Title: The Words Of Lisil: Believing In Yourself
Featuring: Lisil Jackson
Date: 9/25/2015
Location: South Africa
Show: Victory XXXVIII

The scene opens on a beach where Lisil Jackson is sitting in front of a camp fire set up. The tiki statues of Loa and Bondye are set on pedestals on each side of the fire. Lisil Jackson is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a white tank top, and hid fedora. 

"Eyyyyyyy mon! Open ya ears fo dese are dee words of Lisil Jackson!" 

Lisil says standing up in front of the burning fire. 

"Victory is just round dat corna and I am facin a very unique opponent! Bobby Dean..." 

Lisil ponders a few seconds gathering his words before he continues to talk. 

"Ya know Bobby I know what ya are dealin wit! I have been down dat path once befo..." 

Lisil Jackson clears his throat before looking seriously into the camera. 

"Ya see mon... I know dee struggle... Addiction is a deadly ting mon..." 

Lisil says looking at the faded scars on his arms. 

"Granted mon ya be addicted ta food which isn't as deadly of an addiction compared ta what I was addicted ta... But yet ya still are slowly killin yaself mon!"

Lisil Jackson sighs trying to come up with the right words to say. 

"Ya see brudda I have dedicated maself ta helpin othas cuz I don't wanna see people deal wit dee struggles dat I deal wit... But yet I can't help but see myself in ya boots Bobby..."

Lisil paces back and forth clearly in deep thought as he speaks. 

"Why do people get addicted ta such tings and let dat demon take ova dey life? I will tell ya why mon! Ya be a very sad mon!" 

Lisil Jackson takes off his fedora setting it on the beach chair he was sitting in. 

"Ya feel as if food is dee only ting ya got wort livin fo! But ya see Bobby dat isn't true mon! Ya got people chantin ya name and people who look up to ya! Dee ting ya lack is self confidence..." 

Lisil Jackson says as bluntly as he can. It's blatantly obvious that Lisil is struggling to come up with what to say about Bobby Dean. 

"Ya see Bobby I want ya ta tink about what ya can possibly achieve if ya just believed in yaself. Ya grew so used ta bein dat losa dat ya accepted it!" 

Lisil reaches down and grabs a piece of wood from his stash nearby and places it in the fire. 

"All ya gotta do is get ova dat first hurdle... Ya see mon I didn't tink I was capable of conquerin dee demon dat I had inside o' me. But I survived and I found a new reason ta live!"

Lisil Jackson grabs his hat as he sits back down in his chair. 

"Ya see Bobby dee reason I got inta dee art o' combat is simply cuz it helped me cope wit dee personal demons I deal wit on a day ta day basis!" 

Lisil Jackson says as he closes his eyes extends his arms in a meditation type pose. 

"Bobby I know dat ya are capable o' fightin dis demon dat ya been dealin wit... Ya see brudda I will say somethin dat I don't tink many people have eva said ta ya face..." 

The camera zooms in on Lisil Jackson's face. 

"I believe in ya...." 

Lisil smiles a genuine smile before the camera backs out. 

"I believe in ya Bobby... Now it's time dat ya believe in yaself!" 

Lisil Jackson says opening his palms up slowly. 

"Bobby I want ya ta fight dee storm! I want ya ta bring dee fury inside ya! I want ya ta show what ya really are capable o' doin!" 

Lisil Jackson says opening his eyes and lowering his arms. 

"If I can believe in maself... Den ya can too!"

Lisil Jackson says with a smile. 

"Brudda dis is ya shot at redemption! Take it!" 

Lisil Jackson says before he grabs his bottle of Jamaican rum. 

"Make dee spirits proud Bobby! May Loa lead ya on dee right direction!" 

Jackson says pouring some rum into the cup in front of the statue of Loa. 

"And may Bondye grant ya dee self confidence dat ya be lookin fo!" 

Lisil says pouring some rum into the cup in front of the tiki statue of Bondye.

"And may dis be dee fight o' ya life Bobby Dean! I look forward ta meetin ya in dat ring!" 

Lisil says crossing his arms. 

"Today is one day but tomorrow is anotha! Betta must come! I am cuz we are! UBUNTU!" 

And with those words said the scene fades to black as Lisil Jackson sits back down in his chair. 

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