Title: Clearing the Way
Featuring: Stephen Greer
Date: 9-25-15
Location: San Juan, PR
Show: Victory XXXVIII

This is an old school set up. A black cloth background with the bright gold and blue United Toughness Alliance logo screen-printed on the center. A few lights and a microphone. This is an old school set up because this is a battle of two old school bulls. B.R. Ellis, the journeyman wrestler out of Texas, faces "King of Pain" Stephen Greer, one-third of Team Danger. Both have had varied success in their careers numbering the same amount of years. Greer, however, has tasted some of the sweet stuff in the UTA while Ellis has just begun scratching at the base of the mountain.

"In any other time, in any other place, had the chips fallen differently and the tales been told with different tongues, we may have been friends."

Greer enters the frame and takes control of the microphone, clutching it like a weapon.

"Many could even argue that we are the same man, mirrored images in the looking glass of infinite realities."

He paces as he speaks, a habit he has been told to break many times, a habit he refuses. The movement helps him think, helps him articulate his thoughts in a manner that isn't always so slow and methodical.

"B.R. Ellis, some might argue that you are me five years removed from time and somehow snared in every trap and pitfall I was able to avoid. That you are me without the luck, the skill, the con."

He stops pacing and points forward with his index finger.

"You are not me, Ellis. You are the man who I cast my light upon, you are the shadow of a man who once could have been."

Greer shakes his head from side to side, his disappointment made clear.

"We will face each other this Monday night and you will finally come face to face with the man you could have been. A doppleganger who's life closely resembles your own had you not allowed your failures to get the better of you."

He pauses, reflecting.

"That's not to say I have been without failure myself. My time in the UTA has not been without it's upsets. Team Danger will always be the strongest unit in professional wrestling, but the questions always linger as to how we will fare when we stand on our own. Eric Dane has done what he always does and set the standard for excellence. Ty Walker, my brother to the end, took you all by surprise and dispatched Bronson Box and John Sektor with ease. And that leaves me."

He stands, adjusts his shirt and looks forward, nodding.

"The rules have changed. We won and retired the UTA World Tag Team Championships. Mission accomplished. Now my role has changed."

He relaxes his stranglehold on the microphone.

"My job is not to dethrone La Flama Blanca and become World Heavyweight Champion. My job is not to unseat Colton Thorpe as Wildfire Champion. My job is simple and clear...

My job is to clear the way of the gnats so the heavy artillery can come in and destroy the target.

I'm starting at the bottom with you, B.R. Ellis."

Greer drops the microphone and exits. And old school set up for two old school bulls.


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