that it’s the truth! Come on, you were stressing out so much about trying to beat Bobby Dean a couple of months ago and you failed! But then when I got to go against him, it was a completely different story. Was that the last straw for you, Marie? Was that the victory that set you over the top?


Amy then smirks and lets out a laugh as she looks dead on at the camera.


Harrison: Here's the one thing that I don't get with you. You've been prancing around here for the last half a year or so, acting like you're the biggest thing this place has ever seen, and ever since I've been here, you've been nothing!

She holds up a big goose egg with her fingers. Zero, Zilch, Nota.


Harrison: Every match that you've had, every chance for you to prove to me and to others that you can cut it here, and every time you try it, you blow it!

She chuckles to herself as she walks towards her open bag. She rifles through her things but we cannot see exactly what, as the back of the suitcase is to the camera.


Harrison: Let's be real here, since that little hiatus that you've had here, have you even won a match here? I can't think of one time you've even put on a good show, let alone win something.

Amy picks up a piece of clothing from her bag. She lifts it against her chest, looking down at it, imagining what it would look like on her. Sexy no doubt.


Harrison: And I'm not even going to forget those two times that you were given chances to make a big name of yourself, with those two different title matches that you had here. Which got me thinking, did you even deserve that World title shot you got?

He raises one hand, and puts the other on her hip, standing confused.


Harrison: Of course, you had to be given that tag title shot because I needed a partner to help me out. What, you thought you got that shot because of your ability? Listen, you were the one that was dragging ME down and you're the reason why we lost that match! If I had ANYONE else teaming up with me, this place would have new champions!

Amy makes the international symbol for title, by making brackets with her fingers and pretending to apply the title to her waist.


Harrison: Let's just compare what you've done here compared to what I've done here over the last couple of weeks, shall we?

She asks quizzingly.


Harrison: Alright, to be fair, I haven't had the greatest run, but I've gotten a couple of big wins here, one over a Hall of Famer and another against the biggest guy on the roster! But you? You've gotten loss after loss, after loss, after loss!

Shaking her head now. Even SHE is disappointed in Marie Van Claudio.

Harrison: Does the UTA feel sorry for you or something? If this was anywhere else, and you were getting defeated this much, you'd be out the door like that. But then again, they've already shown you the door once, so maybe they're just giving you some time to relax here before they show it to you again.

A raise of the eyebrow. What a cheapshot.


Harrison: Look, let's just cut to the chase. You talk a big game here, you like to hype yourself up as the best women's wrestler that the world has seen, and you keep getting chances to prove that you can live up to the expectation that they have given you, but every time you try, you fail.

Amy is getting very agitated.


Harrison: Face it! You're a failure here! You keep building up the hype for yourself and you can't back up your words, and now you're paying for it. You didn't deserve that World title shot, and you didn't deserve that Tag title shot either. As a matter of fact, you don't even deserve to be on the UTA roster!


She then leans forward, with clear determination in her eyes.


Harrison: Marie, your time is up! You've had your time here and it's over! It's time for you to step aside and let someone new gain the spotlight that you have tried hogging for the last few months or so. Let someone else get that time in the limelight, someone like ME!

Her arms are swinging wildly as her temper continues to rise.


Harrison: This coming Victory, I'm going to put you out of your misery. I'm going to beat you down so bad and humiliate you so badly that you would NEVER want to show yourself in any wrestling show ever again, let alone any UTA show.

Finally somewhat calm, she has one more point to make.


Harrison: All this time I've been saying that you have been dragging me down since I arrived here. Well Marie, come this Victory, Amy Harrison cuts the dead weight.


Amy lets out another cheeky smirk as the picture fades.

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