Title: Disbanded! Looking Forward!
Featuring: Lew Smith
Date: 16/09/15
Location: Lew's Hotel Room
Show: Victory XXXVIII

After his close call defeat against Team Danger, Lew is seen packing his things for the journey ahead.

Jordan: So, where are we heading this time?

Hayley perks up from behind an open suitcase and chucks a folded garment in.

Hayley: I take it you've been lazy and not read the schedule? We're going to South Africa.

J: South Africa? So far away.

Lew: Closer to home, I suppose.

Lew stands up and lets out a sigh after finishing his case.

H: What's up, Lew?

Lew sits on the bed and falls back.

L: The tag match with Ron Hall. I feel like I let him down.

J: Let him down? Dude, you pulled a quick move convincing the ref that you were still legal man. Watch it back, it's all there. You saved him the loss and gave it a new ray of hope. I'm sure that your swift thinking and positive arguments impressed him slightly. Just because you're less experienced than him, doesn't mean you don't know tricks in the ol' book.

L: Trick in the ol' book? I was literally the legal man. All I had to do was remind the ref. I feel like I let him down by being the one getting pinned and losing him the match.

H: I wouldn't beat yourself up too much about it.

L: It's true, though. I mean, look what happened earlier today. The UTA announced that the Tag Team Championship titles were being discontinued. You think that my efforts sort of showed that no one is interested in tag matches and slash or teams anymore. I used to be the king of tag titles in my previous times. Now, I'm that guy who destroyed tag wrestling in the UTA.

Lew slaps his forehead with the back of his hand.

J: You mean like when you're the last guy to be with a girl and you find out after that she turns lesbian when you speak to her for the first time in years?

Hayley stares over at Jordan whilst Lew sits up and throws both arms at his direction, with open palms.

L: Exactly!

Lew falls back down as Hayley crawls along the floor over to where Lew's head is and starts playing with his hair.

H: Don't worry, bub. I'm sure something will come around to take it's place or maybe they'll come back once there are more wrestlers that are willing to work together and harder than ever!

L: I suppose you're right. There'll always be wrestlers here in the UTA and no matter what they will always find ways of making close friendships that'll spark something incredible. Let's just hope that for the sake of the UTA...the interest for tag teams is not dead.

J: It seems to all be about the champions and stables at the moment. Dynasty and La Flama Blanca. Sean Jackson's desertion. Hussain's Wildfire title match at upcoming Victory, which Ron Hall is competing in by the way.

L: Ron Hall has a title shot? Excellent. I hope he wins it because I shot down his, mine, everyone's chances of ever becoming a tag champ. He deserves it more than the other competitors. He's a Hall of Famer. A crowd pleaser and one of UTA's favourites. Wouldn't be so bad to see a veteran get an extra taste of gold.

H: What about you, Lew? You're not telling us how you feel about what's coming up and what you're going to do after this.

L: After this? Well, seeings as the tag titles are now looks to me I need some training. You know, go back to my wrestling roots. It's becoming evident that I'm not as good as everyone thinks and says that I am. And I'm starting to believe it myself.

H: You can't have a dig at your own style of wrestling just because it's based on karate.

L: Course I can. My style of karate teaches self defense more than anything. How to defend yourself against attackers, not how to decimate competition and look good doing it. Granted, people usually like me or support my career efforts is because I'm a generally nice guy and my personality is as sweet as sugar. But combine that with self defense? Doesn't really appeal to a wrestling audience does it? Although, I have said I was bringing karate to the wrestling world with a entertaining twist...saying that, I've received lots of fan email and letters saying they took up karate because of me on tele but! It kinda gives off I'm the quiet type.

J:'s always the quiet ones that are most mysterious. Whilst I agree, self defense in an entertainment business is lacking umph you're bringing something new to the table which the other wrestlers are unfamiliar with. Whilst, again, the style that you studied continues to pull you back in your career advancement, it's also unpredictable to even the most skilled of wrestlers.

L: Something that I've not thought of. Good points, Jords. But if I'm not able to become any better, is there any point in being mid-card?

H: Don't be silly, you've main evented many times! Sometimes first match, majority in the middle there, but just because you class yourself as a mid-carder because of what you think your skill and experience is...people still respect you for the effort you put in. Don't get yourself down!

L: I suppose, I've been on one hell of a ride seeings as I've been here over a year officially. I just seem to forget completely what I've done before.

J: Well. let us take care of the past. You look toward the future.

H: Like Victory.

Lew hums to himself.

L: Ah, yes. Mikey Unlikely, right?

J: You got it.

L: I've had a few encounters with this man. My feelings are still mixed, regardless of my opinions before.

H: He's still a part of Dynasty, Lew.

J: What makes you think he's any different.

L: I don't know. He's always seemed to be...the face of the heels. Maybe I've been wrong all this time...

Lew ponders for a while before shaking his head.

L: Jords, Hayley.

Lew smiles and raises from the bed.

L: Finish packing, we've got a plane to catch tomorrow.

Lew gets up and grabs his suitcase and takes it to the door.

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