Title: Scouting The Enemy
Featuring: Amy Harrison
Date: September 25th, 2015
Location: Johannesburg
Show: Victory XXXVIII

Amy Harrison had just finished a work out in a guy in Johanesburg, getting ready for her match with Marie Van Claudio. She's been working out while having a TV play play some of Marie's past matches in the UTA. She takes a break and sits down as the match plays on.

Harrison: You can't say that I haven't been getting myself ready for this match. I just happened to be finishing watching some of Marie's past matches in the UTA, and to say that her performances here have been.............lackluster would be a bit of an understatement.

Harrison: For one thing, just look at your track record. Not exactly a pretty sight. You'd think with someone as big of an inflated ego as you've got, and with how well you try shoving it in everyone's face, you might actually have a way to back up what you say.

As soon as she says that, Marie is pinned in the match that was playing.

Harrison: And speaking of ego, what was up with that whole First Lady of the UTA business? You won one match, ONE MATCH, and then you're acting like you're the queen bee of this whole company. Come on, calm yourself down, will ya?

Amy then shakes her head as she turns off the TV

Harrison: You know, I've been thinking back at what the two of us have gone through over the last few months, and even longer than that, and it just makes one thing pretty clear: the two of us really should be getting along.

Harrison: I mean think about it, we've got a lot of things in common when it comes to our backgrounds. We both come from wrestling families, so we both have a it of a chip on our shoulders. We both come from places that have some combat history, you're from Canada, which is known for technical wrestling, and I'm from Ireland which is known for brawling.

Harrison: And we both came into UTA with the same kind of plan: come in here and take over. But the difference between you and me here is that I actually do something to make a difference here.

Harrison: All you've done here is getting a bloated head and then blaming everyone else when things don't go your way.

Amy takes a drink of water as she continues.

Harrison: Lets just go back to the Tag title shot, shall we? We both had a chance to make a name for ourselves here and be Tag Team champions. For the weeks leading up to it, you were acting like you were the captain of the team, and acting like, and even telling me, that I didn't care for the match.

Harrison: But then you saw how I was getting ready. We trained together, and you saw what I could do, and you felt good about it. But then what happened? We lost the match and then you got all high and mighty again, and you tried putting all the blame on me.

Amy then rolls her eyes back at the comment.

Harrison: How do you think we got the match in the first place? I have just been better than you here in the last few months. I've actually WON matches, you haven't! I know I might sound like a broken record at this point, but when it's the truth, you can't deny it.

Harrison: But you? At this rate, if you keep going like this, you're going to be known as the charity case of UTA, always given everything here and never earning anything. What did you do to deserve the World title shot? What did you do to deserve the tag title shot? What have you done to even deserve to be on the roster right now?

After thinking for a second, Amy just shrugs her shoulders.

Harrison: But now, I actually have a chance to prove that no matter what you like to tell yourself, or to anyone else, that you have been the one dragging ME down!

Harrison: When Victory rolls around, I'm going to prove to everyone that I am more than just a wheel spinner, that I'm more than capable of taking out trash like you!

Harrison: I'm going to make sure that no one has to worry about hearing from you here ever again! Your time is up, you've had your chances, and now it's time for me to do UTA a favor and get rid of you here for good!

Amy smiles with a determined look on her face as she walks away and the screen fades.

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