Title: Animals
Featuring: Marie Van Claudio
Date: September 24th, 2015
Location: Joannesburg Zoo
Show: Victory XXXVIII

Strong: (of a person's character) showing determination, self-control, and good judgment.


Weak: of a low standard; performing or performed badly.


Those were the words that Marie summed up to Amy. While Marie hasn’t been mean as of late because the fans were starting to get behind her, she still was the first lady of the UTA and Amy was just a wannabe. Trying to be like her and trying her best to fit in. Nobody should be able to copy one another to fit in. They have to be themselves.


The scene starts with Marie at the Johannesburg Zoo. She wanted to see what this zoo was about and hopefully it looked better than the ones back home in Montreal. She walked around with an impressed look on her face while the animals were doing what animals would normally do. She walks up to the lion’s cage where they were sleeping.


Van Claudio: Look at those lions sleeping peacefully in their cages. I know they’ve had a long day of work, but I bet they were fighting as well during the day.


Marie smirks as she sees one of the lions walk towards her. This one was a little bit bigger than the ones sleeping. Marie’s eyes opened at the sight of the lion as one of the workers was seen coming up.


Van Claudio: Excuse me? Do you know who this lion is?


The worker comes up to her with a smile, taking a good look at her before answering the question she asked.


Zoo Worker: That’s Zuzu. She’s the dominant lion of the pack. Walk in her way, she will come after you. Many of our male lions are afraid of her.


A second lion comes up and looks at Zuzu. Zuzu goes darting towards her as the other lion runs away for dear life.


Van Claudio: Now who was that one that ran away like that?


The Zoo Worker checks out the one that ran before turning back to the blonde.


Zoo Worker: That’s Wiki. She’s another lion. She and Zuzu don’t get along. I’m afraid if the both of them got into it, Wiki would be dead because of her size.


Marie let a smirk out.  Wiki reminds her of Amy. Weak and afraid while Zuzu reminds her of Marie. The dominant and vicious one.


Van Claudio:  Thanks for helping me out with them.


Zoo Worker: My pleasure.


She would then walk away with the smirk still intact while watching the animals.


Van Claudio: Amy, I guess you are wondering why I am at the Johannesburg Zoo. I guess you’re wondering what animals have to do with our match.


She watches Zuzu sit down and eat her food, keeping her eye on her.


Van Claudio: You see, I didn’t want to waste any of my chances by not coming to the places our company travels too. I took the advantage to come to a zoo and see what the lions were about and boy, one of them looks like they could kill.


Marie’s eyes move towards Wiki as she’s hiding in the corner.


Van Claudio: And the other one looks frightened.


She moves her hands towards her hips as she keeps her eyes on Wiki.


Van Claudio: That lion right there happens to be Wiki. Wiki from what I was told, is the one that likes to get scared when she faces off against her tribe. She goes up to them, but when that lion

moves. She runs away. She thinks she’s a badass, but really, she’s nothing, but a little wimp!


She moves her eyes away for a second to take a look at Zuzu before turning around.


Van Claudio: Do you know who she reminds you of? She reminds me of you! Someone that likes to talk all big and bad without doing the job! You talk about how you are going to be the best here, you talk about how you want to be on top, but really it’s been all talk and no game. Who cares about who you’ve defeated thus far!


Marie sees Zuzu stand up and go towards her as Wiki runs to the other side.


Van Claudio: You see that lion that just stood up? The one that came up to me? That happens to be Zuzu. She’s the queen of the lions. The one that will come after you and eat you alive. She doesn’t give a damn who you are. She will go out there and pounce on anyone that comes in front of her!


She went back to looking at Zuzu as she was standing up. Another lion came past Zuzu with her heading towards the lion. She pounced on him as she was biting his head. Loud roars were coming out of the den as they were fighting. Marie was looking while she laughed.


Van Claudio: See what I mean? She won’t even care who is walking in front of her. If she goes for what she wants, she will go. I wonder who that reminds you of, Amy.


Zuzu finishes fighting with the other lion and walks back. That one walks away as he goes to hide from her.


Van Claudio: It should remind you of me! When I see something that comes to me, I go out there and get it. When the tag team championships were coming up for us, I took the opportunity and tried my best to get it where it was you that cost us a chance at getting the titles!


She presses her lips together before getting a scowl on her face.


Van Claudio: Amy, that’s why I compared ourselves to those lions. When I see the opportunity of anything that comes my way from title shots to getting rid of someone, I take it. I’m the opportunist out of the both of us! Have you ever done anything like that in your career so far?


She puts her hand on her chin before tapping it with her finger. She thinks before snapping her fingers.


Van Claudio: Wait, I think I know the answer to that. The answer for that question is NO!


She goes to her evil smirk on her face before licking her lips.


Van Claudio: The only opportunity you took was spinning a wheel at Wrestleshow. That was the only chance you took. You didn’t take any other ones. Just that one and yet, you say you are the one that’s going to get rid of the “dead weight?!”


She walks out of the lion’s area before looking back in case she needs to run back to see them doing something in the act.


Van Claudio: Amy, if you want to talk about carrying dead weight, it’s ME carrying you around! I was the one trying to get you off to a good start, but nope. You said “fuck it, let me do my own thing” and don’t even care what happens to you at all! You don’t care about your career! You just care about showing off! That’s the only thing you care about!


She lets out a deep breath before speaking again.


Van Claudio: Your career in UTA is nothing, but a joke and I like I said before, it’s all talk with no action. That’s what it is! I’m tired of having my career go down the toilet because of you and I’m tired of being the babysitter. If I have to be like Zuzu, I will act like her!


She gets a smirk on her face.


Van Claudio: And when I mean act like her, I will show that I’m the dominant one out of the both of us, I will RIP you into shreds and tear you up into pieces and I will make sure you’re  hiding from me every time you step in the same arena I’m at!


She moves her hair behind her head.


Van Claudio: Amy, Monday will be here before you know it and you better come prepared well and I don’t mean preparing yourself for the next client you have!


She smirks at the comment that was just made.


Van Claudio: You better be preparing yourself to fight for your life! If I had to fight for my life for the UTA Championship, then you need to fight for your career! You have a lot of proving to do because if not, everyone is going to see how weak and undetermined you really are!


Marie flips her hair as she walks out of the zoo. Marie’s ready to pounce on Amy. She’s ready to rip her apart in the ring at Victory where nobody will stop her!

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