Title: The Words Of Lisil: Greed
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 9/24/2015
Location: South Africa
Show: Victory XXXVIII

The scene opens deep inside of a jungle where the camera pans around showing the exotic tropical scenery including a few birds that fly off. The camera stops on a camp fire where Lisil Jackson is sitting dressed in a pair of black shorts, some black sunglasses, and his fedora. The camera zooms out to see the tiki statue he's been carrying with him sitting on a wooden stand next to the stump Lisil Jackson is sitting on. Lisil smiles as he stretches his legs out. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon! Open ya ears go dese are dee words of Lisil Jackson!" 

Lisil Jackson says standing up to stand next to the tiki statue. 

"Now I know what all ma bruddas are tinkin... Lisil what is wit dee statues mon? What is goin on?" 

Lisil Jackson smiles from ear to ear. 

"It's simple mon. No need ta get freakes out. Dis is Loa... Dis is dee spirit o' direction... Dis is who guides Lisil Jackson's path! Sometimes dee path may not be dee one dat ya wanna be on but Loa has a reason!" 

Lisil Jackson says as the camera zooms in on the statue of the woman. 

"Ya see mon Loa taught me a lesson last Victory against Eric Dane. I lost focus fo one second and it cost me... But ya know one fact remains... Eric Dane could not beat Lisil Jackson cleanly! But really mopin round' and feelin sorry fo maself won't solve anytin!" 

Lisil Jackson says as the camera zooms back out. Lisil walks over as the camera shows another tiki statue. This one of a man wearing tribal attire and a bone necklace.

"Dis is Bondye... Dee supreme spirit o' everyting... Dee spirit who will judge ya when dat time comes fo when we meet!" 

Lisil Jackson says with a smile. 

"And let dis be a lesson ta Brudda Judas and Dee Good Reverend... I told ya Loa would come and she did! She's only one o' dee many spirits I channel... Ya don't want me ta start channelin some o' dee othas I know..." 

Lisil lets out a laugh before he walks over and grabs his bottle of rum and pours it into the small wooden cup sitting in front of the tiki statue. 

"But dis week isn't about Brudda Judas or Dat Reverand... Dis week I have a match wit Bobby Dean..." 

Lisil Jackson stands there pondering a for a few seconds before he takes off his hat and sets it next to the tiki statue of Loa. 

"Ya know Bobby I'm not goin ta lie when I say I struggle ta come up wit dee right words ta say bout ya. Cuz talkin bout dee most obvious flaws bout' ya would be like tellin a dog he goes woof." 

Lisil says with a laugh shaking his head. 

"Ya see Bobby dee one ting ya have is dis art of deception. Ya got dis strange ability ta make ya opponent tink dat ya are dis incompetent person and someone who has no business bein in dat ring. But yet ya find a way ta get dat victory!" 

Lisil Jackson says before sitting down between the 2 stands with the tiki statues on them. 

"Bobby I want ta tell ya a story... Ya see South Africa could not be a betta place fo dis match cuz dis is actually a special place ta me." 

Lisil Jackson clears his throat. 

"I went on a retreat out here... It was a retreat ta find maself cuz I was a lost soul. I was drownin in dee depths of darkness and I couldn't find a way out." 

Lisil Jackson pulls out a pouch from his pocket and pulls out a small rolled up stick with some dried up leaves on it. He reaches down and lets it ignite in the fire. Lisil sets the stick in Bondye's hand almost like it's a spear. Lisil Jackson takes a deep breath breathing in the smoke. 

"Ahhhhh dee smell of white sage is just so invigoratin!" 

Lisil says with a laugh before he clears his throat. 

"But as I was sayin mon... I was out on dis retreat here in South Africa... We were stayin wit dis tribe... Dee kids dey didn't have much but dey were so happy!" 

Lisil Jackson can't help but let out a laugh going over the memory in his head. 

"So I wanted to play a game wit dem. I walked ova wit a basket of fruits dat we picked and set it by a tree. I told dee kids dat on ma signal dee first one ta go to dat tree wins dee sweet fruits! Wanna know what happened?" 

Lisil Jackson takes a deep breath clearly starting to get emotional. 

"Dee kids walked ta dat tree hand in hand togetta... Dey took dee basket and sat in a circle and shared all dee fruits... I could not help but ask why did dey do dat? And dat is when one of dee kids said it..." 

Lisil Jackson closes his eyes clenching his fists looking up... 


Lisil Jackson opens his eyes with a look of excitement on his face. 

"And dat in dee native language translates ta I am cuz we are...." 

Lisil Jackson smiles from ear to ear as he says those words. 

"Now Bobby Dean... Now dat I told ya dat story I need ta ask ya dis... Why can't ya be like dee kids in dat tribe? Ya see dey don't have much but dey are so happy wit what dey got! But yet ya got so much and yet deep down inside ya seem like a sad person." 

Lisil Jackson says grabbing his fedora and putting it back on. 

"Ya see Bobby I know ya... I know dat ya are a decent person... And I know dat a lot of people look up to ya! Why can't ya take a lesson from dee children and be dat mon dey look up ta?" 

Lisil Jackson says shaking his head sighing. 

"I want ya ta take dis story Bobby... Ta stop bein dis emotional wreck ya are... Ta stop bein dis joke dat everone expects ya ta be! And most of all... Stop tinkin bout yaself and actually give ta othas! Greed is a terrible ting Bobby!" 

Lisil says with a serious look on his face. 

"Ya see brudda while ya sit dere wit enough food ta feed several families ya got people who go witout eatin! Does all dat food really make ya happy? Does eatin a pizza, a bucket o' chicken, several burgers, and whateva else ya got in dat cart really make ya happy?" 

Lisil Jackson looks directly into the camera with a serious look on his face. 

"Bobby dis is ya chance ta do dee right ting... Turn ova a new leaf! Make tomorrow a betta day not only fo yaself but fo othas!" 

Lisil Jackson smiles boldly. 

"Rememba Bobby... Ya give good ta get good!" 

Lisil says before he grabs his bottle of Jamaican rum and pours some into the cup of Loa. 

"Today is one day but tomorrow is anotta! Betta must come! I am cuz we are! UBUNTU!!!" 

And with those words said Lisil Jackson puts the bottle down before putting another log on the fire as the scene fades to black. 


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