Title: Will This Be My Final Time In A UTA Ring?
Featuring: Abdul bin Hussain
Date: 24/09/2015
Location: Anywhere
Show: Victory XXXVIII

“Your freedom comes on the backs of others that have suffered for it. Do you recognise this or do you arrogantly go about your days without a feeling in that shell of yours? Be it on the backs of the Natives of your country that you murdered to near extinction as they are so different from you or is it the kidnap victims that were stolen from their homes and families to be slaves to your ways. Their lives meaning nothing for you as they are not of the same skin colour as you. Then you think that the whole world should forget about this if you wipe it under the carpet and deflect it out into their domain.”
A large American Flag flutters majestically through the window of the room. A television sits in the corner shows the viewers all sorts of American iconic sites; Children playing in the streets, baseball games, parades through the streets, troops in the Middle East. Those images dissolve into footage of various terrorist attacks from around the world including 9-11 until; finally, the Iraqi flag with two scimitars underneath filled the screen. 
Laughing comes from behind the cam-corder recording this iconic scene. The figure holding the camera pans it around the room. 
Two figures stomps into the centre of the room; one is dressed in combat fatigues and has his face covered with an Arabic headscarves and the other, a woman is dressed head to toe in a burqa. The man stands in front of the other. He swings his head from side to side, his glare from behind the headscarf drilling into the UTA viewers watching from their living rooms. 
"I have recorded this little session as I know that it is the only way that I will be able to get my views out to my followers around this world,” The man said. “You see if I leave this to the normal channels then you will only see a few second of it after they have edited the controversial views that they believe that I preach. We are here to show you the UTA viewers and the world that we are more than what we seem. You look at us and you see a group of terrorists who would do anything for their ideals. You see us and you condemn us for the actions we take. But how different from what you think of us are we? We are not terrorists but freedom fighters, who will do anything in our power to win back our country from those evil infidels that have stolen it from its rightful owners.”
With one hand, he reached up and pulled the scarf free from his face. A shock of his black beard was revealed. His scarred upper torso was revealed as he sat on the chair and stared into the camera.
"Last week was a travesty,” he said. “I was what was the best thing about that UTA Wildfire Championship belt and I was cheated out of it by some two-bit American. I have been warned about taking it to what the viewers would think of pseudo-terrorist slash racism but when it is blatantly used against me and my opponent openly cheats to take my belt from me that it is now open house on any comments towards him or any of the other victims thrown at me.”
He straightened his head scarf which covered the side of his scarred face.
“I have my rematch for the UTA Wildfire Championship and once again the management are trying to cheat me out of the proper match it should have been,” Abdul said. “It should have been one on one, myself and Colton within the confines of the squared circle for said Championship belt but alas they have screwed me over once more."
He held his left hand up to his left ear.
“Do I think that they have not done this to me before?” Abdul said. “They once stripped me of the UTA Championship basically because I would not follow their juvenile rules and regulations and they took the belt from me. Many times since then they have tried to destroy my career because of their petty bigotry but I have not succumb have I? I will not let them get away with their racist ways. I have been royally screwed over by this company for the last time."
A sly smile crossed his face for a second.
"Do you think I should just roll over and take it? Would you?” Abdul asked. “Colton Thorpe hopes that I would as he does not want any more of this does he? No, he does not.  These peons that they have thrown in the mix…….Cayle Murray and Ron Hall. Who are they anyway? Does anyone know?"
He shook his head and scratched his beard. 
"Why would I want to be in a transvestite like Cayle Murray?” he asked. “Is it not true that all the Scottish people walk around their country in their women’s skirts right? They say that us Arabs eat some weird concoctions but sheep’s stomachs? What is this haggis? And why are you tossing your caber’s in full view of the public including young children, you sick infidel. At least keep your deviant behaviours for behind closed doors, especially as Scotland is so cold and there is a thing called shrinkage."
He cocked his head to the side, then tilted it backwards and lets off a maniacal laugh.
"And then we have the guy that somehow is his own uncle,” Abdul said. “Ron Hall, a citizen of the Appalachian Mountains in the United States. This part of the country is so remote that it is a well-known fact that with the lack of women in that part of the country that there is a hell of a lot of inbreeding. And farm yard animals are not safe from their owner’s sexual endeavours. What have they got me involved in?"
He stood back up, angrily. Grabbing the chair he threw it against the wall, sending his t-shirt to the floor.
"This match will be not be fun for the American’s watching but for me it will be fun,” Abdul angrily laughed. “I will take out all three of you. You blasphemers, do you think can really beat me? Allah will strike you all down. You state that I should be better than what I preach, that I have become kind of typecast in the role of a preacher of hate? Have I been radicalised against American ideals? Who has not been radicalised against them these days. The world has opened its eyes to America’s blatant elitism and racist views and we will no longer stand for it. Can China be wrong? Can Russia be wrong? Can the Arab Nations be wrong? No, they cannot."
A look of bewilderment appeared on his face. His hands convulsed into fists, neck jerking, as if he’d had a jolt of electricity through it; a tremor ran up his arms into his shoulders, along his spine.
"The damage will be done to all three of those infidels in the ring with me and the goal will be won.” Abdul said. “And I Abdul Bin Hussain will take one step closer to being at the top of this wrestling promotion or worst case scenario I will bring it crashing down. Nazirah will be proud of her older brother. And I will continue down the path the death of my wife and son started me on."
He turned and started walking around, caressing the beard on his chin.
"The scars given to me by the United States of America might not be psychically healed but I will get the payback required for starters. America has become a cancer to the world and the only way to cure this world is to burn it out." 
He cocked his head to the side and listened.
"Can you hear it?” he asked. ”That's your professional wrestling company when you get into Abdul Bin Hussain’s business!!!! It will be corroding even before it has begun as Abdul bin Hussain will be your franchise and not any of those other pathetic infidels that sit in the locker room. Have you seen any of them?"
His mouth curled up.
"But there is more to come.” Abdul said. “The UTA locker room will have to watch their backs. You will put your love in your American heroes but they will be put out of their misery. Misery and despair is what America brings to the world. It is their legacy and those of you in the locker room; you will find that your legacy is to be nothing but pain. You continue to resist the education that the world brings to your door about America but it is too late to turn it around."
He turned and walked off set, but paused before he left, turned and looked deep in the camera he had his arms outstretched.
"I will be the one leaving UTA’s Victory show the 2 time UTA Wildfire Champion,” Abdul said. “I will not leave the match without the title because if I lose I will leave the UTA as I am that confident. For there is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger. And I am Mohammed's messenger to you.”"

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